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  1. Them looks like rehearsal pants to me. YAS!
  2. Shoooooow ME! How bad duh ya wan' eett!? How bad duh ya NEED eeeet!? YAAS DaRatchet Jo!!
  3. I think I'll always be biased towards Velvet Rope b/c it's when I first discovered Janet. I was young so I just loved jamming to the songs. Then in time as I got older I finally grasped hold of the meanings of the songs as they tied to me personally; What About, Special, You, the title track, Every Time (no matter how much I shade it), Accept Me, Got Til It's Gone being the ones that I've connected with most from it. Then sometime after AFY came out, I got into her older material also & I was just blown. The layers of this woman's voice/vocals, her performing energy, attitude, growth, depth, class. Then her beauty MY GOD!!!! Her smile is what inspired God to create all things beautiful in this world. (Her & Tina Turner's smiles>>>>>) For a while, there were no other female artist I ever gave time to. I've grown & let most in, but Janet has & will always remain #1. 10. Dream Street 9. Janet Jackson 8. 20 YO 7. Discipline 6. Damita Jo 5. All For You 4. Control 3. Rhythm Nation 2. janet. 1. Velvet Rope
  5. Preaching to the girls & it wasn't even Sunday. ONLY Lord & SaviorNet could begat a spontaneous sermon session such as this!!!
  6. The way her head just SNAPS to the right with 'tude!!
  7. Why? WHY?? Do we ask why she made the sky blue? Why she separated land in the 7 Continents? Why she decided not to take human form until 1966? Why she made herself the only child? Why she rested on the 7th day? Why she jacked up gas prices? Why her throne is perched in the clouds why we are left to dwell on earth with this heat? It's just one of those thing that are NOT to be questioned. Just let her spirit settle in yours & take over your mind, body & soul (as well as your playlist) like it's destined to be.
  8. I expected her to come out with "All The Man I Need" or some kind of Whit Ballad. But she went completely LEFT & I LUUUUV IT!!!! Her runs, lower registar, her dancing, EVERYTHING was on point!!
  9. What are the good tracks from that album? I'ma go take a listen to them real quick.
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