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  1. jarrylf

    janet. tour ...

    My ranking as of right now (subject to change daily) and what I love about each basically. 1. State of The World (it's the tour for diehards, she opens the 2nd leg with a fucking B-side, she's performing album tracks I never thought I'd hear her perform, the way the medley's feel like megamixes, it all feels really personal too) 2. Rock Witchu (That set list is the shit, I love every one of her albums and it's the only tour to give a moment or even a notice to the 1st 2 albums, the stage designs were bomb, I love the Mohawk, the red Dress, & that Black cat/IF/RN outfit) 3. Rhythm Nation (it's simplicity is key, or better yet it's appearance of simplicity. It's the tour with the most live vocals, the only tour with all complete songs) 4. TVR (Her energy was on beast mode, the aggression showed in every way, the medley's were perfect, the costumes, the ponytail) 5. janet. (I gave this answer, so in short best opening song, best dancers, best showcase of her fun side) 6. Number Ones (The opening of her starting the show from the back of the room on the 1st row is amazing! I love the hair changes, I love the original costumes) 7. Unbreakable (The fact that she performed songs from the album before we even heard the album) 8. All For You (I love her look, I LOVE the Son of a Gun-Nasty section that's the biggest & best part to me)
  2. jarrylf

    janet. tour ...

    That's pretty much how we all feel. Her lablel took her & her work & worth for granted in 1 of the biggest industry fuckups ever.
  3. jarrylf

    janet. tour ...

    It was a messy situation with Shawn is all I'll say on that, I would've LOVED to see her in person at the Hollywood bowl dancing with Tish, Tina, Nicki & Kelly like she was a missing link....but I'm not surprised she wasn't there/apart of it. But yea in Gil's words AFY tour was drama from organizing till the last day.
  4. jarrylf

    janet. tour ...

    Janet was still dealing with Rene suing her at the time of planning, Shawnette stepped down from being lead choreographer & lead creative director out of nowhere (Gil was her co-lead so her stepping down from everything Janet, in general, is what gave Gil the position), and there were label issues with cost throughout the way because though he didn't say it we know that's when Virgin damn near shelled out SO much money for Mariah & Glitter & paying Mariah out of her contract. But yea he said the planning was a mess, she both wanted to get out there and do a killer show, but she was also stressed out & tired during the planning & throughout the tour.
  5. jarrylf

    janet. tour ...

    I FORGOT ABOUT IF AS THE OPENER, BEST opening track of the 8 tours, and I'd add I think it's the most high energy full on choreography open, where she's giving you that shit right out the gate, like...shit that blows my mind to even think about. Like, don't get me wrong TVR is my favorite opening period for the grand-ness & theatric's & production If being the followup song and performed with that high ass energy....brilliant. BUT If as an opener is like nothing else she's done since that tour & I'd be shocked/surprised if she did again. Also, I agree with you about AFY, Gil actually elaborated on what went on there, it was kind of thrown together and there was a ton of drama going on behind the scenes that got in the way of that tour so they came to an agreement to play it safe. Of the 8 tours it's actually my least favorite, like people talk about Number Ones, RWU, & Unbreakable, AFY feels like the most autopilot of the 8 tours (don't get me wrong I love it, and it has fantastic moments that others don't...but not as many as the rest IMO). And YES to that last point, like I always say the janet. era/album is my personal favorite because to me EVERY fucking thing about that era was perfect including for me it's the only era where I LOVE every single dancer and where the energy all felt so high and fun and fierce with a light dash of dark & edgy that led the way for TVR (like so much about the era did). I had to just go back and watch......again NO OPENING WAS THIS LIT in terms of the choreography and energy
  6. jarrylf

    janet. tour ...

