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  1. I’m not sure how reliable this is but Janet ditched Together Again due to technical issues https://tucson.com/entertainment/music/janet-jackson-ditched-together-again-after-glasto-technical-issues/article_9527558a-9b1a-5330-bcb4-c3e6093d0592.html “It's a shame because we had technical issues at the start so I couldn't play my last song, 'Together Again'!" However, Janet said it didn't put a dampener on her first Glasto experience, and she admitted she was overwhelmed by how big the world famous festival is. She said: "It's so big, I heard stories about it every year but had no idea and then we saw all the tents."
  2. I see you’re up Grandma Donna’s 80 year old granny panties. You can have it At the end of the day: What Madonna does vs what Janet Jackson does are two different things. Ones not better than the other and they cannot be compared Comparing that to janet. Tour is laughable
  3. Borderline risky to play with toy guns and “perform”? Performance art is cute bc she doesn’t have any other talents but Janet is a dancer... Grandma Donna is a failed actress with a mic and no body double. It’s choreographed but again, not the same
  4. I’m sorry.. but that is... cute stunts and all but it’s not the same as what Janet Jackson does
  5. You gonna be fair? Soo uhhh where the dancing? I see the dancers doing choreography but Madonna is just putting on some stage play with a shitty score Also it was hot af in europe.. as Janet performed outside So I’m confused as to why mention grandMa Donna at all
  6. Rape Kelly is cancelled I was so hurt when Janet put his remix on her GH2... especially since the Original is better
  7. What kind of sexist shhhi?! She dresses like that bc she’s a black woman and she can Even if that is true (that’s shes still legally married).. Wtf does picking her own tour outfit have to do with her former marriage 0_o y’all reaching for the depths of hell trying to pull whatever you can without getting burned. Well ya burned yourself with that illogic
  8. This post took a left turn Madonna & Mariah don’t dance... Madonna puts on a play and Mariah stands & sits there... both are declining in the performance bracket but Janet is not.. not right now Yes she’s a legend at the age of 51 but she’s still slays the stage. This festival was so niched.
  9. It’s Janet’s best stage since RWU Tour.. wtf The Great Depressed has a new team member.. sad! Staging? Like how petty can one be? How sad
  10. Gil ain’t going no where but you can
  11. So this is why she’s keeping her ass in the States
  12. It’s a remix 😅 It’s equivalent to Gaga remixing Bad Romance or Janet remixing Escapade
  13. I don’t get the hype behind an artist that didn’t do shit but sang loudly. Like..
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