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  1. Yea.......that.............girl..........The way I laughed my ass off when I 1st saw that, it's a SHARP 2nd place to the funniest bad National Anthem EVER (which will/should always be held by Carl Lewis), I mean how bad & off she sounded is funny alone, BUT the way she was feelin herself through every flat note & failed attempt...that's the icing, that's what makes it great comedy forever....just like Carl
  2. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition

    I don't get how yall are letting Broken Hearts Heal get so far...that should've been the 1st to go...but whatev, to keep it moving... Dream Maker ......bitches
  3. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition

    ......I change mine to Dream Maker
  4. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition

    Broken Hearts Heal That song should've gotten the Promise of you treatment & Promise of you should've been a full album track
  5. This is why its great not to expect this kind of thing from her, makes it wayyy better & surprising
  6. The point is dropping the ball artistically had NOTHING to do with her treatment, not even a little.
  7. Every A lister has power, its common sense, he joined in on the ruin Janet bandwagon, and it was powerful enough to completely take the heat off him, if he had No power him coming out against her wouldn't have benefitted him at all, he would've gotten the same or similar treatment to her. Again, mixed reviews don't matter, if radio aint fuckin with you, they aint fuckin with you no matter what critics or audiences say, nothing she released supported that treatment, her 1st 2 albums got radio play & promo & had worse reception than 2004-08 projects. P!nk wasn't blacklisted, and none of the women I named were blacklisted either, point is they got to fade out, not get SHUT out. Britney is the Queen of Mixed reviews, her best albums fall in line with Janets 04-08 and all got mixed reception at best, her sales did what they did because she had major endorsement promo everywhere, along with the videos & tours, radio played a small part for her because she had EVERYTHING else that most pop artists didn't/don't. Janet putting out her best work wouldnt "help"anything or anyone but us, the GP thought 20 was a greatest hit compilation mostly, the music didnt get played so it couldnt get requested, no matter what she released as long as it followed that Superbowl it wouldve been blocked. The only way great metacritic reviews would help is if good reviews promised good sales & good chart positions. Thats demanding in her case the gp buy albums based soley off the reviews, since they cant hear or request the new music, and thats not how casual fans of pop artists role. If that were the case Prince would have WAY more successful albums & hits than he does. But hes a perfect example that thats not how the business works.
  8. He has/had the power of getting attention, he called ET to shit on her they came with toilet paper. The day was taking a shot at The Superbowl AND everything about it which includes him. And he put all the blame on her.....that puts him at fault, not all his fault but he's got fault on his hands, period Mixed reviews don't equal shit, saying she didn't get promo because "the music was shit" excuses & ignores the fact that no matter WHAT she put out it wasn't getting played period. And the other venues she went down got her hits on those venues (R&B hits & dance hits). I agree with it all but the highlighted is what matters, nobody blames just 1, all the trash gets it from the fans as they should, Justin's easier because he's 1 trash individual. Like her being "mediocre" (music wise cause she was still murdering any stage that let her), you said it in the opening of that paragraph they banned HER not the new music hell they stopped playing the old music Discipline is the era MTV decided to make atone and let her come back, there's NO way that didn't Feedback break the top 20 Yea no, they slow down diva's in their 40's pop radio & video play but they don't do a full on stop like that, she doesn't compare to most pop megastars after 40 because she didn't fade out, she was shut out (also Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, TIna Turner, Cher, Carly Simon, Barbra Streisand, & Gladys all had top 20 hits video plays & promo in their 40s as well with Madonna, it doesn't happen to every pop or R&B girl but it happens to the ones like Janet, and all of them got hits off mediocre work compared to their prime)
  9. ........That's REALLY the excuse you want to use?.....1....out of 3......and still, they stopped playing music videos in 2011, get that weak excuse out of here Really? That's new, I've never "people" ONLY blame him and not him along with all of the responsible, Viacom wasn't performing the Superbowl, he was. He got what he deserved He publically pushed her down and publically never took a opportunity to atone for that thus he's content with her still being down, THATS a fact as clear as day too. Exactly, like someone can crap on the music all they want, point is NOTHING she released validates that treatment. She was blocked PERIOD, she was blocked and banned before she released ANYTHING, hell nobody was listening to the songs and saying ".....no, I don't think it'll resonate, don't play it"
  10. And compared to the popular releases of their years they fair next to "OK" like Britney Spears's catalog, ........................MTV? MTV banned her until 2008, for 2 eras MTV didn't act like she existed, nobody's "pretending" she wasn't out there doing more promo than she's ever done, it just didn't matter because pop radio wasn't playing her, as someone who called stations for those 3 eras to request, and ONLY on R&B radio stations did they take the request, everywhere else said "WE DONT PLAY HER"....not they don't play I want you or Call On Me or Feedback but HER. Her appearing places didn't change that, her appearing places made it do the numbers the projects she released did, the GP saw her but they did not hear her newest songs on the radio the way they always had. His hand was still a hand that pushed her down and in the scheme of things with all the hands HE is the easiest to push down.
  11. Same, like do we do public happy birthdays to her or ANY of our faves for the sole purpose of them "thank you", or is it US showing appreciation? She's not that girl when it comes to social media, and never has been, she says her thanks her own way on her own terms. And that's why I don't get offended by not getting told thanks because that's how some people are, expecting everyone to be like you and raised like you and to feel how you feel is doing way too much than required.
  12. The quality of music that she released had NOTHING to do with her backlash, so no that had NOTHING to do with her career, as much as it didn't help it didn't hurt it either because no matter what she released if it's not getting backed it's not getting successful and "mixed" received albums get hits all the time in the industry, these albums weren't bad enough to excuse the treatment they got, being HER worst don't make them THE worst. Nobody says that it was soley him, but he had a hand in it, and he's benefited from it so yea he's gonna keep getting what he deserves cause his hands are dirty, he's not the biggest factor but he's a factor and the ONLY factor that is a "entertainer".
  13. New Header... I see you

    You betta show out Roc Roc!!!
  14. .......... Not saying thank you isn't rude to me (especially for anything unsolicited) Demanding a disingenuous thank you for the sake of your feelings (ego) is rude, petty, selfish & immature to me, which is why nobody will catch me doing it seriously on any subject. I mock people that do....but that's neither here nor there. You're all welcome for this explination by the way, you didn't ask for it, but aye some needed it so I took the time.