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  1. moonlight

    Is It Curtains For 'The Simpsons'?

    I hope so. This series is legendary but its time to throw in the towel
  2. Praise the pitch of the gods if its true.
  3. I dont think Madonna is gonna flash anything (at least I hope) but i think itd be odd to get on such a big platform without some type of controversy.
  4. moonlight

    Katy Perry's Best Single?

    "Teenage Deity" with "California Goddesses" as a close second
  5. moonlight

    BATTLE OF THE TOURS! (round one)

  6. moonlight

    The Mariah Carey thread

    really where? link to the song?
  7. moonlight

    BATTLE OF THE TOURS! (round one)

    :lmao: Bitch. You just gon give me the Judge Judy & dismiss it
  8. moonlight

    BATTLE OF THE TOURS! (round one)

    Well in her defense Austin as far as the tour itself THAT seems more like the editing of the video itself more so than the show. If you were there live itd probably be a different experience. I also kind of agree with Dayz shes much more visual & artsy & it is almost like apples & oranges. So is the Round 2 thread
  9. moonlight

    BATTLE OF THE TOURS! (round one)

    How can it be greater than anything she'll ever do when he didn't even do it =/
  10. moonlight

    BATTLE OF THE TOURS! (round one)

    I've never seen a full tour from either just bits & pieces. If Michael were still alive and I was given the option to go to This Is It vs Madonna's pending 2012 tour IDK who Id wanna see more. Mike would be a one time thing but Id probably be more inclined to watch (by a bit more) Madonna as I'm a bigger fan of her music.