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  1. Pose episode 3 season 1 play "Let's Wait Awhile" as Angel gets settled into her new apartment the married guy got her
  2. Bailey

    Night Clubs?

    oh I couldnt tell you the last time I was in one, its just not my thing
  3. LOVE it.....it's been off the air for awhile since the first season, and I guess they intend to break from the way things were last season. My fascination lies in the science, they are showing us the beginnings of how the FBI learned to build profiles and predict who is nutty as squirrel shit based on what we know and those profiles are still pretty accurate. Most serial killers tend to kill within their own race, not always but most. Soooooo the Handmaid's tale just finsihed it all up....good season finale, now I can start the petition to end this show, they've done enough now wrap it up
  4. I'm watching Pose thanks to you so sad that boy's parents did him like that....I've only gotten thru 2 episodes but for showcasing Black drag culture alone its a winner
  5. I really liked Mindhunter but I dont think I'm paying for Netflix again....and I read the show producers said some really dumb stuff about Handmaids Tale, they want to bleed it into the ground okay lose viewers if you want to I'm not sticking around for June and her shennagens I'm with Aunt Lydia after the stunts June has pulled she should be on the wall, for finding a random bestie in every situation to help her out, she should be on the wall
  6. from the way Janet and team are speaking on the residency and the fact that venue is booked for quite awhile now.....it's over. I thought maybe she might extend the run but nope I'm pretty sure Metamorphosis is over. Great for those that saw it
  7. haven't finished Handmaid's Tale out I think its only 2 episodes left for me to see, I started Pose, very promising although considering what the producers left us with on American Horror Story I'm kinda wodnering
  8. The Boondocks are returning 2020 with Aaron McGruder on board. I wonder if they can get Regina King to voice Huey and Riley again or is she too big now :unsure:
  9. ughhhh I booked a flight this whole budget thing is working out real good
  10. actually quite a few people I know specifically have this situation, they come from tight knit families and their family is everything to them.
  11. I don't have an issue with that, my thing here is I didn't speak on that person for them to do all that's been done and said. I know very well how to speak with people, I don't care for disrespect though that's an issue
  12. oh and excuse me but how many bitches would u like to be called tonight? I'm not taking that bullshit from his ass he can take the L too
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