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  1. I honestly wished she had done world cup halftime show for made for now. THAT WOULD'VE BEEN PERFECT
  2. This was disrespectful imagine they believed that the bulk of the singles Beyonce had that she had listed were hits and said that she won an oscar. Most of them songs didnt even chart😂😂😂 Meanwhile they bash Janet not having a catelog enough for her
  3. but guys also take into account that the blacklisting had an effect on her songs being on mainstream radio. This is why she had a number one like When I Think Of You or All For You and it doesn't get the radio playback today like a La Isla Bonita or I Will Always Love You
  4. Yep especially the UK Chart. This is why I don't understand why she doesn't include damita jo./20 yo songs regularly on her setlists. This is why when i make my dream setlists there are only 2-3 Rhythm Nation songs(that only went number 1 in the US)
  5. Damita Jo had higher chart positions worldwide than some Rhythm Nation singles
  6. The reason I included more Damita Jo songs is because the singles did better worldwide on chart positions than some of her songs from Rhythm Nation and Control era(one of the reasons her songs from the Damita Jo album would've been sure no. 1 hits on hot 100 in the US.) Also hits like Together Again and TTWLG and When I Think Of You were retired just for this tour. She can put them in special shows but I feel like she relys on the greatest hit artists rep over the years(Dammn Baby lyrically touched on this)
  7. I used the All For You Tour as a template for my idea for the new setlist for Black Diamond Tour (songs in brackets are song lengths used for this particular tour) “New Album Intro(“HBO Intro/Tour Intro”) “New Song”("Come On Get Up") “New Song”("All for You") JACKET COSTUME CHANGE ‘The Pledge "Rhythm Nation" (contains excerpts from "The Knowledge Metamorphosis Breakdown)" “Shoulda Known Better"(Let's Wait Awhile" / "Again") “Black Eagle” Interlude(“Whismical Interlude) DANCEHALL JAMAICAN OUTFIT “All Nite"(dancehall)(Runaway") /“Diamonds”("Control") / "Nasty" (contains elements of “New extremely intricate dance break("NEW CURRENT TRAP SONG)")) MODERN LOOK COSTUME CHANGE Controversy(Media profiling Janet)/Video Interlude short break “New Song”(song with Bruno Mars as a feature(might contain elements of "What Have You Done for Me Lately"/Uptown Funk Mashup)("Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)") “I Want You”(contains elements of "Come Back to Me")/”New Song” "Got 'til It's Gone" / "That's the Way Love Goes"/"Come Back to Me") “Rockwitu”("What Have You Done for Me Lately")If(contains elements of BURNITUP)("Miss You Much)//“Feedback”("Escapade") SEXY COSTUME CHANGE "New Album Interlude" (Instrumental Interlude) “I Get Lonely”/”Just A Little While”(add 3 more minutes with elements of Strawberry Bounce)”New Song”(“New Song”("Would You Mind") COSTUME CHANGE INTO ICONIC PLEASURE PRINCIPLE OUTFIT ““New Album Interlude (Remix Instrumental Interlude) “The Pleasure Principle("If") “The Great Forever”("Black Cat") ZOOT SUIT THAT TURNS INTRO AFRICAN ESSEMBLE FOR MADE FOR NOW with accessories/Then somehow a beautiful dress for Call On Me “Alright Intro "Alright" “All For You”(say so remix mixed with R&B Junkie)("Someone to Call My Lover")(begins with Feel It Boy mixed with Say So) “Made For Now”("Together Again") “Call On Me”(reggae version)("Love Will Never Do (Without You)") “Call On Me” outro ("Love Will Never Do (Without You)"Outro/Short break”) “New Song”("You Ain't Right") ENCORE COSTUME CHANGE “New Song”("Trust a Try")(add 4 more minutes) COSTUME CHANGE “BREAK” “Gon B Alright contains elements of "You Want This" / "Miss You Much" / "Control")”("Doesn't Really Matter"/"When I Think of You")
  8. guys her website needs to change to the black diamond brand
  9. I just wish she would hop as a feature on someone's track by time. Like a summer walker's album or migos album. Set the atmosphere for the coming of her album. I also lowkey wish she acted and did the soundtrack for Black Panther 2. HER AND DOJA CAT needs to collab with Janet
  10. Im here studying wow. Before the first date we would've gotten a single and a music video for Black Diamond Tour
  11. Since I this is called Am I Selfish 😭😂Is it bad that I want BTS and Janet to do a collab. Janet charts really high over in Japan even now
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