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  1. kidfresh832

    The Avengers...

    Damn fat Carol! She punched that Grandma like her name was Rogue
  2. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Insecure has been kinda weak this season. The whole trying to make producer ex relevant and more than a fuckbuddy has been weak imo. He isn't charismatic, or a good actor. So its hard to care. So the effort they put into him they needed to direct somewhere else. I do like that she is actually branching out and trying to find her way with a new job. The old one was stale.
  3. kidfresh832

    Happy Birthday Bailey!!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. kidfresh832

    Aretha Franklin Has Passed

    My mom was all the way extra watching the funeral in her church hat and all. I heard the Eulogy was a hot ass mess.
  5. kidfresh832

    Aretha Franklin Has Passed

  6. X-Men: Dark Phoenix Re-Shoots Expected to Span Three Months Disney may be in the midst of acquiring Fox’s assets, something that may just end up with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four coming back home to Marvel Studios, but the deal isn’t done just yet. It may have been officially approved, but there are still legal proceedings to go through. But while Marvel Cinematic Universe fans await news that their favorite mutants will join the Avengers on the screen, Fox is still moving full steam ahead with its current slate of X-Men films. Although Dark Phoenix was originally slated for a November 2018 release, the film was eventually pushed back to February. Then, at one point, there was concern that both Josh Boone’s The New Mutants and Simon Kinberg’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix had been pulled from Fox’s schedule, but that worry has recently been put to rest when IMAX confirmed the two films’ release dates in 2019. It’s been known, for a while now, that re-shoots for Dark Phoenix would take place — we just simply didn’t know to what extent. Even the star of the film, Sophie Turner, said last month that she didn’t know what exactly was being re-shot. Well now, thanks to a report from the Quebec Film and Television Council courtesy of Montreal newspaper La Presse, it appears the X-Men: Dark Phoenix re-shoots will be quite extensive. Reshoots that extensive usually equal hot mess.
  7. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Orange is the new black season 6. Bitches in Super Max after the riot last year
  8. kidfresh832

    Demi Lovato Hospitalized after Heroin Overdose

    She's been an addict almost the entire time she has been a "star" in and out of rehab etc. Hope she finally gets clean before she kills herself
  9. Even though the original series was iconic and timeless I don't know that it needs a "reboot". Use the same world and tell a new story with new characters.
  10. Marvel's hottest new married couple reflect on their new marriage and wedding day in their new series. Storm got her hair laid to perfection child
  11. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Yeah I read a few reviews too the Times review made that point also. The dilemma they will have now story wise is focusing on June now after all this. I mean really the ho had 3 opportunities to escape now. I get the need to want to save Hannah. But, there's ALOT that crossed lines that finale. What in the world excuses can she have when she goes back? All those Martha's that took risks to get her out with the baby and she rolls back in there? Id be livid. I mean yeah we can assume the baby gets out maybe but damn. Maybe they can continue the redemption of Serena and she can back June up I guess. But, what about baby daddy? He was literally holding the commander hostage clearly helping the escape. He got to run don't he? Commander has gotten increasingly crazy too, that explosion must have fried his brain. That scene in the kitchen with June where he was saying he still want to try again if she behave. I mean it was just MENACING and the tension you could read it all over her face like she could barely contain that "go fuck yourself". This shit deserves Emmy's the acting is just crazy good. The lip trembles, the emotions you see just looking at their faces.
  12. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Chile Aunt Lydia deserved every bit of that asswhooopin. She chained those girls up, had them raped, maimed. Took eyeballs, fingers, tounges. Serena is not fixta trick me into feeling sorry for her. That triflin bitch saw what her low sperm count husband was doing long before June had to set her ass straight. She allowed him to get that far gone. She reminds me of Melania she's super complicit in the situation but then you want some sympathy? Im supposed to feel bad you lost a finger after you allowed June to be raped and used like a broodmare? Threatened her daughter to keep her "in line" and only allowed her back in the house to keep the breastmilk close? Nah Next season though what in the world. Clearly a lot more bitches in Gilead are not happy than we thought. The wives may be deterred a little by what happened to Serena....but the Marthas were ready to run that underground railroad child. They know this shit is going off the rails
  13. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Its just tew many emotions from that finale. when she reached all the way back to 1987 and slapped the dogshit outta the commander When Emily stuck that hateful bitch and kicked the absolute shit outta her I got all of my life. That end though ….
  14. Drake breaks Beatles historic record Yesterday" a longstanding record from The Beatles felt the sting of a "Scorpion." Drake's "Scorpion" album set a record by posting seven simultaneous singles on Billboards Top 10. That toppled The Beatles record of five singles set in 1964. Billboard notes the band remains "the only act to monopolize the Hot 100's entire top five in a week." Drake's rankings are as follows: "Nice for What" at No. 1; "Nonstop" at No. 2; "God's Plan" at No. 4; "In My Feelings" at No. 6; "I'm Upset" at No. 7; "Emotionless" at No. 8; and "Don't Matter to Me," featuring Michael Jackson, at No. 9. And that's not his only success. The rapper broke his own record of most singles charting in the Hot 100 with 27 -- including all 25 tracks from "Scorpion." All of this comes on the heels of Drake also notching a streaming record. His record label Republic Records announced this week that "Scorpion," Drake's fifth album, has crossed the one billion mark in total streams - a first for an album in its first week. Over on the Billboard charts Drake also surpassed the late Michael Jackson as the artist with the most Hot 100 Top 10s in his career among solo males. Drake currently has a career total of 31 to Jackson's 30 with the late King of Pop's 30th being his appearance on Drake's new single, "Don't Matter to Me." CNN