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  1. It's on their official page now. http://www.mtv.com.au/2018-mtv-ema/videos/janet-jackson-performs-at-the-2018-mtv-ema
  2. Still upset they never gave her a full episode.
  3. This is just unacceptable.
  4. These are really nice, esp the first.
  5. Lil Kim during a Complex interview this year. Starts at 4:14.
  6. These vocalists sound weird af singing Janet. It's like they over sing.
  7. That's Anna Wintor in that pic right?
  8. Or maybe because we read before we post...?
  9. And I just knew his ass would be the one to quote the post and not read.
  10. Methodology https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/business/chart-beat/8543378/billboard-top-125-artists-of-all-time-the-beatles?__twitter_impression=true
  11. Billboard's Top 125 Artists of All Time 14 Janet Jackson - Last 14 Peak 1 Weeks https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/business/chart-beat/8543378/billboard-top-125-artists-of-all-time-the-beatles?__twitter_impression=true
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