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  1. Didn’t he testify, under oath, that MJ didnt molest him. Was he protecting his lover... or telling the truth.. we’ll never know 🤷🏾‍♂️
  2. Game For Now

    The Untitled Album

  3. Game For Now

    Email to Janet (her team)

    No email was provided for sending fanmail. Yes. Janet’s e-mail for newsletter is just a bot (sending only email.. no on monitors the received email) but I can’t find that newsletter in my inbox/trash anyho
  4. Game For Now

    Email to Janet (her team)

    The fan-video program hasn’t started yet
  5. People are also stupid In reality there is no comparison however I do enjoy the MJ wackos squirming over this docu... They’re flipping shit without even seeing it pathetic
  6. Game For Now

    Nao - Make it out alive

    My co-worker played this for me a few months ago. It’s mediocre at best
  7. That’s a good sign but doesn’t mean much
  8. This has nothing to do with R Kelly There’s no need to compare the two. I don’t think this docu is to spread lies about MJ. It just follows the lives of those who accused him of it. That’s all
  9. Sadly, that’s the power he had over people
  10. MJ Stans, of course, failed to get documentary cancelled despite their weak efforts of emailing and boycotting the media giants HBO and the sundance music festival kiiiiii the Wackos are fuming and foaming at the mouth The documentary screen January 25 and will be available on HBO the next day
  11. Lest us not forget, She’s a model bc her music career is garbage