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    Do you want kids or not?

  2. Beautiful Boy B Mostly about a loving father trying his hardest to "save" his drug addict son. Acting is good and it is very relevant now for the opiod crisis. Whats strange and interesting to me is the racial aspects that WERE not discussed here. I mean this kid was as drugged out as any black kid you have seen on any movie, story ever right. But, there was no talk of incarceration. He had chance after chance after chance to redeem himself and expensive rehabs etc. What if all those minorities in jail right now for drug changes had the same opportunities he had? Rather than being given up on as trash or locked away out of sight out of mind?
  3. I will definitely watch with an open mind. But, the difference in MJ accusations and some of these others is he actually had his day in court. And was acquitted. Every time the accusations fell apart under scrutiny. If you listen to the testimony and read the motivations I mean I couldn't convict either. Everyone can agree he was weird as fuck. I mean mutilated himself with plastic surgery, reclusive to the point of weirdness. Grown man with lots of attachments to children who is wealthy but not very smart with his money opens himself up to being taken advantage of. And a lot of these people that came out actually stood up for him at various points. Only to come back later and change their stories. He is dead now, it is easy to come crying on tv and say whatever you want as long as there is no rebuttal no other witness. I wasn't in the rooms I cant say he's some misunderstood angel. All I can say is actually listening to these claims and reading and hearing reporting on actual testimony I wouldn't convict as a juror either. And when you can say someone as "weird" as Michael was, and famous and where we had ALL heard the rumors and tabloids etc and STILL they believed him over accusers. I think that has weight
  4. kidfresh832

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I watched Bodyguard over the holidays I still need to finish the last episode. I only watched it to see Rob Stark's cakes 🍰 And to continue my Rob Stark theme I watched Season 1 and 2 of Medici: Masters of Venice. I really like these small series with 6 episodes that don't drag out the story lines. It keeps them tight and on target. Both decent shows nothing groundbreaking
  5. Speaking of flop tours….this B2k reunion tour with Chingy and Mario.... I mean really who got coins to see that mess?
  6. kidfresh832

    Zayn's new album — "Icarus Falls"

    I like Zayn. I think he has proven to be the most talented individually from one Direction. His major issue is promotion other than videos. Does he even tour solo? I thought I read he has a sort of stage fright since leaving One Direction. Performing is the biggest part of music these days. You gotta get out there and hustle and show your face to make the real money these days.
  7. Aquaman B+ Black Manta was cool. And I enjoyed Ocean Master
  8. Venom in 4k B If you ignore the derivative silliness, ignore the non connectedness to Spiderman. Ignore the cheesy dialogue. Watch for free and grade on a curve its a B
  9. Gambit and Rogue get ready for their housewarming as a couple in Gambits fashionable condo. Gambit's adoptive dad from the Thieves guild drops by but not to hang to warn Gambit, the Thieves is coming The thieves are pissed Remy married Rogue since he's supposed to still be the King of thieves they aren't having her be "Queen". Rogue is tired of their shit and has mini quiches baking so she takes off her inhibiter collar and shows them that she can knock all of them out without touching them. Gambit has to dive off the roof so he doesn't get hit with her new power. Then the Exes show up. Gambits ex wife BellaDonna queen of the Assassins guild tells Gambit he better watch his back. She wont take contracts on his life but there are some on Rogue. And then Rogue apparently secretly invited her old ass jump off magneto but was too shamed to tell anyone so they met outside while people ate Gambit's apparently fabulous world renowned gumbo. This bitch said shes sorry she didn't invite him to the wedding and confided that the inhibitor color be giving her migraines. I can't with this bitch you got yo man and go confide in this evil ass again? Magneto told her go tell Gambit what's up he wont leave her... whatever
  10. kidfresh832

    Kevin Hart steps down as Oscar host....