    It's up high for me, of the 8 tours. I love the contrast between that & Rhythm Nation & how TVR was an evolution of that, & I feel like Rockwitchu was an evolution of that, and now State of the world. It's in the top 5 for me (I don't feel like ranking lol), I REALLY love her energy during that tour (as well as the era thus it is my favorite) I think because of the dancers that she had her goofiness was on showcase, I mean we all gagged at "yall know I came to snatch some wigs" with State Of The World but lets not forge "Band! Get Funky (why?).......cause I'm payin you!" Her fun side came out more on that tour than any other tour as a whole, the rest of the tours has it's sprinkles but that tour it was all over.
  7. I wonder if this was for the music video
  8. Wow....that made Ciara's look great....
  9. jarrylf

    Janet in London Jan 3

    It's just like the Wade Robinson case, when Wade's career was poppin (being 1 of the biggest choreographers for a period of time, even danced with Janet at the 09 VMA's), he took the stand under oath in defense of MJ, did a ton of documentaries pro MJ. But when his career and money dried up all the sudden he remembers things differently and goes after millions. These 2 guys are the same, took the stand in defense, now..... I been saying for 15yrs, NO MJ accuser has credibility if they have a big number attached to what they want. I'll doubt his innocence when Macully Culkin, Emanuel Lewis, or Cory Feldman (who adamantly declares MJ was 1 of the few adults in his life who wasn't abusing him physically or sexually or any other way, and has been a HUGE whistleblower in recent years about people doing this behind the scenes). Until then it's never been a smoking gun on this issue, and so many people wish so badly it was. This is different than R.Kelly, Mike's only guilty of being this easy a target. It actually amazes me the parallels between the 2 and how people try to mark them the same. Robert did what he did in plain sight (even as far as getting married to a 15 year old) and his career grew, vs. Michael got publically accused and his career suffered ever since. Also Mike taking Babyface from Jermaine was retaliation, Babyface produced Jermaine's diss track against Mike, and Mike uphanded Jermaine effortlessly and easily. Plus threatened to sue if he didn't change the lyrics to Word To The Badd for the album version. Jermaine & Mike were always off & on in terms of how they got along, Jermaine was consistently the boldest of the brothers in expressing what he did and didn't like or want up until the end. Jermaine's forever in 9th place of my Jackson rankings (hell 10th if we counting Joh'Vonnie)
  10. jarrylf

    Janet to perform at Korean Award Show

    Now you know damn well that's asking too much of some folk
  11. My friend journalist & Author Craig Seymore who did 2 extensive interviews with Janet for Vibe Magazine (2001 & 2006, and he's released the audio from both and the 2001 I call to date her best & most personal comfortable & intimate interview of her career that we have available) is crowdfunding for a book project about her creative process & career. This guy is a master at this stuff, check his stats his book on Luther is probably the most informative (yet respectful) info about Luther Vandross's life & career that we have to date, and he wants to give our girl the same Justice if he can get the funding: "While her brother Michael emancipated our fantasies, Janet helps us navigate our realities." Special: A Critical Meditation of the Life and Artistry of Janet Jackson will be a collection of essays exploring the cultural significance of the iconic, multimedia star written by Craig Seymour, who has extensively interviewed Jackson and written two Vibe magazine cover stories on her. Among the essays: "What it Means for Janet Jackson to Finally Be Inducted Into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, or New Rules for Black Creatives" "Penny's Pain" "Everything I Know About Sex I Learned From Strawberry" "When Janet Speaks Of God" Folks can donate any amount, but $10 gets the ebook and a signed postcard & $20 gets a personalized, signed paperback and the ebook. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/craig-s-janet-jackson-book?fbclid=IwAR0bo_mZ7xqyOX20dAjp2qaML6osRzZhkaDm62YunOj-lA573swGOTHPdyo#/
  12. jarrylf

    Janet to perform at Korean Award Show

    The look works better in motion/video than in pictures. But fuck that being the focus, I love how they had those different groups present her & the how opening. Speech slayed as usual But watch y'all stay on the outfit....
  13. #Mood the Legacy won't be denied any longer.....