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  1. More so than any of the above her in this list?.......this isn't comparing her to Angela or Merryl.....
  2. jarrylf

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    Chille them early reaches peoples was makin bout UB make me Kii everytime Yea I could see Love Scene being a PERFECT fade into WYM....in fact more so than the dialogue open to WYM,
  3. jarrylf

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    Love Scene & Broken Hearts Heal both would've done better as 2min interludes, I swear it's a rare occasion when I get to the end of both, and I really like both, but both totally forgettable in the tracklistings of both albums.
  4. On this list of films, with these celebs
  5. They put "Carmen a Hip-hopera" over Poetic Justice.......over Poetic Justice......in what universe, and it's not even a Beyonce dig, it's a "That was a mess & nobody talks/thinks about that mess" dig. Janet deserved top 3, she's a better actress than Whitney but The Bodyguard is brilliant in that it's selling you Whitney's best asset her voice, and her appearance throughout the whole movie, so based on that I can see why it's 2nd, but um Poetic Justice was legitimately a good movie, and though Janet's performance I don't think owned the movie (she shared best performance with Pac & Regina easily, if anyone says they think either of them did better than Janet I always get it), but the movie is legitmately a better & more iconic movie than most of the rankings on the list period. Diana's #1 is as deserved as that Oscar nomination tho
  6. jarrylf

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable, Love AFY but it'll always be in the middle of my rankings, Unbreakable really stands stronger, it's not that far from the middle either though but, it's more standout than AFY or any of her albums post TVR by far imo
  7. jarrylf

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    1. Greatest Ex (most forgettable bland nothing song she's ever done) 2. French Blue 3. Love2Love
  8. jarrylf

    Janet will appear in Bobby Brown's new biopic

    That outfit style is straight up 80s La Toya though, featuring a Janet theme'd shirt. Janet's style and clothes in the 80's was baggy &/or covered as hell like in the side by side comparison. They were going for the janet era style in the Rhythm Nation era. The only female Jackson who was dressing that way at that time was Toy Toy. Im not gone hold this image mishap on the movie though, I loved the New Edition movie, and been looking forward to this, got friends involved in this. And frankly......this don't compare to the fact that the Whitney they got looks NOTHIN like Whitney (they coulda called Yaya back, I mean she's no look alike either but more so than this new girl), but again.....I'll reserve full judgment for the mini-series & aim to keep it performance based.
  9. jarrylf

    Janet will appear in Bobby Brown's new biopic

    O........M.......GAWD..... it's not even just the Janet 94 look, the pants the shirt style, they combined Janet94.......with La Toya 87..............THE NERVE! (I thought to myself, "Them pants and that shirt style remind me of somebody but not Janet, TOYA!!!!!!"
  10. jarrylf

    Janet will appear in Bobby Brown's new biopic

    This was clearly the look they were going for Issue is though, Janet & Bobby were in 1988/89ish...............this is 1994, ALL OVER IT. This is clearly a case of "accuracy doesn't matter, people have to just KNOW this girl who don't look like Janet is supposed to be Janet". Realistically it would've been WAY easier to put her in a zipped up to the chin jacket and give her a cap n' Ponytail and call it a day....like literally, this look below, right here, BAM, you can go to Walmart and do a cheap imitation of all of this, even get a Sherri Sheppard pick n save synthetic Ponytail from Sally's Beauty Supply for $5 and call it a "Janet"
  11. jarrylf

    Where Are These Pics From?!

    Discipline http://www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/mark-liddell-set-2-2008/
  12. "Random" my ass, baby this is on-point promotion! Like think about it.....today being what it is, most are talking about MJ, and many are gonna be looking for what she has to say or do.....and she pays homage to him...in this hilarious way.....AND...........has her new song featured in it.....if this goes viral..... HER NEW TEAM IS CRUSHING!!! This shit was planned brilliantly! Share this shit people! This is the kind of shit that makes hits happen today! This is actually a MUCH better & more affective way to promote than any interview, award show performance & late night performance, people gon see this EVERYWHERE!
  13. jarrylf

    VMAs prediction?

    ........Who in the actual fuck is the executive that's been saying "YOU KNOW WHO'D BE PERFECT TO PAY RESPECT TO THIS RECENTLY PASSED AWAY LEGEND?!?!?! MADONNA, we all know how she is all about sharing the spotlight."