    The original comments sucked and were very homophobic. And he could have used the platform to further show how he has grown as a person since then. Made a big public apology, do something useful with the platform. You are about to host a room full of gays and their hairstylists, makeup artists, wig technicians. It is up to him to prove he's on the right side of history now despite the awful things he said previously. That's assuming he has evolved his positions and truly understands he was wrong. If he hasn't and still believes that shit then fuck him
  11. kidfresh832

    The Avengers...

  12. It is ALMOST OVER finally. This has been one LONG drawn out dogfight of a campaign. It seems like we have been hearing about "emails", and random pussys being grabbed for years now. I have had to damn near cuss out co workers, unfriend Facebook "friends" that shown their true colors during this divisive embarrassing campaign. At the end of the day we should have better candidates than both of these we are presented with obviously. But we have what we have and here we are at the end. I already put in for Wednesday and Thursday off next week cause I know I'm gonna have to go off on some bitches at work either way it pans out Tuesday night. If you haven't voted yet and can vote do it! Unless its for Trump then stay your ass at the house!
  13. I'm waiting for Hillary to pass Michelle some hand sanitizer at this funeral.
  14. Watched Mission Impossible Fallout on my new 65 inch 4k TV A. Amazing visuals and stunts in 4k. I always like that Tom loves doing his own physical stunts. And this is a type of movie where there are A LOT of physical stunts as opposed to green screen and CGI.
  15. kidfresh832

    The Last Game (Apps, Video, Board, Card) You Played/Demoed

    I need to finish Rise of the Tomb Raider but I been busy. I also bought Assassin's Creed Odessy and haven't started yet but my assassin is gonna be gay as fuck I saw some of his ho options on YouTube he gonna be fucking across Greece assassinating that ass.
  16. Yeah cockblocking Kitty ambushed them with a "mission" while Gambit was trying to handle his wife's hush puppies. That got them attacked by Deathbird and the Shiar. As she learns how the "evolved" powers work I guess we figure out if its a mental thing that she can direct at a person or just anyone around her or whatever
  17. Gambit and Rogue conclude their space honeymoon which involved Deadpool stowaway and attack by Deathbird and the Shiar Ended up with Rogue getting a massive power boost and almost killing Gambit. Because she can now start absorbing powers without touching people. She now has to wear her power inhibitor and was all depressed but she gets told that her power isn't out of control shes just evolving and needs to learn to control it now. They head back home to Gambit's condo where she meets his cats and they love her immediately awwww
  18. Crazy Rich Asians Cute and I loved the Singapore scenery and food scenes brings back memories
  19. That win for prop 4 is the one bright note in Florida's results. People that have served their debt to society there that generally skew minority getting to vote now hopefully they all actually use it. And want change
  20. Positives from last night are that there ARE more people that can vote that usually don't. Beto proved you can energize young and new voters that people never count on to come out. That race was way closer than it should have been for Cruz. And they were forced to spend millions upon millions more and get Trump to come do rallies and make Cruz kiss his ass to get the base out. GOP din't want to have to spend the money they did here in Texas. And Betos effect is giving credit to flipping a lot of local races and House races here cause he energized Democratic voters and got some straight DEM ticket votes. Guys at work while celebrating Beto lost are lamenting the "surprise losses" of red seats down the ticket because of him. Some of the other takeaways I saw. Gerrymandering and voter suppression are REAL. That Georgia Race was a hot dirty mess. And I think Stacy Abrams is right in contesting and demanding that every single vote be counted there. Every ballot provisional, absentee, fight for all those voters they tried to suppress. Now she legit may have lost, it is the deep south. But, there was clear shenanigans going on, Kemp never should be allowed to be in charge of the election and be running in it. That is crazy. Fighting for every vote to be counted even if she loses in the end, will at least not demoralize the voters that came out despite all the bullshit, and encourage them not to give up next time and keep trying. The other thing I noticed is Florida is still gross. Every election people think Florida will stop acting a fool. And here we go again. DeSantis is a huge Trump kiss ass. He cozys up to the racists, they endorsed him, Gillium clearly and soundly whipped his ass in the debates and made him look absolutely stupid. He still won.