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  1. Yeah like I'm cool with having the album out this year and having the tour postponed because the album will give hype for the tour.
  2. where do yall think she can sell stadiums
  3. Yh i mean yall forgetting the places Unbreakable Tour was suppose to stop at
  4. nah she far surpassed theater shows. Arena shows would be good she hasnt done that IN A HOT MINUTE
  5. i just hope she puts i want you on the tour😅
  6. Yall if there were opening acts for the tour would you like to see. Personally i would love to see Teyana Taylor, Normani, Tinashe and Kehlani on some dates
  7. You do have a point what you think it should be reinvented as.
  8. ik but it was very theatrical. That song in particular reminded me of the MGM Musicals that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were apart of. Bringing that element on stage made it feel less of a concert and more of a play or musical play production
  9. Just checked her out and she is really good and will totally push the bondary for Janet without losing her essence. I forgot to tell yall that there was this one time I was on Gil's live some months ago and he had asked what performances you wished came back for her new concerts and said Alright with the Zoot suits becuase that was just a whole iconic era for Janet. He responded Ew nope never (or something along those lines) I was like Arwww😭😭😢
  10. yall what creative directors would you like Janet to collab with. Like creative directors of other artists tours
  11. at around 1:25 janet was humming sweetest taboo by Sade😍😍
  12. Very true, you know sometimes i would imagine myself in her position in which she is a veteran who is still touring and having an amazing blessing like Eissa. Her first focus is that child and that child gives her the mamba mentality to work hard but not because she has too but because Eissa inspires her.
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