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  1. kidfresh832

    Missy Elliott Teases New Music for 2019

  2. Crazy Rich Asians Cute and I loved the Singapore scenery and food scenes brings back memories
  3. That win for prop 4 is the one bright note in Florida's results. People that have served their debt to society there that generally skew minority getting to vote now hopefully they all actually use it. And want change
  4. Positives from last night are that there ARE more people that can vote that usually don't. Beto proved you can energize young and new voters that people never count on to come out. That race was way closer than it should have been for Cruz. And they were forced to spend millions upon millions more and get Trump to come do rallies and make Cruz kiss his ass to get the base out. GOP din't want to have to spend the money they did here in Texas. And Betos effect is giving credit to flipping a lot of local races and House races here cause he energized Democratic voters and got some straight DEM ticket votes. Guys at work while celebrating Beto lost are lamenting the "surprise losses" of red seats down the ticket because of him. Some of the other takeaways I saw. Gerrymandering and voter suppression are REAL. That Georgia Race was a hot dirty mess. And I think Stacy Abrams is right in contesting and demanding that every single vote be counted there. Every ballot provisional, absentee, fight for all those voters they tried to suppress. Now she legit may have lost, it is the deep south. But, there was clear shenanigans going on, Kemp never should be allowed to be in charge of the election and be running in it. That is crazy. Fighting for every vote to be counted even if she loses in the end, will at least not demoralize the voters that came out despite all the bullshit, and encourage them not to give up next time and keep trying. The other thing I noticed is Florida is still gross. Every election people think Florida will stop acting a fool. And here we go again. DeSantis is a huge Trump kiss ass. He cozys up to the racists, they endorsed him, Gillium clearly and soundly whipped his ass in the debates and made him look absolutely stupid. He still won.
  5. We are trying in Texas for Beto. Is going to be hard but he's the real deal and deserves the win. But it's Texas so I am cautious. Florida is gross still.
  6. Hope everyone is listening to Oprah and voted or voting today!
  7. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Finished Elites yesterday. That was a fun show. Loved the setting, The murder mystery was done well. Carla is my ice queen bitchy fav. Her line delivery is just fabulous I live for her
  8. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    You can post a request on there for the series. It's all over the interwebz I'm not sure where I got mine but its 1080p. I will look later I didn't remember where I got it exactly Its a fun show, its what I thought I was gonna get some But, it didn't work out like that.
  9. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Went to vote today #Beto! Now I am binging Elite
  10. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I'm on Daredevil S3 now. I still have Ozark s2 on hold probably watch it when I'm in Scotland for a few weeks.
  11. kidfresh832

    "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!

    I think they felt they HAD to. They have a lot to prove a lot of disappointments and failures and negative press and reviews. This and WW2 already in production MUST turn things around. So its probably worth it for a huge spoilery trailer to hopefully convince people to come watch.