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  1. Ok so Janet finally confirms no new music or album anytime soon..besides the new track on Jam and Lewis Album due in 2020..so I'm guessing New Album/EP was scrapped..dang i really was hoping us Janet fans wasn't going to have to wait as long as we did for Unbreakable. and its really confusing to me..why all this touring and no New music to follow? Yes the Touring helps establish her ..as an Touring act .and bring new fans but i really thought an New Album would follow..smh..well i guess we'll have to wait too actually hear from her lips when an actual New Musical project is in the works again...
  2. If she's going to include MFN on her New Album I believe she should do what she did with Doesn't Really Matter and do an Alternate Version/Extended Version of MFN to coincide with the New/Freshness of All New Material
  3. MFN should just be a stand alone single at this point..hoping we have 14 to 18 new tracks to look forward to for the New Album
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