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  1. Who wants to tell him NO ONE ASKED!! You should stalk him until he marries you.. don’t like a good man go
  2. HOLD TF UP.. You get free health care PrEP would cost you... what.. £20?
  3. It maybe of something else. Matching tattoos imo = mirrored tattoos (same thing different person
  4. That’s the point of this thread essentially If you try to take care of yourself, shouldn’t you be on PrEP.. I mean, while you may have a sexless life atm, you are at a higher risk to contacting HIV when/if you ever have sex. Especially since you dated that meth head
  5. Probably. Either way, island records was wrong and history will show that
  6. Empty is classic Janet RWU is the Great Value Janet
  7. You have a story for everything. Not even relevant.. like you tried to one up Effrem’s story with some convoluted story but it finished flatter than an SNL skit
  8. Not at all. PrEP cost them less than someone who is HIV positive. Most State Governments also have public health programs for PrEP
  9. It fell apart bc they wanted to release a mediocre song and Janet didn’t
  10. @hotboy06 if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to dm Nudes.. errrr questions Most insurance companies covers PrEP. You do have to go back to the doctor’s for follow up visits every 90 days
  11. Let’s see if I can give you the short story: PrEP, if taken regularly, has a 92-99% chance of preventing HIV in men and women when having sexual relations with someone who is HIV Positive The side effects are small and includes but isn’t limited to: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss... strange dreams. People with kidney issues of the past should inform their doctor of their past kidney issues Drinking and smoking is safe on PrEP
  12. The song (not the sound) isn’t that good.. it was repetitive and lazy
  13. MFM across the board bc Janet co-wrote and co-produced it with Harmony & Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis RWU “made before it’s time” is an inside joke between us JanFam. It has no real meaning behind it except “it shouldn’t have been released as a single” Same goes for Empty.. except Empty is actually classic Janet and RWU is some knock off walmart Janet
  14. Sucking dick for twelve years... never had throat chlamydia Must be a NY thing
  15. Yes. Ignorance is a hella drug Also nondetectable people take a three different drugs to continue that status
  16. No you don’t. The one-two dudes you know is/are stupid. Suck to not suck?
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