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  1. Janet tweets using both #BLM & #ALM

    A Black Lives Matter advocate telling people they don't matter.
  2. Janet tweets using both #BLM & #ALM

    One of the central arguments of that post was that black people didn't enslave their own (i.e. other black people) because they were enemies (i.e. black people from neighbouring countries). It's absurd. You think this post supports the fantasy that only white men enslaved black people, when in fact it justifies the enslaving of people if they are either your enemy or not a member of your nation state. If you follow that logic it will lead you to a very worrisome conclusion. You should be offended by it - instead you congratulate it. I think it begs the question: are you angry about the enslavement of your ancestors by all races or the enslavement of them by white people (i.e. do you just hate the white man?)
  3. Janet tweets using both #BLM & #ALM

    If you truly believe this, you're an apologist for slavery. I would reconsider endorsing this argument If I were you.
  4. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    I know what nonpartisan means. But my point is: it has no real significance. It doesn't make them a more balanced publication.
  5. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    IMO, he's being vague because he's not going to follow through with most of what he's saying. But it is funny to watch. It's placed under a microscope because she's potentially the next President of the USA not because of her gender. In the UK, The Independent (one of the few nonpartisan newspapers) is undoubtedly the most biased.
  6. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    That much is true. It always makes me lmao. Also, there's no such thing as an unbiased source. And the ones that claim to be are always the ones you should worry about. And btw, you should maybe check where the Clintons have got funding from (it's Saudi Arabia and other unscrupulous sources).
  7. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    You seem confused. MJ had (at one point) the financial resources to go to trial, of course. But do you mean to suggest he had a similar amount of power and influence (over the legal and political establishment) as a former president of the USA? Get out of here lmfao. If you truly care about experience, then you would not be an advocate of HilLary. Realistically, Trump would not flush U.S. relations with other countries down the drain. Majority of the policies he says he will implement (like all politicians, especially Obama) will not come to be.
  8. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    Agreed. He also refused to be interviewed next to Douglas Murray (one of few no-nonsense journalists who are not afraid to go against the grain left)
  9. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    Certainly - innocent until proven guilty. But would I leave my children with MJ given his history? No - he had completely inappropriate relationships with children. Besides MJ was actually tried in court and proven innocent. It's a very different situation to try a man as powerful and resourceful as Clinton. Besides the accusation against Clinton came from a perfectly reputable party. At the very least it dignified a response from Clinton (which he didn't). Therefore, I'm highly suspicious - particularly given the sheer number of accusations of sexual misconduct (some of which he has admitted despite initially denying). So any one who has an issue with Hilary is a sexist. It's so funny that YOU are the one that makes this about her gender (and we're the sexists?). Also, good foreign policy isn't just about the number of U.S. soldiers killed. That's such a narrow, simplified & inaccurate metric to use which shows once again you have know understanding about foreign policy. The desire to keep U.S. soldiers safe has in fact led to the death of thousands of innocent civilians in Eastern Europe and the Middle East because they drop bombs from altitudes that are far too high and routinely miss because they are scared of losing votes from people like you (although this is not so much an issue today). And you still haven't addressed that she allowed a genocide to go on to further her career. "Hillary is too powerful". Wtf are you on?
  10. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    It's so fucked up that so many lefties are uncomfortable with alternative ideas/perspectives. That's the very definition of liberal!
  11. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    The guy has dozens of sexual misconduct allegations. There's a reason he never responded to an allegation of rape from a respectable and well-educated woman. Do your research. How am I blaming her for his cheating? I think it's indicative of her character that she stuck by him - to further her career. The point being that just because she is a woman doesn't mean she's an advocate for woman's rights. If you've read anything on the Clinton's before (I'm sure you haven't) you'd know that she has been maneuvering for decades to become President. Her own husband found her a nuisance - she delayed U.S. intervention in Bosnia because she didn't want media attention diverted away from her health care initiative. But apparently you don't care about genocide. Give me a racist over someone who prioritises their career over the slaughter and rape of 10s of thousands of people. It's not that I prefer Trump, it's that the media is letting off Hilary far too lightly. And the ignorant few of you who have a very shallow knowlege of politics (yet are the loudest) need educating.
  12. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    Hilary is married to a cheat, a misogynist (a word you can't spell - I guess you are a drop out) and a rapist. She stood by him. That's who you're letting back in the white house. And you still haven't responded to my point that she delayed intervention into a GENOCIDE (do you know that means?) and is responsible for the deaths of thousands because she wanted media attention on her health care initiative (so she could eventually become president). But oh no! You probably don't care about eastern europeans. That's not the right shade of colour is it? It's ONLY black people that are marginalised. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. AGAIN, actions speak louder than words.
  13. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    Hitler and Mussolini, how original! Are they the only two dictators they taught you about in high school. Or did you drop out before that lmfao.
  14. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    1) The guy's article points to the contrary. And so do many others. Show me the proof that ~50 million Trump voters are racist and anti-gay? 2) I note that you ignore everything else I said. You've clearly never read an article on book on foreign policy, or politics for that matter. Go educate yourself seriously.
  15. Hillary Selects Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia

    How many do you actually think there are? Even the arrogant prick who wrote this article saw different. http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/07/shocking-aspect-donald-trump-fans-decency/ It fits your narrative to assume that all his voters are racist psychopaths but that's not actually the case. Maybe they're just tired of a status quo, political establishment type president who promises all (yes we can) and delivers much of nothing. Actions trump (pun not intended) words. The words of Trump are worrying. But the actions of Hillary even more so. She has stood by a cheat, a rapist, a war criminal. More than that, she is a ruthless egotistical career politician who only cares about increasing her net worth. She fabricated her foreign policy experience, as well as delaying US intervention to stop the genocide in Bosnia because she didn't want attention about her health care initiative taken away. This woman has the blood of thousands of innocent lives on her hands. I'm not freexone, but I suggest you take your own advice and educate yourself.