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  1. Janet better release a k pop remix of MFN ft BTS
  2. You girls just type to type 😂
  3. Don’t think anyone is surprised. Nor are we stopping her. And what does her going for a look have to do with anyone’s comments fnfnfn
  4. Exactly. Don’t know what all the paragraphs are about.
  5. Her western fashions aren’t much better. Lol This was an interpretation of their style that didn’t work
  6. J.

    The Untitled Album

    They're still good for a ballad/slow jam, but yeah I sort of agree. Unbreakable hasn't aged that well for me. Most of the best songs were done by other people. I still would like to see them on vocal production, songwriting(lyrics), and a few ballads/mid-tempos though.
  7. J.

    The Untitled Album

    Jimmy and Terry are needed but a bit dated now.
  8. J.

    The Untitled Album

    I would like to see her get back to cutting edge production. There's too much new talent out there for her to be working with Harmony Samuels. I know the writing, etc. will be there, because her pen game is strong.
  9. J.

    Would you say....

    That wasn’t at all clear in your initial post. v
  10. Joey goes to a lot of industry functions
  11. Makes sense. Her influence knows no bounds
  12. It’s not really working though. The Asian fans seem to be really hyped for this one though
  13. Another icon award? 🙂
  14. J.

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    Fuck it...let me add WITOY to my list
  15. J.

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    LOL I thought we were supposed to be pointing out mediocre songs here...not ones y'all simply think are overrated.