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  1. Lmfao y’all wild DJ went platinum bc of the Super Bowl exposure. Huge first week sales! Then what? 20 YO.. idk how it “shipped” platinum. Lost the #1 spot to some hasbeen rapper Disappointment doesn’t matter. Claiming a Top 20 hit was pretty sad in 2008 and even more pathetic in 2019
  2. Can’t be alone if your sperm is in their hair 🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. A date is where you buy men food and drinks and fuck them later that night and never talk to them again
  4. Janet was on a decline to begin with. I would have never assumed, between 2002-2004.. pre-blacklist, that her next album was going to sell more copies than her previous and greatest album of the 2000s
  5. Then go out and get more. Stop chasing heterosexual men.. open your horizon.. go on dates and not fuck dates.
  6. I’ve barebacked many times.. Zero people have burned me so I guess I gotten lucky. I’m on PrEP now and I’ve only done it once since and that sexy mutha fucker is on PrEP
  7. Erotic was a flop.. but she outsold that with Bedtime Stories and then outsold both with the next album (1998)... I would say that’s steady and not a decline
  8. I wouldn’t say decline. She had a steady successful career in the 90s
  9. Adele ‘19’ peaked at #4 on Billboard.. Was that a flop? It sold 8m copies worldwide; 3M in the US Madonna had quite a few hits in the 90s. Multi platinum albums as well. Soooo
  10. It got what it got.. I don’t care about sales ——— Hugest thing? Because of Damita Jo? No.
  11. You’re paranoia is showing. PrEP isn’t an epidemic This is one of the first steps to eradicating HIV & AIDS. Conspiracy theories are for the loons and idiots. PrEP has helped nearly 400k people globally and you’re worried about what exactly? Oh 50 American’s kidneys Why are you emphasizing “powerful”? Like it has killed people and not saved potentially 200k people’s lives. I don’t understand you logic here. You don’t want an epidemic, like the AIDS epidemic that you’re probably too young to remember when the president ignored it and focused on the war on drugs, but you want to cancel PrEP? Should we cancel chemo too? Should we just stop vaccinations? Where does it end? Birth control? It’s not necessary and it causes minor & major side effects 🤔 or is that just big pharma’s way to control on women? As someone from DC, where youths are contradicting HIV twice the normal rate of every other city in American, you’re way too against it
  12. Correct. Unbreakable is the only Janet album that that applies to Damita Jo sold what it should have sold. It’s not her best or worst (Discipline or Dreamstreet are her worst) but Damita Jo & 20 are not better than anything from 1986-2001 & 2015
  13. I’m not here for what-if scenarios. That’s exactly why actually, for me. Damita Jo was subpar bc Janet decided to work with people who she doesn’t work well with. 20 was bad bc of JD... Discipline was shit bc Janet decided to be lazy and not work with Jimmy/Terry. Not to mention the oversexual themes and promo (unnecessary at that point of her career) Your theory is wrong due to Unbreakable being her best album since 2001 and it had zero hits and minimal radio spins (as if that mattered)
  14. I can do without the floor licking and feet.. I don’t mind watching water sports as long as the “top” is vocal about it
  15. The common number I’ve seen is 92 or 99%. I have not seen 99.9%. There’s a margin of error for every medication & contraceptives like birth control and condoms (neither possess a 99.9% success rate). Big pharma are not using success rates to offset side effects. Every medication has side effects but in this argument... you either contract HIV or temporary nausea and a .05% chance of kidney issues which your doctor checks for... which one do you choose? .05% of users experience kidney issues. We’re not going off what you think (bc it is mostly bullshit). I’m only here for stone Cold facts. You should stop pretending you’re worried about kidney issues or “what goes into my body” BS. It’s not cute as you chew on Burger King’s tacos and Chipotle while downing a bottle of Jack Daniels. This drug has been researched for years. It is not new on the market as it was introduced in 2004. If you miss a dose, you just continue taking it as prescribed and not double dosing. The only reason you would need to consult a doctor is if you’re having severe reactions I worry that you’re getting your information from stupid people
  16. Because the singles from DJ are trash... JALW, IWY, AN(ds)... 🗑 The era you described didn’t have too many cooks and created the classic Janet sound... DJ went outside that scope and not in a good way
  17. https://theundefeated.com/features/janet-jackson-trained-like-a-sprinter-for-new-vegas-show/ The Undefeated interviews Janet’s personal trainer Paulette Sybliss
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