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  1. Since I this is called Am I Selfish 😭😂Is it bad that I want BTS and Janet to do a collab. Janet charts really high over in Japan even now
  2. Same it really feels like she has the ultimate say and control of her career
  3. i just want a video with Robert Rodriguez or Mark Romanik or Joseph Khan
  4. Lol beyonce could definitely do this for the formation tour with that big ass screen😅
  5. And damita jo😢😭. Ive been posting this everywhere😂😂
  6. I fricking dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀this pics took me tf out
  7. Same. Cant't wait to see what she is going to do next.
  8. Yall forgive me but Quarantine has given me a good amount of time on my hands. A good amount of hits will be left off but at least she can always have dates where she surprisingly add them to the setlist(which I doubt because she likes her setlists to be fixed) I'm using the Metamorphosis Show as a template (and I added 20 mins for the two encore performances) (Songs that are in brackets are basically using the song lengths of these performances that were on the Meta show) Act 1 Resilence Intro “Dream Maker”/Euphoria Interlude(Empty) “New Song”("Trust a Try"/"You") (extemely dance heavy) “New Song (20 Part 2 (Interlude)/"What Have You Done for Me Lately"/"Control") Pledge (interlude)/"Rhythm Nation"(special performance) Act 2 “New Song”("Nasty"/"The Pleasure Principle"/"When I Think of You") Act 3 New Album Song Interlude(Are You (short film)/Morning (interlude)) "Shoulda Known Better"(TTWLG/GTIG/"Come Back to Me")1/”New Song”2 "China Love" “The Great Forever”(modern contemporary routine)(”"Together Again"/"All for You") Act 4 "Love U 4 Life" Interlude(Ruff Interlude) “New Song”("Moist"/"Any Time, Any Place") "I Get Lonely" "That's The Way Love Goes" (sexy solo jazz rendition) 1 “Together Again”(Deeper Remix) 2 “I Want You"(“Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)"/"Let's Wait Awhile") Act 5 Dancehall ClubSet(Dancehall VJ Video Interlude contains excerpts from "Runaway", "Got til It’s Gone", "When I Think Of You", "Miss You Much", "So Excited", "Together Again" and "Just A Little While") “New Song”/”All Nite"(Go Deep" (Timbaland remix)/"Come On Get Up"/"Rock with U") “Call On Me”("Throb") Feel It Boy/Love Me Love Me"(All Nite Interlude) Act 6 “New Album Song Interlude”(contains elements of Throb and Free Xone)(RN Interlude) Night/Rockwitu Mashup(contains elements of Slolove)("State of the World"/"The Knowledge") “New Song”(Let's Dance (interlude)/"Miss You Much"/"Love Will Never Do (Without You)") “Alright”1/”Escapade”2("Alright"/"Escapade"/"Black Cat") Act 7 New Song Act 8 "Feedback"(meta version) "If"1/Diamonds(contains Diamonds Are Girl’s Best Friend by Normani and Megan Thee Stallion)/Nasty Girl(Vanity 6)/Nasty (contains elements of some current song)2 “BURNITUP”("R&B Junkie"/"The Best Things in Life Are Free")(UPDATE CHOREO AND PRODUCTION) Encore Pleasure Principle ("So Excited"/"Made for Now") "Can't Be Stopped Intro/“Made For Now”/”Throb” (8 min performance) Young Love/All For You(contains elements of Say So and Glow Of Love cover)/Gon B Alright(contains elements of Funky Big Band/Control/Miss You Much/R&B Junkie)(13 min performance) 1 Only performed in early performances 2 Only performed halfway through the tour beginning on the European Leg
  9. I hope she experiments with more trap music and club music. I could def see the Bruno collab or Kendrick Collab
  10. Imagine it took them 5 weeks to conceptualize Metamorphosis. Janet has to create something different
  11. i just want more than 6 new songs like Please
  12. Am I the only one who lowkey wants her to perform Superbowl next year so she can sell out stadiums?
  13. IMO nothing can beat the State Of The World Tour Intro with The Knowledge. Janet came out and gave you the sense that even though the SOTW Tour was not a high budgeted show as other pop shows, it still however ranked up their the status of those tours. She made it high budget herself. I just hope for this new tour she doesn't half ass the costume changes as have an overall outfit and just adding and taking out pieces throughout the show. Metamorphosis and S.O.T.W. Costume changes were obviously easier to change than a Rockwitu Tour or All For You Tour
  14. If you were to rank her tours from best to worst what would it be. Mines would be janet. tour as the best(because it was a completely different concept tour from Rhythm Nation) and the worst might be Unbreakable Tour
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