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  1. False: they do not cause kidney failure UNLESS you previously had poor kidneys. As far as bone marrow goes, it doesn’t affect anyone who is your age (25+) PrEP is safer than taking daily aspirin.. both are FDA approved, both tested and tried. Basing your beliefs on commercials & false information is insane
  2. Treatable but due to big pharmaceutical.. expensive I don’t comprehend street lingo.. you think sex is someone’s reputation? idk what you’re trying to say but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s illogical
  3. MLIYL sold same amount as her previous album.. Why would anyone consider that a flop? Oh... I see the only person who would is Joe
  4. Between 1986-2001 she doesn’t.. except Whoops Now
  5. I guess. It’s “tough” to see bc there are more and more preventive measures especially in 2019 With PrEP becoming more and more available, the percentage of new diagnosis will decrease over time (it has for white people by 12% and for black people, it has remained steady.. between 2010-2016). PrEP has the monopoly for now but more HIV prevention medication will reach the market in later this year or 2020 I am especially if they sucked
  6. How is it weird? Is cancer weird for people on their 20s? HIV didnt die off.. it’s still around and still haunts the gay community. Just like it did when HIV started in your generation Hoe behavior isn’t new. & HIV isn’t just some airborne disease HIV could happen to anyone.. 86% of women with HIV got it from a heterosexual activity It doesn’t matter if I’m a top or a bttm... I’m a dude and I honestly wouldn’t care if the other dude got off. Especially for a one nighter
  7. I’m a top and idgaf if the other person cums. If I were a bottom, same would apply
  8. What year is it? Tops aren’t men and bottoms aren’t women. Quit treating bottoms like second class citizens.. like they should worship the ground tops walk on. Eww that’s so stupid
  9. You spelling it wrong is the ultimate prize
  10. I miss her dark eyebrows but she looks so young. Holy fuck
  11. The lies Weekend is a cover. China Love is a diamond in the rough
  12. China Love and anything written and/or produced bubble Janet Jackson >>> the entire album of Discipline
  13. Jimmy/Terry would never create a bland ass track like RWU
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