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  1. I have Instagram and I'm particular to what I post, if anything at all. I guess for myself that being a celeb doesn't mean you "owe" your inner life to fans.
  2. which part was not clear? Janet is not an artist that came of success during the age of social media. It took a long time to get her on socials even after some had questioned why she wasn't there at all. What I am talking about are facts, Janet's success came well before social media, Janet's place in entertainment history is solid, social media be damned. Therefore no incentive really exists for Janet to engage in social media, because she doesn't have to in order to be the Icon she is. Many social media "acts" are using the platform to market themselves, Janet's never been a talkative person in the context of "here's all my business" My question is what is it that some fans are seeking on social media platforms that they expect Janet "private as hell" Jackson to share?
  3. I wonder what it is people expect Janet to do on her socials when we really need to think about some facts. Fact, Janet is a private person, this fact doesnt translate to "social" platforms Fact, Janet's success in the game proceeded all this social media ish Janet is at a stage in her career she doesn't need socials to be sitting on a fat earned purse, I'm calling the 90's for dem receipts As a long time fan of Janet's, aka ole school G I only find these complaints about Janet's socials from the group of younger fans that gravitate towards social media. There are a lot of people I can think or right now, that don't have any socials, and hell if we think about it, Janet inadvertently lead to the creation of Youtube, bitch should be getting checks oh well
  4. Ive seen her posts in social media about current events, other celebs in a positive way, and she checks in to say what's up? Janet uplifts groups of girls, she speaks on education. I dont expect Janet to use Instagram as the "vain" platform it tends to be, and any fan of Janet should know she's a private person, so if you're expecting her to be butt ass naked in her bathtub like certain other chicks that shall not be named " what I do has class, I'll say that"
  5. I'm not hoping for anything other than Janet's happiness and health
  6. Janet sent out a Happy Monday on IG
  7. I remember how long we went without a picture of her after her marriage to Wissam, she was Gone like the Gots till it's so when we do get to see her I love it
  8. I was listening to some interviews with Janet and they weren't video but more laid back and she was candid as hell in some of them. Here are two I really liked.
  9. can we trust the pics in London? I say this because she was wearing a lot of baggy clothes or I could just say, it's good to see her at all and she looks great
  10. ohhhh I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it was sooooo long ago, let me tell you how old my ass is I knew of Sarah Michelle Gellar on an TV teen soap opera back in the early 90s and she was cute I also loved watching Angel which was a worthy expansion of that "universe" I dont know of other shows now that aren't grounded in a non-magical world that I watch
  11. your critique is valid, and any of those possibilites could in fact be true, however in the present context, I am a Black man in America, I have to protect myself in any and every situation, I cannot afford to be lax in my "looking over my shoulder" attitude, I cannot afford to give every white person a pass and think there's racism out there, it's just not coming my way.
  12. I have other stuff from the Miss Janet fan club
  13. I know this isn't exact to the topic but I was going through some Janet memorabilia I have from the Miss-Janet Fan club, and I got this puzzle, that I could never solve, so I finally did today and had to take a pic of it https://ibb.co/HdCHnrj
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