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  1. AngelInDisguise~*


  2. AngelInDisguise~*

    Surviving Planet Janet 101

    I see you're STILL not funny Time Flops. :rolleyes: And why would anyone give this hoodrat a pinned thread anyway?
  3. AngelInDisguise~*

    I think I'm turning into a Beyonce stan

  4. AngelInDisguise~*

    Battle Of The Year's Best Album: Round 9

    Lboogie and bran bran.
  5. AngelInDisguise~*

    Basketball Wives

    What's with these gerls and their need to be in the "circle"? Mostly Meeka.....i don't get it. And Susie's week ass as well.
  6. AngelInDisguise~*

    What are you listening to?

    Start ova-Beyonce
  7. AngelInDisguise~*

    La Toya interviewed for Church of La Toya

    Oh Letoya.....
  8. AngelInDisguise~*

    My Tumblr dedicated to Janet

    I love it! Great job!
  9. AngelInDisguise~*

    Can Brandy come back?

    Yes she can and i believe she will!
  10. AngelInDisguise~*


    Hi Everyone!