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  1. jarrylf

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    "island inspired".........hmmmmmmm Rih Ri?
  2. Someone posted the 2nd Jingle Janet did for Mountain Dew. I think its a tad sped up & the end is clearly missing pieces THEM VOCALS!
  3. Oh shit.......what nobodies even brought up that just hit me listening to Bruno now Their harmonies together>>>>>>>>>>>
  4. Words......do no damn justice. Dance song, ballad, groove, pop, R&B, funk.....the possibilities are endless for this & the slayage is dripping from even their names together.
  5. All that xenophobia over Randy tho LaToya, Randy & Jermaine...... Anything coming from those 3 I cant take completely serious. Granted of the 3 Randy's not as bad, but what these 3 have in common is history exaggeration & extremeism. Im a Jackson-ologist & got a love/appreciation for all 9 (even Joh Vonnie) but those 3 are the ones who's words carry the least weight.
  6. jarrylf

    #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    Same here, but truthfully all her best albums have this kind of life to them.
  7. jarrylf

    #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    I meant to post here just randomly that most fans get way hype about tours & performances & videos more than anything else, but this is mine, new Janet music creams my corn like nothing else, and the prospect of new music ! I love the moments before the 1st release where its like "......whats this even gonna sound like?" A whole new album, new chapters to her bible, new insights, new questions, new answers, new lessons, new slayage.
  8. jarrylf

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    Really, she didnt? So you found at least 1 source directly from her or her camp calling either of the 2 buzz singles released official 1st singles? Why have you sitting on such info... more bending the rules huh, time is "irrelevant" now keep on tryin cause that dont work either, cant compare a song released with tons of promo to a 2 week old release, thats like a beginner or bitter troll tactic song is "bad" according to who? You? What are Billboard & Rolling Stone & most critics saying? Sooo according to you, how any song charts is a reflection of an artists talent now? Yet the reviews are hyping her up for her voice, is that what all these reaches are about?
  9. jarrylf

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    Ah continuing to make up the rules, yet again you brought up iTunes over buzz singles the DAYS after they were released So songs released and heavily promoted a month ago are the same as a song released 2 weeks ago now In your opinion, and what you're going by is suggesting a artist is only "the shit" if they dont flop. If she does or when she does nobody who think shes the shit is gonna stop over sales.
  10. jarrylf

    Azealia Banks Pays Homage to Janet

    Pleasure principle with choreography moments from that, If & Rhythm Nation lol that wasnt even a lil hidden
  11. jarrylf

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    But Itunes charts mattered when it was about buzz singles somehow... Youre letgit admitting youre making the rules up as you go Plus what does the older songs positions have to do with anything, theyve been promoted heavier, that makes no sense, itd make more to compare to songs released the same time (why am I having to teach you to troll) Why do reach so hard for a chick you think so little of? Like damn she got a tighter hold on you than she does on any chart
  12. jarrylf

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    I LEGIT love that you waited for this song to fall out of the itunes top 20 (which it stayed in until this weekend) to troll. That needs the explaining, your word on flopping hard isnt credible, if it didnt make itunes top 20 (or #1 on there period) and with it being the 1st single youd have a point, but since it did you having to wait weeks to say anything about its positions is all too telling
  13. jarrylf

    The Last Days of Michael Jackson....

    I watched and was disappointed, the last 30mins of it is what I wanted the whole thing to be about mostly, and they just spent sooooo much time talking about what we allllll already know & theres dozens of documentaries about.
  14. jarrylf

    “Who” Appreciation Thread

    1 of her best songs, doesnt fit AFY (which it was recorded for) but I think its really a great track
  15. Nearly every song from TVR & AFY that wasn't a dance song (with the exception of IGL & Everytime)