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  3. The 80 greatest albums of the 1980s by Rock Hall Inductees 9. Janet Jackson – “Control” (1986) If you posed the question "What is Janet Jackson's best album?" five, 10, even 15 years ago, hands down the answer would be "Rhythm Nation 1814." But as time goes on, those songs don't stay with you as much as the ones from Janet's coming out party "Control." Jackson's third album overcame a lot. It made people forget about its two lackluster predecessors and effectively removed her from the shadow of her famous family. More importantly, Jackson (along with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) reshaped R&B into a pop and dance driven format that would lay the groundwork for New Jack Swing. By the 1990s, everyone, including Janet's big brother Michael, was jacking her style. 58. Janet Jackson – “Rhythm Nation 1814” (1989) Because it was such a creative leap forward, "Rhythm Nation 1814" is often considered Janet Jackson's most iconic album. The concept focused on social issues with Jackson proving herself a formidable commentator. R&B and pop had never quite seen an album like this; not with its dance grooves that helped establish New Jack Swing. https://www.cleveland.com/life-and-culture/j66j-2020/03/dab97c695a9775/80-greatest-albums-of-the-1980s-by-rock-and-roll-hall-of-famers.html
  4. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just telling you what NASA said. And if they can't find the limits, then it's hopeless, unless someone invents a time machine.
  5. NASA sent a rocket to tail Halley's Comet in hopes they'll find it.
  6. One of the characters on Grown•Ish dressed up as Janet in PJ on last night's episode. https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/amp/style/story/grown-ish-star-yara-shahidi-channels-aaliyah-sneak-69358612
  7. Has someone ripped this yet? And clearly there's more TVRT footage out there. Professional footage at that.
  8. Well maybe not on your salary.
  9. You buying dinner for everybody too?
  10. Dinah, the one in the group with actual vocal talent.
  11. That would be Dinah. She always had the most potential imo. Normani is not going to happen.
  12. That carpool is more than just singing. You need the personality that's necessary for a segment like that. Janet's confidence would need to be sky high. And she would need to be able to project, which she didn't do much on Fallon. And if you watch the first two tours, she sang live a lot. But after that......
  13. I thought about this after watching Fallon. It really would be nice to see her in carpool. But her lack of confidence in her singing voice will keep her away from it.
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