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  1. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - FINAL 3; RULES CHANGE

    I want more people involved but I’ll count when I get the opportunity
  2. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    That “group” was Viacom. 🤦🏾‍♂️They OWN a large portion of multiple media. Yet Janet was still fucking everywhere promoting her music. National outlets. Radio was important during that time but the songs and her age played a factor: Sponsors dropped Janet and companies didn’t want to sponsor Janet. A very typical thing to happen after a controversy. Please cite your sources that Viacom got rid of Janet’s sponsors The FCC, a federal agency, decided to incorporate a delay in television that still goes on to this day. That’s change and excellent change at that. Different group though... sooooo You’re pretending the government pushing the boob agenda to cover up the fact that we’re at war. That’s true (similar to Trump dissing the NFL) but they didn’t force Janet to reveal her breast like Trump didn’t force Colin to take a knee. Janet revealed her breast on national tv. Her choice. She maybe a political pawn but 550k real Americans complained. Change had to happen. Her being a pawn and black has nothing to do with releasing Damita Jo, 20YO, & Discipline though. She could have risen above if she stayed true to her sound. Ok. A streaker? On which award show? I don’t watch local news bc they brainwash people and 70% of local news stations are owned by one company
  3. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    Technically, she was married/divorced twice (counting the annulment). She also made great albums after divorces She has a new team backing her as well. As well as being an independent artist. That helps
  4. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    Right... and where Mariah now? Stuck in Las Vegas and reality TV. And while Madonna is a top performing act, her albums aren’t exactly selling with heavy promo. His first of the “none Madea movies” which are his bread & butter. You’re trying to downplay her success. It’s weird especially since you thinking the music and age WASNT the problem (Mariah was 34 when Mimi was released) Janet had nothing to do with war. We’ve been in war for years before 2004. The Entertainment industry has evolved thanks to Janet Jackson. She started the conversation. It wasn’t “minor”. Never has a person exposed themselves in front of a world wide audience. You're implying some mega group decided Janet’s career path. And That this group of white men conspired against Janet (and not Justin). You have no proof of that.. therefore it’s a conspiracy... theory
  5. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    Who in her age group? Yes.. but Janet isn’t just “some artist” My comment was about Janet not Tyler.. she who gave him his third largest box office opening and fifth most grossing movie. That’s impressive imo Not here for conspiracy theories. And even if that was true, I doubt Justin was in on it
  6. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    Releasing mediocre music tarnished her career. She also changed the landscape of the entire United States entertainment business, inspired the start up of a billion dollar online business, scored #1 movies at the box office despite them being for Tyler Perry, and. Also ageism played the BIGGEST part imo
  7. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    It may “make sense” but so does putting the queen of music in the HOF 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
  8. The Other News Thread

    “Oh you’re doing this for Music’s Lord & Savior.. fuck traffic”
  9. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    “Read” = “thread” 😂
  10. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    Austin part one was in an arena... this is second date isnt. That’s what I’m saying
  11. The Other News Thread

    http://www.thisisinsider.com/this-aspiring-janet-jackson-dancer-delivered-a-traffic-stopping-audition-with-help-from-an-unlikely-source-2018-4 #Commanet D'iore [Janfam] was filming her audition in the middle of the street in Birmingham, Alabama, on Saturday when a police officer stopped to ask what she was doing. Instead of making her move to the sidewalk, though, something amazing happened — the police actually helped her film the video. Officer: Ma'am , you can't dance in the middle of the street. Me: I'm sorry sir, I was just trying to shoot a online submission video for Janet Jackson. Officer: So you are risking getting hurt for this. Me: Sir I really just want to get a good shot, I promise I'll be out the way. Officer: OK, I'll stop traffic for you and cut my lights on, show me what you got.
  12. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    The perfect story! That probably won’t happen bc the NFL don’t give a shit Who is Queen Elsa? No Tea no shade but dis muh read your “sharing your love & passion”
  13. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    The audition was yesterday? Views counts weren’t a thing
  14. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    I’m not sure what you mean by “her team has a plan to market her right”. It’s a small venue in a city she couldnt sell in.