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  1. Da Who can have several seats. While Janet was great for his career, Her career suffered as soon as she was with him until the end.. change my mind That was the only thing that made him interesting
  2. https://pagesix.com/2019/07/17/jermaine-dupri-doesnt-regret-tattoo-of-ex-janet-jackson/ I have a tattoo of her — but I know her,” the superproducer, who dated Jackson from 2002 to 2009 said. “People have tattoos of people that they do not know. So when I got the Janet tattoo people were like, ‘What if y’all break up?’ But this is someone I know. I don’t regret Janet’s tattoo — we have matching ones.” Dupri, who also worked with Jackson as well as Usher, Jay-Z and Mariah Carey, said that when the couple first went public: “People were shocked when they found out we were dating. It’s the same way like my entire career. I am from Atlanta . . . Atlanta was not mainstream to people until now. So when you hear that ‘Janet Jackson is dating this guy from Atlanta,’ it sounds like Nebraska. Like why are you dating this guy, like out of all places?” As far as their current status, “When people on Twitter say, ‘Why haven’t you said happy birthday to Janet Jackson?’. . . these people are stupid. It’s a person that I dated for almost 10 years. I can pick up the phone and call that person. So when you ask if I wish that I could get Janet Jackson back — it’s a phone call away.” His doc, “Power, Influence and Hip-Hop The Remarkable Rise of So So Def” airs Thursday on WE TV.
  3. Say “mature”. It’s fucking shorter for God’s sake Please don’t explain street lingo to me. I knew what you meant. And it’s very toxic
  4. No such thing as an “illegal” person. Immigration is legal.. and seeking asylum is as well I’m sure Janet’s heart goes out to the men, women, & children in cages
  5. The fake outrage is bonkers Turn your fake outrage onto the concentration camps at our southern boarder
  6. Gurl!! They BIG MAD Meanwhile in the United States, Trump’s kkklan just chanted “Send her back” during his racist group rally But go on telling us how Janet collecting royalty from the Middle East is an issue. Go on ignoring the children in cages and faking outrage... y’all still gonna listen to her. Y’all still going to support her and buy her shit... but go on
  7. We have concentration camps in our country soooooooo Janet should cancel her Vegas and September gigs because shitty fans are butt hurt is the logic I’m following Hate crime is on the rise, we have a racist AND alleged rapist as president The Great Depression need to medicate... and FAST
  8. That’s the same thing. “Grown folk” is associated with toxic masculinity. No one but toxic masculine men say bull shit like “grown folk” bc in this nation, everyone over 18 is “grown folk” Shut up mouf up
  9. Michael is dead bro but you right. If it were a man, no one would give a fuck
  10. I’m not Joe... I get your frustrations and I understand them. I follow politics closely Everything in bold is accurate. Also.. Dubai happened and none of ya said a damn thing
  11. Your opinion of me doesn’t matter
  12. Maybe listen to her multi-platinum album Rhythm Nation 1814 to find your answer
  13. Pretty sure her National US tour intro was about the United States
  14. “Grown ass... men” is toxic masculinity I’m not here to educate
  15. I love the fact that y’all bitching over this but silence when she performed in Dubai... silence 🤷🏾‍♂️ What that gotta do with Janet Jackson?
  16. Sounds like toxic masculinity to me No such thing as “real men” or “grown folk”.
  17. “Real men” = toxic masculinity
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