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  1. They're putting out a compilation album?
  2. I just wanted to bring this post into this thread too. Her looks inspire.
  3. After befriending a Whitney stan, and learning so much, I regret everything I said in this thread. I apologise. I was young and dumb.
  4. I'm often astonished at the effortlessness of your obtuseness. It's almost shocking. Game, how do you think epidemics arise? They have to start SOMEWHERE. That's what you're not understanding, or willfully ignoring for the sake of standing firm in your position, despite it having the strength of an octogenarian with muscular dystrophy. If you want to deal with facts, as you state, the product on website even states kidney failure is a KNOWN side effect. It causes 05.% in cases by your own admission, which means it happens. Your parallel argument of fast food is weak and didn't help your argument whatsoever. Side effects should be a concern for anyone taking a drug powerful enough to stop the spread of a three decade long medical crisis. We aren't talking about taking Tylenol PM here. Stop this tomfoolery sir.
  5. And this is why they label the drug at 99.9% effect, because there is still a margin for error. Which is important way for big pharm to absolve themselves of liability regarding the side effects of their product(s). These mesothelioma and asbestos cases aren't arising just for the sake of continuing the legal system. Kidney failure is a known side effect of the drug, and it clearly can cause problems. And the makers of the drug are aware of that, and probably more that they aren't publicizing. That's why it's important to know what you're putting in your body. You may be preventing the spread and contraction of HIV, but you also don't know the long and/or short term effects of the drug. Yep, I hear you have to take it every-single-day. And if you just so happen to miss a dose, you have to return to the doctor or something like that.
  6. Common enough to warrant legal action. You really have to think about what you're putting in your body. A pill that's powerful enough to prevent the contraction of HIV, an incurable (as far as we know), disease.
  7. Kidney failure is literally listed as a [serious] side effect on the prep website. https://www.truvada.com/what-is-truvada/side-effects
  8. I have legitimately thought about it. But then I saw those commercials about it causing kidney failure and bone marrow problems, and was like I'm good on that. It takes less than 10 seconds to put on a condom. And honestly that beats putting an insanely powerful drug into your body that has God knows what short and long term effects.
  9. The speed of the routine and what she does in terms of movement is heavy on technique, e.g., mobility, control, balance.
  10. Can you articulate why it's not? RWU is still better than DRM at the VMAs. AN(DS) is Janet's fifth best routine that really highlights her technical prowess. Definitely not overrated.
  11. RWU is a better routine than all of those from organization, to creativity, to technicality. I will never understand ya'll obsession with DRM and AN(DS). RWU is definitely a better video on all fronts.
  12. RWU unquestionably takes the cake. It's really the only 00s/10s video that can sit with Janet's 80s and 90s stuff.
  13. Looks like she only has the male dancers. And folks sat up here and thought this woman didn't know what she was getting herself into.
  14. Judging by those outfits, she pocketed the wardrobe budget.
  15. All this arguing, while she's probably there in rehearsals right now.
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