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  1. Thanks. I figured that out yesterday after I asked
  2. This is the official thread now.. Like it or Now What time is the festival... EST
  3. The remix is trash and Rape Kelly produced it
  4. imma need you to know your state laws before stepping into this thread
  5. Ohio marijuana law isn’t as liberal as Michigan’s. Ohio legalized for medical marijuana but not recreational. Ohio also decriminalized it to an extent. So no. The pen maybe easy to get but the liquid isn’t as easy as it is for you
  6. There’s no fair market price with marijuana maybe like “average price sold for” or something to that effect You don’t have to sell me on it. Sell it to my state legislators
  7. I love that interlude too but no speech. She made a speech in 2009 when he died at the BET Award... “He’s family”. (The Wacko we’re pressed too). There’s nothing more to be said. As far as your track list goes.. it is focused on her newer albums which would work in the USA but not Europe... Stick to the hits and maybe Feedback and Made For Now
  8. Divide the total amount paid by the total mL to get how much you paid for 1mL
  9. Broken Hearts Heal is a interlude not a song that should be performed at An european music festival If she wanted to do a tribute to her older brother, she’d chose SCREAM bc it’s her song and well known The fact that you think Janet’s going to do a speech on her brother in the middle of HER concert is mind blowingly stupid. Please sit down
  10. Insane. The power in that room!!!! Ugh the love
  11. That’s not long at all.. and you smoke it daily? Multiple times? Let’s do the math
  12. What stores? A&F don’t like fat people and only douchebags shop there
  13. Clothing is different bc there’s billions of different shaped bodies on this planet. Buying clothes online from brands you already wear is a safe bet
  14. The phrase “Ms Jackson if ya nasty” has legs in pop culture... American pop culture. Idk about Europe
  15. The BBC should have interviewed her.. then again we’d still get the same ass answers
  16. Lmfao you didn’t say much of anything Janet’s going to be on Jimmy/Terry’s album tho
  17. Lmfao you didn’t say much of anything Janet’s going to be on Jimmy/Terry’s album tho
  18. It was a puff piece. Nothing insightful. Nothing to do with how “her family has been treated” bc she gave interviews in the past, the most, out of the Jacksons MJ didn’t get shitty media attention now.. he’s been getting that for all his adult life
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