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  1. I know I know! Ugh Praise thee King of Poo đź‘€ errr Pop
  2. Janet looks absolutely stunning here. My god
  3. Notice how the Great depressed bombarded that other thread and is SILENT when Janet succeeds
  4. No. There’s a share button on YouTube. Lack of content is not an excuse
  5. King Eissa is growing as we type to be the next God of Music.. it’s destiny* * - if He wants
  6. You keep mentioning Gale and Oprah as if they’re the problem.. two powerful black women.. They’re doing their jobs, especially Gale. Gale didn’t rape teens.. Oprah didn’t have sleep overs behind closed doors with boys. So you can’t say it’s about race and diss two black women. You make it about gender. And that’s where it lies. You weird black old men think what Robert did is excusable.. “Just ignore it”. Meanwhile black youth is being stolen. Robert isn’t raping white girls.. he’s stealing the black youth from America’s most dismissed population. Instead how about you direct your fake rage and anger towards the BLACK victims and their families and what they have to do to recover from abuses from rich powerful MEN
  7. Randall Jackson’s daughter The hair reminded me of TVR I guess we have to wait until King Eissa. He’s our only hope in bringing the Jackson’s legacy to the next generation. (LK© , that would be so awesome to see but He can do whatever He needs to do as an adult and I’m certain Janet or Wissam won’t push Him into the industry like Janet was)
  8. I don’t care about your friends “you know”... I am not interested in your weird stories or whatever. I am solely referring to Robert Kelly and no one else.. bringing up other crimes in other jurisdictions outside of Chicago is irrelevant But.. you are defending the criminal Bill Cosby (Bill Cosby... already being punished and should rot in prison for what he did to women) and Robert Kelly (soon to be criminal and will hopefully rot in prison) Let’s defend the victims, right? No fuck women, right? Fuck the lives they affected negatively. This isn’t a race issue so stop trying to make it one.
  9. Cool story.. and now Rape Kelly is being prosecuted And that remix is trash compared to the original. That’s a fact. Don’t care about what an antiquated form of media’s spins for a song 25 years ago
  10. Rape Kelly blasted himself. Gale took it like a champ
  11. So your pro-Rape Kelly getting a pass for kidnapping and touching little black girls bc he shares your skin tone 0_o i assume you don’t have any sisters or daughters? You want to be pro-black but you ignore these black women over a celebrity 0_o
  12. She’s inside in Vegas under an air conditioned building
  13. 80% what? What’s it say in the corner?
  14. The performance art of her wrestling that man... it’s okay. At her age of 63 she shouldn’t be doing on that and that’s all I could think about
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