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  1. Mr. Wonder

    Janet speaks on Serena and feminism

    Literally just created feminism and unity.
  2. Mr. Wonder

    The Other News Thread

  3. Mr. Wonder

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    I'm talking about Control and RN1814 being her signature albums, the most iconic, and hold the greatest significance in Janet's career and shaping the progression of popular music. You're talking about something different.
  4. Mr. Wonder

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    You did. "It justwasn't as huge as RN or Control, and its imagery isn't as iconic, so it's harder to place in her cannon of essentials." This is why TVR isn't ranking next to RN1814 or Control. Not only were they much more successful, but they're herald as Janet's signature albums. And dare we not even talk about significance.
  5. Mr. Wonder

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    Never. Fans just give it too much. You just proved my point. But it's really not. Control and RN1814 are herald as Janet's signature albums. They considerably supersede TVR in success, influence, and significance.
  6. Mr. Wonder

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    Uh, don't act like ppl in this fan base don't act like TVR is her Magnum opus.
  7. Mr. Wonder

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    That exactly how I read it before going back and correcting myself. I keep trying to tell ppl these are her most celebrated albums. One day they'll see the light.
  8. Mr. Wonder

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    I read that part and died. The influence of Stan culture is widening.
  9. Mr. Wonder

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    Pitchfork: The 200 Best Albums of the 1980s 30. Fourth album was a political statement—for herself and the world at large. Following 1986’s Control, which catapulted the singer to meteoric fame, Jackson wanted to add a more pronounced message to her music, to make art that stimulated the body and the mind. Rhythm Nation 1814 brought the news to the dance floor; as it played, one could almost see Jackson scanning CNN, her ire increasing with each headline. On “State of the World,” she tells the story of a young and struggling mother, urging people around the globe to tackle civic plight together. Elsewhere, she addresses the crack epidemic, the AIDS crisis, and black men being sent to prison at alarming rates. Producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis spun Jackson a dark, almost metallic blend of intense funk on which the singer forced her listeners to “give a damn.” In turn, Rhythm Nation felt urgent, an album that aligned with the reality-based rap of Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions while also asserting Jackson’s stature as a pop star with meaning. –Marcus J. Moore 8. By 19, Janet Jackson had already appeared in several television shows, been married and divorced, and released two bubblegum pop albums. But it wasn’t until Control, a record as genre-defining as it was career-defining, that she was empowered enough to reclaim her body, her art, and her story. Within the album’s nine tracks, Jackson oscillates between warm, feminine sexuality and stony strength. The explosive title track doubles as a mission statement, while screeds like “Nasty” and the kiss-off “What Have You Done for Me Lately” demand respect and raise the standards for who could have the pleasure of her company. Elsewhere, the flirty “When I Think of You” and the sentimental ballad “Let’s Wait Awhile” offset her take-no-prisoners attitude with girlish crushing—the kind of vulnerability that is reflective of a soft heart but isn’t a full surrender. She separated herself from the overbearing men in her life and those who sought to write her narrative, and found more natural collaborators in producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She did what she needed to do for herself, which remains one of the most revolutionary things a black woman can do. In finding her voice on Control, Janet Jackson cut a path by which future women pop stars could chart their own trajectory. –Briana Younger https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/the-200-best-albums-of-the-1980s
  10. Mr. Wonder

    Janet for InStyle Magazine

    She's giving me mid-40s Black woman who has it together.
  11. Mr. Wonder

    The Other News Thread

  12. So far so good. She's making all of the right PR moves, and keeping her name out there right up until nominations. Which is what I said she should/would have to do like two or three years ago, and ppl on here admonished me for it. I believe if she keeps the momentum going, I think she'll get inducted this year. At which point, I will make it about me because I said she should do this years ago. Thus stroking my ego and reaffirming my position as dominate male of the pride.
  13. She's campaigning for the RRHOF induction.
  14. Mr. Wonder

    Janet Announces Untitled EP Coming This Fall

    I think we all kinda knew this