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  1. William

    Nicki Minaj: QUEEN Cover Art

    I don't know about all that, you're overreacting as usual Chun-Li was hot But she's definitely not the force she once was and to suggest she's doing better than Cardi rn is laughable
  2. William

    Nicki Minaj: QUEEN Cover Art

    Cardi has two songs in the top five of the Hot 100 right now. Where are Nicki's singles?
  3. William

    Madonna is coming!

    "BEAUTIEUL" a "JANFT" tea
  4. William

    Anti-Tour Postponed!

    I don't think anybody knows she's actually going on tour. I sure didn't.
  5. William

    Can someone tell me what "Dab" is

    lol how old are u guys
  6. William

    HOT or FLOP presents: Justin Bieber - 'What Do You Mean'

    That's Ryan Sheckler?? I used to jack off to his pics like 7 years ago
  7. Nicole Scherzinger must be seething.
  8. William

    Ciara Sings National Anthem... With Assistance

    She should have performed "Overdose".
  9. They finally revoked her license?
  10. Have you guys seen the single cover for that shit? Somebody post it, I'm on my phone