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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/music/janet-jackson-is-extending-her-state-of-the-world-tour/2018/04/23/f52df754-46dd-11e8-8082-105a446d19b8_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.e1828e308a01
  2. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    The perfect story! That probably won’t happen bc the NFL don’t give a shit Who is Queen Elsa? No Tea no shade but dis muh read your “sharing your love & passion”
  3. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    The audition was yesterday? Views counts weren’t a thing
  4. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    I’m not sure what you mean by “her team has a plan to market her right”. It’s a small venue in a city she couldnt sell in.
  5. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    🤦🏾‍♂️ Let that go. They’re not picking Janet. She has nothing to promote
  6. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    She’s doing smaller venues in the beginning
  7. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    As a lasting impact to her relevancy, AFY is the bigger era imo. While TVR may arguably have the better music, AFY was Janet’s proof that she can hang with the 21st Century. AFY came strong with a new movie, three hit tracks, outselling all of her siblings for the first time, and a messy divorce.. Janet’s AFY era was the end all While TVR had its successes, AFY imo stands taller.
  8. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    Nah... some thinking a promo tour by Janet
  9. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    STCML was a top 3 hit and DRM, despite being made for a movie and released a year prior, was a #1 hit and placed on the album
  10. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    Y’all cute thinking she’s gonna promote
  11. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    She posted promo photos on her Instagram as well
  12. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    It’s her base 🤷🏾‍♂️
  13. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    If we argue numbers, TVR would win (album sales; world wide).. TVR also wins most impactful of the two. But overall, AFY was a more successful era I disagree. 3 of the four singles were hits... including DRM
  14. Special thanks to JanFam @dimpy for the rules and respect. But this is a long time coming. Janet’s eleventh studio album & seventh #1 album, Unbreakable was worth the wait. There is a selection of songs: in this case it's all the songs from Unbreakable. - Every [approx.] 48hrs there is going to be a new round - There isn't going to be a poll, so post your answers here. I'll count them manually. - Remember to vote for your LEAST favorite - You will have [approx.] 48 hours to vote for your least favorite song from the tracklist - As soon as the round is over, the song with the most votes will get removed from the next round's list - At the end, there will be only one song remaining. This song will be deemed the winner of Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition! 1. Unbreakable - 6 votes 2. Burnitup feat. Missy Elliott - 4 vote 3. Dammn Baby 4. The Great Forever - 5 Votes 5. Shoulda Have Better - 4 Votes 6. After You Fall - 4 votes 7. Broken Hearts Heal - 8 votes 8. Night 9. No Sleeep feat. J. Cole 10. Dream Maker / Euphoria - 5 votes 11. 2 B Loved - 6 Votes* tie breaker 12. Take Me Away 13. Promise of You (the full song) Elminated First; 5 Votes 14. Lesson Learned Tie-Breaker with 5 Votes 15. Black Eagle 16. Well Traveled - 5 Votes 17. Gon’ B Alright - 2 Votes 18. Love U For Life - 4 votes
  15. It's 4/20 everybody!!

    This is the first year since I’ve started that I didn’t celebrate.
  16. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

  17. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    No one is arguing numbers
  18. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - FINAL 3; RULES CHANGE

    All three are winning tracks and by far the best tracks on the album in their own right. Which is why I’m choosing to recuse myself from the final round.
  19. Janet’s social media posts

    Cute.. I can see why she did this but nothing new.
  20. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - FINAL 3; RULES CHANGE

    I’m going to repeat this WHEN VOTING, CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE & RUNNER UP!!! The legendary song with the most votes... wins Dont fuck it up
  21. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - FINAL 3; RULES CHANGE

    BLACK EAGLE has been SHOT DOWN WE’RE DOWN TO THE FINALS WHEN YOU VOTE... VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE & RUNNER UP Vote for the remaining: 3. Dammn Baby 8. Night 9. No Sleeep feat. J. Cole
  22. Despite of the shit music she decided to release, She was still huge in 2004.