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  1. If I can read your throughly...then I’ll feel EMPTY
  2. Put Your Hands On needs to be on the set list
  3. Wow, I haven’t seen your name in over 10 years. How’ve you been?
  4. I feel like the tour aspect is drowning out the album announcement. Geez, guys, Janet’s done a shit ton of tours these past 4-5 years...THE ALBUM IS COMING!
  5. The actor who was lead on RN section of this number ate the choreography.
  6. I remember this song getting massive airplay when Chingy’s second album dropped. All of a sudden, stations just abruptly stopped playing it. I’m sure Les Moonves/Nipplegate blacklist had everything to do with this. Could’ve been a hot 100 number 1 hit.
  7. Did she perform Work (the unreleased bop that should’ve been sandwiched between State of The World and The Knowledge)
  8. Y’all are so pressed and impatient. Unbreakable still slaps and is still relatively new. You better get back into the queen’s recent modern classic! A new album isn’t coming anytime soon, deal with it!
  9. There’s a track that she recorded around the time of Made For Now that we still haven’t heard. Jimmy and Terry produced it, so I know it probably slaps. I wonder if it’s gonna be on their compilation album
  10. Anyone wanna go with me? None of my friends want to go and I don’t wanna go alone
  11. It’s not about R Kelly the person, it’s about black society as a collective. Kelly is merely a proxy that will be used to railroad black men. If Kelly is guilty, he’ll pay the penance. All this jumping up and down negroes are doing is extra. Weinstein, Epstein etc. still walking amongst us though
  12. Okay, you got what you wanted. I’m not sure what you want me to say. If you wanna be one of white supremacy’s attacks dogs and flunky, go for it
  13. I’m not condoning Kelly but we’ve known about his situation for decades. Don’t jump on the white media’s bandwagon when the majority of black society has been pretty much mum on the issue. If Kelly and Cosby are punished...why aren’t their white counterparts receiving the same punishment? Punish em’ all or don’t punish any of em’ Then again, I could get real deep on this subject but that’s a whole other thread.
  14. Black folks always held to this moral standard and we never reap any of the benefits. Fuck cancelling Kellz when Elvis, Jagger and a shit ton white icons have done the same, if not worse. They’ll make the black man the face of sexual degeneracy while Elvis won’t be cancelled anytime soon
  15. Clearly we’re the most chill out of all the stan groups. We’ll more so argue with each other before we get into with some other people about another lessor. The hive (sending death threats) is crazy, navy crazy, Madonna fans are nutcases...and I remember back in the day the lambs used to always try it with us but we paid it every time. We just worship the queen and mind our business
  16. The one that’s on her modern classic
  17. I know about that ancient Essence spread they did back in 04. That was during nipplegate era and almost a year after DIL came out. They were completely different people back then, it would be cool to see them reunite...maybe with their kids
  18. I feel like there’s tension (more so from Janet) between her and Beyonce. They were in the same building back during the hurricane and didn’t take a picture or speak. Janet takes a pic with Kelly (who accompanied b) but not Beyoncé. Just think it’s strange
  19. I know Jan don’t like ha but I wish they would take a picture together
  20. This full HARrrRT of muuuhn u just geeet emptyyy
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