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  1. Lol could’ve sworn this was a discussion board, discussing opposing views and things. And this is why I say a couple of you are hypocritical.
  2. J.

    Janet in London Jan 3

    hopefully she doesn't get mixed up into the drama
  3. J.

    What are Janet's Best Music Videos?

    Bbbbbvccccccccccccc 😐 what?
  4. Janet better release a k pop remix of MFN ft BTS
  5. You girls just type to type 😂
  6. Don’t think anyone is surprised. Nor are we stopping her. And what does her going for a look have to do with anyone’s comments fnfnfn
  7. Exactly. Don’t know what all the paragraphs are about.
  8. Her western fashions aren’t much better. Lol This was an interpretation of their style that didn’t work