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  1. she and her team seem to think that posting useless fluff a couple times a day counts as engagement fnfnfn fnfnfn Most of the other 90’s women have managed to make the transition, but she doesn’t care so it won’t happen
  2. Tell that to Janet and her team who continue to quote sales figures that aren’t in RIAA’s system. What’s the point of certifications if you’re not going to keep them up to date?
  3. There’s simple things that don’t involve much that she doesn’t care about doing....YouTube....certifications...etc
  4. A lot of pointless fluff just to appear to engage
  5. What are you talking about
  6. It is. I just ignore her at this point.
  7. I mean...it's clear that SHE's not the one running these accounts vs. Mariah who actually engages with her fans. Stop with the self-righteous BS.
  8. jesus christ. If they find it boring, they find it boring.
  9. It’ll never get certified either way lol
  10. I think that’s an old pic. She looked heavier in those recent London pics
  11. Unbreakable is somewhere between 300k and 400k, so no.
  12. What hairstyle hasn’t she rocked?
  13. The faux loc look is amazing
  14. By this logic...every time she’s been out in public “something has been going on.”
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