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  1. Arena shows in Europe? Yeah right
  2. It would be nice to get a 5-track EP of never released songs from over the years released to streaming 😅🙃
  3. She should postpone the US dates and start overseas (if that’s even possible). Do theater shows or whatever
  4. I missed that. But I did see Jossie Harris in the comments
  5. Live Nation has cancelled shows for the time being and will reassess in April to see if they can resume in May or June. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/touring/9333748/live-nation-global-pause-tours-concerts-coronavirus
  6. I think they’re waiting it out right now, but it’s not going to get better any time soon. The response from the government has been negligent. It’s going to get much worse. The tour will most likely be postponed.
  7. 8....7.... then naturally 6 would follow. A countdown mess, love
  8. @theejanfam They were correct about Made For Now, RRHOF, and her recent Grammy appearance. They posted a tweet with the number 8 and then a week later posted a gif of the seven dwarves.
  9. I think it’s coming in April. That highly reliable twitter account has been counting down
  10. I’m not going to be disappointed at all. I know how her ass rolls
  11. Her contemps are doing it, so— And indie girls with no budget are popping out more than two. no excuse
  12. There’s no excuse for there to be less than three videos. None.
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