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  1. J.

    Janet in NY

    ^Above celebrating a friend? 🤨
  2. No surprise. What happened to her partnership with BMG? What’s the TEA on that?
  3. ^20000 was fine. The streaming numbers were just the pits
  4. I forgot this was even happening lol
  5. They’re supposed to be (have been talking about it for a while). They released that song with Sounds of Blackness back in April
  6. I hope she gives her something like “Before I Do” 🥴
  7. Well get to know her. She’s talented.
  8. That song isn’t going to sell an album. Flat out.
  9. Well her team is LATE in general, so no surprise there. Since being indie, she’s probably had too many ‘yes’ people around her. But thank you for reaching out to UMG.
  10. No thanks, but this would have been nice last year.
  11. Rock Wit U routine is her best choreography in the 2000s 😂 The organization and storytelling (in the video) alone > MFN is better classified as a “breakdown” than a routine lol
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