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  1. William

    Happy Birthday Angie!!!!!!!!

    WIG happy belated bby!!!!
  2. Hey fake news Game, do you know what punctuation is?
  3. William

    LaToya Jackson Ordered to Pay $360k in Unpaid Rent

    Yas, hopefully this means more reality shows in the near future!
  4. William

    I think my Lyft driver was hitting on me

    No ? From the boy I was taking to my hotel room
  5. William

    I think my Lyft driver was hitting on me

    No but I've gotten a handjob in the back of my Uber
  6. William

    Was Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" a masterpiece?

    Is water wet?
  7. William

    3 Deep Cuts Janet Needs to Perform Live!

    Come Give Your Love To Me 70's Love Groove Accept Me
  8. William

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    MorganR ur the real MVP of this board??
  9. William

    Happy Birthday Bailey!!

    happy birthday cuz!
  10. yo Morgan R is the only poster on here actually posting the tea all the time y'all better appreciate
  11. I have been getting my fucking LIFE to this radio station for the past two days. Like, this is the best thing that's happened to me all year. Bitch I been going HAM singing along to every word on the damn highway.
  12. 'scuse me ma? Didn't you just say 14 years ago on the Damita Jo album that you would turn on the radio and do your homework right away when you got home?
  13. William

    Aretha Franklin in serious condition, hospice

    shocking but i don't get all my news from this forum we'd be waiting years for updates i was just trying to be positive
  14. William

    Aretha Franklin in serious condition, hospice

    ur a day late bails, recent reports say she's in better condition ! joyful joyful lord we adore thee