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  3. OMG I loved the choreo for TTWLG on SOTW Tour. The choreo was updated, current, fresh and the clothes made it look even more modern(especially in S.O.T.W.2) When she went back into the old routine it was like hmm I wanted something different
  4. My apologies is this edit understandable yall
  5. To Those who legit went to S.o.t.w. tour and the residency did the choreographies translate well live like as we saw it on youtube? Also did the residency outdo sotw in terms of choreography? btw i agree with the professional performamce of at least one song.
  6. @Jakob asked wasnt those songs PROJECTED TO BE n.1. He didnt say it was soaring up the charts
  7. The media made my poor baby so cautious and extremely well prepared during interviews and public apperances
  8. Well ifc having not given that the supervowl media ban. I think it would be top selling
  9. Do you believe Janet's Damita Jo album would've over sold confessions album by usher and have more number one songs than that album(Just A Little While, I Want You and All Nite(Dont Stop) wouldve been number ones on the Hot 100 and globally. I think it wouldve been her biggest era since RN TBH. She was youthful and reinvented herself to the younger generation. Also the songs I mentioned WERE SO IN TREND AT THAT TIME. Especially I Want You being the urban R&B Crooner like My Boo by Usher and Alicia Keys and Just A Little While(being the pop rock like Lindsey Lohan or Hilary Duff esque song as well as All Nite(Dont Stop) being the urban Toxic and Goodies. Honestly I have never seen anyone have a youthfull attitude and youth pop appeal like Janet up at that time. Nowadays Beyonce is respected as an artist but doesnt give me that youthful vibe she once did in her teens
  10. She replaced doesnt really matter with so excited but she didnt perform the choreography with the dancers😭😭😭😭😭
  11. This coffee table book is gorgeous.Thankful there are no nude photography. #noshade
  12. Yo if meta was 5 weeks in prep Just imagine what could happen in an almost year
  13. But didnt she announce the Unbreakable Tour then the title for THE unbreakble album which was released after the tour
  14. https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/music/113763037/the-kiwi-making-post-malone-janet-jackson-look-great From this article Kiwi Ben Dalgleish is the lighting designer and content creative director for Janet Jackson's Metamorphosis Las Vegas Residency said this, "I started in America the same as I did in New Zealand – with small acts. You work every gig you can. Luckily, in the last few years, I've been able to work for some larger acts. Post Malone - I've been working with him for over a year now. I designed his latest world tour, which recently came to Auckland.That was really cool for me, although I unfortunately couldn't be there because I'd just picked up the job to design with Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson found me on Instagram We tried to push the limits with Post Malone, especially with what's considered a normal pop show. He's a multi-platinum-selling pop-artist, but we don't present the show that way. It's very aggressive and architectural and minimalist, and she came across it and got in touch with me. For Janet, I'm designing the lighting and creative directing all of the content and special effects for her upcoming Las Vegas residency which will subsequently become a world tour."
  15. Thank on the behalf of everyone on this forum and for doing this kind gesture I'm sure she cackled and blushed a lot. She really loves the fans
  16. People are thinking that Janet lost her dancing skills in 3 months between SOTW and metamorphosis but that isnt the case. She is an artist who truly believes in compromise and knowing her worth in the business Janet has 3 costumes changes for SOTW2 and a sinple set so no running or that extra cardio stuff On metamorphosis she has 6 costume changes and many changing sets to run up and down to. In this show she must compromise some choreo becuase she knows it is maybe too much
  17. Alright ill let yall have but as i stated earlier im not up madonnas ass but i will give credit to her doing some of the most athletic things at the same age as janet is now. Janet is yes dancing but i will give credit to Madonna who i am not a big fan of doing a song like gangbang revolver or girl gone wild choreo. Especially the head flip in Revolver and floor choreo in GGW
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