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  1. FYI, here in Australia the album is #48 on the main album chart and #7 on R&B albums.
  2. Take Care (“At home, I’m so alone, I’m wishing you were here...”) I Get Lonely (“I get so lonely, can’t let just anybody hold me...”) And I think a reworked version of outtake Clap Your Hands (called Wash Your Hands) is necessary for these times. 😉
  3. So there back in the mid 2000s to early 2010s there was a very popular weekly music quiz show here in Australia called Spicks and Specks. It finished up in 2012/13 but last year the core cast returned to film four special episodes to air throughout 2020. Tonight they aired a 1990s themed special. One of the games had local comedians come out dressed in the touring costumes (or replicas of) of popular artists and the teams had to guess the artist. Anyway a comedian called Denise Scott who is in her mid 60s came out dressed as Janet from the opening part of the Janet tour. Gotta say they did well with the costume!
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