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  1. Where is the lie? And ain't she the girl who was on the news cuz the cop stopped traffic so she could dance in the street?
  2. She may not be there when you need Her, but She's always right on time.
  3. She gave ya'll the STOWT with the RN1814 songs tacked on at the end, then had the nerve to put a jacket on her website for $400. An insult if you ask me. Why not remaster the album? Deluxe edition with unreleased tracks? T-shirts? Other memorabilia? She's just lost, or content with doing the bare minimum to get by imo. And the problem with Janet performing now is the lack of visuals. Back in the day she could rely on complex and visual impressive choreography to wow an audience. That's not the case these days. If she's going to scale back, she has to focus more on creating stories through movement (e.g., WA @ VH1, AI '10), versus doing the strenuous choreography here and there in order to keep that strong visual appeal. If not, then the visuals (i.e., props, wardrobe, etc.) need to be a major component of the show.
  4. Ms. Dayz, every so often you serve freshly brewed tea, and this here? The finest of China teas.
  5. Yeah I learned this when I really thought about it. Universal probably bought out her contact with Virgin and in exchange Janet gave them her masters. But she still has her publishing, so Universal doesn't have complete control over her work (no pun intended). Smart woman. Even if Janet doesn't own her masters, labels still have to get clearance from her for her work to be licensed.
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