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  1. smart move, I remember awhile back Mark Romanek posted a 1080p version of "Scream" on his website, it's gone now, but it was BEAUTIFUL! I didn't save it and I should have because I've never seen it THAT clear before nor since
  2. hadn't seen this pic
  3. that's the channel, they've been active this week alone ! adding videos a lot
  4. okay they came through on "Runaway" it's really nice
  5. ummm this channel is dropping HD videos of Janet just within the last day and or week The all dance version of "If" which is "good"
  6. Finally out of "somewhere" there is a high quality version of AFY's music video and it's clear as hell
  7. you can see Chuckie in the back in full bop mode , there's got to be more footage
  8. HD RN live concert footage @ 1:58
  9. For anyone that wants to see, hadn't saw this before, but I thought it was cool. RN was the era I fell in absolute love with the woman
  10. My concern, is timing, with Janet its all about what space she's in. Prior to this, Janet was probably in a great space, balanced with Eissa and her plans. If at the moment its all about Eissa, as it should be, we have to remember she's co-parenting with her ex husband, who I imagine they dont talk too much. So imagine how co-parenting is between divorced people at this moment in time when your child is your highest priority? After this Janet may not feel like being bothered.
  11. I was thinking a temperature rise would be helpful but we're still in the early stages here in the States. Problem here is Americans we go hard, and stores have been picked clean, shorten hours, or closed altogether.
  12. My thoughts exactly! After all this lock down stuff and we hit summer hopefully things are back to normal then ....Summer 2020 is gonna turn up
  13. It's most definitely some bad luck with touring, from accounts of AFY, that tour was drama from start to finish. To let Gil tell it. I still think Janet is in a better spot this time around, all those other tours were already undeway. Black Diamond hadn't gotten started, and even though some of her looks for this era were coming out a bit I dont think we got anywhere near the rollout she had planned
  14. The people want her to drop a new track so bad....I understand, but homegirl been sitting on a mountain of new music since before MFN, we can wait longer. Don't mess up that 5 decade #1 albums Actually the timing for Janet is better, because the album wasn't put out and the single wasn't either. Imagine if Janet was already on tour
  15. if she can't promote it and tour, I honestly think she should just wait, right now we don't know how this is going to turn out or how much further down the rabbit hole we will go
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