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  1. It would be nice to get some kind of info on where things are at instead of a thousand inspirational posts from the stans running her socials.
  2. No one really wants the tour tbh, except for some of the stans. Just shoot a few videos (when possible) and drop the album.
  3. Where I can I find these?
  4. I can’t even imagine how many unheard versions/ unreleased songs she has in the vault.
  5. I see why they didn't use it. Cool to hear, though.
  6. Just cancel it. Or reschedule for next fall or something.
  7. Blah blah blah lol
  8. That performance lacked energy to me 😂, but if you mean in terms of executing moves then of course
  9. I think better choreo and production will make up for her declining agility/dance. Lately it seems like she’s been phoning in a lot of these performances. Just give me the album.
  10. Hopefully in a couple of months she can get a couple of videos shot. I doubt she'll shoot more than one video at a time, but one can hope. Drop the song (with lyric video). Drop the video the next week or so. Some kind of performance the week after.
  11. Janet's not going to do numbers. Her best opportunity is a tour bundle (but she won't be touring). I just don't see the value in that old-fashioned set up. Release the single with an album pre-order. Drop the album 1 - 2 months later. Drop second single week before album release.
  12. Not the album four months after the single. That approach is old old news.
  13. We kinda already know that—
  14. But things will likely (hopefully) get better enough in a few months for her to do a couple of music videos (before the second wave lashes us in the fall).
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