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  1. as a man of color, many Black and Brown folks know who our allies are and perhaps more importantly who they are not. I get this impression that you feel the burden of carrying this "struggle" on your own shoulders, in that I believe that is not a "struggle" for you to carry. Why should you bare the cross of humanities sins? You are not responsible for the actions of those who happen to look like you. It's greatly appreciated that you voice concern, and in some ways are part of a new "normal" wherein white folks are speaking up in this moment. We all, no matter who we are, have to take care of ourselves, because if you don't you're not good to anyone. Take care of you, racism was here before you came and it'll be here after. That said, As others here have voiced, take in only so much of the news, because while its disheartening I believe new cycles can be toxic and desensitizing. Take some time to evaluate what your thoughts are regarding what's occurring and formulate your own ideas about the realities we are in. For example, I cannot recall a white officer ever going to prison for having killed a person of color, not one. So I dont expect much, because the record has given me too many "I know how this movie ends" to warrant expectations. I will say, interestingly, that I have become acutely aware, even more lately, that I'm a black man. Being a person of color comes with that state of existence an entire litany of "this is just how it will be for you" and we learn to work around or circumvent "unfairness" I must admit even leaving my place to go for a walk to think and clear my head, again, I am very aware of my surroundings, who is present, and my all important go to: ARE THERE OTHER BLACK PEOPLE AROUND!!!!....to a marked degree my anxiety decreases when I see my people, there's strength in numbers, I also fear for my own safety in the event someone ignorant decides I'm the one to steal on in that moment.
  2. now that's an endorsement ...chile I gotta warm up to do new Gaga, let's start with "Just Dance" a banger itself.
  3. What an exciting time to be alive? It's the wildest year I've ever seen in my entire life. It's a lot to wrap your head around, I will say I truly was floored by the mass amount of protests taking place across dozens of cities. Tonight protests in Detroit are planned. I took a break for a moment, a break around late April as course work had come to most of it's completion. After that I made a plan, I need to take stock, of where the hell am I and what am I doing? Is this course of action appropriate or not? I agree with Rocco I began to take in news again, on an decidedly active basis. I found I can only tolerate so much "news" I write that in quotes because I hear a ton of commentary more that anything. I made it a point to stay in contact and around my people. I made regular trips back home to check in on the welfare of my mother, brother and father, the closest members of my family to me. I would text and or call, as I get older i realize not to take family for granted, I lost an aunt to Covid-19 and we buried her watching from a limo window was as close as we got. With the "extra" time spent not actually working but being able to focus in and reflect....I'm soul searching, what do I want in life, what makes me happy, and being productive is important to me. I have all of my requirements to begin the professional portion of pharmacy school done. In the meantime Ive cleaned the hell out of my place, removing things I have no use for and letting go. Cooking more because its cheaper and I can actually cook My way of trying to remain balanced in this was to take the time to stay on my shit. I only hate that I've eaten everything in sight and put on a few pounds... I mean exercise is a fail for me, I have to accept that reality I do maintain a regular schedule for eating and sleeping. I am in bed by 11pmish, and up before 9am often 6am. The early bird gets the worm. If I watch TV it has to be good stuff, but I really tried to incorporate more books. I pay attention to my environment, what is going on around me? I get up take walk around the neighborhood, I see people jogging, gathering together in different ways but also distancing. social media has shown out and I'm avoiding that to a degree, like you folks do what ya do. Its because you have these "friends" that say shit and they gotta be put on mute. It happens to all us I've come to the conclusion its best to fly under the radar, which is to say that I will NOT engage in politics unless I know who I'm dealing with. Lots of folks on mute for saying the worst things and or agreeing.
  4. sadly, and maybe crazy of me, but I'm still in quarantine and stay at home orders which means I haven't heard her I'll hear Gaga some other time what does make me want to listen are the reports its her best album in a very long time, but Gaga fans tend to do that
  5. ughh, this whole thing, race, starts with being a human being first. Okay, as you are, so dont apologize for being born who you are you have zero control over that. I have disengaged with social media, because I dont want to go back and forth, but intellectually speaking, I could, the problem for all of us is it doesn't matter what you say, people believe what they do and you will not be changing that on a Twitter or whatever. Stay strong in what you know to be right, stay open to hearing others, but vigilant in your own constitution. Today we don't respect one another, we certainly dont hear one another, why? We have so much to say. You learn more listening. Treat others as you would want to be treated, be mindful that although your world, and its immediate environment, may be "familiar" to you, the globe transpires against that narrative. See the globe as it is, and despite that, still treat others as you would have them treat you, it is not weakness, it is strength to stand for what you believe to be honest in your actions Because you are "white" does not make you guilty of a crime anymore than being "black" makes me guilty of a crime. We all have some sense of right and wrong, and to this I speak..... an injustice anywhere is a treat to justice everywhere, when you see sum shit, speak up. I have seen the video three times now, and the only thing that moves me more than wrong, is right, the bystanders said this aint right and that shit got broadcast to the whole planet to do the same thing
  6. Bailey


    Let me be frank , over the years this whole bit has gotten well "dated" now that is not to say that the founder of this forum aint on her shit, cause this place trumps pretty much every other forum, I started out on Miss Janet, back in 1995ish, I remember it was through AOL, who remembers thats? long time ago, it was different then, Janet would sneak in on us and we had no clue, Rene would make his presence known. So much has changed. So much hasn't, It's been one hell of a ride over the years, from Henry, Pie, LoveProfusion, TheHiltonSuite, ThatOtherFan, Mr. Together, Jodie, Matt, sooooo many I cannot name. I do miss the days we had over 40 people on at one time, but things change, and we keep moving, or should, because whether we do or dont the world moves on regardless. Hell I've written an entire autobiography here I paid my respects to Paul because even though he and I butted heads often, I still liked that guy, he was one of the fam. as is Game I still speak to him, when I can be bothered I tried to give 18.14 to Paul but shit man the US dollar aint $18.14 in British pounds
  7. Bailey


    Its been almost exactly a year since he was buried
  8. Bailey


    is there some way to honor him? On one of the Janet groups? It's shocking
  9. "Ozark" I do believe is low key, or maybe not so low-key, racist and specifically panders to people that voted for that orange dude I heard plenty of things about this show being good, but I did not take into account who is saying it's good. The show is racist
  10. Bailey


    I'm shocked!!! He's a FB friend but I never saw him post much, his last post was on his birthday March 4, 2019
  11. "Everybody for this next song, I want you all to turn on your high beams......remember that special night"
  12. I am grateful for the stuff we have gotten, Janet is active on social media on a semi-regular basis. Her team finally got high quality versions of her music videos out, there was also the release of professional quality footage of the Up Close and Personals tour ....come thru sis
  13. 1. You're not selfish for wanting to enjoy music from your fav. 2. Janet isn't any of those other artists who I dont think has had a huge reception necessarily anyway. 3. If you view the Black Diamond era as a project, its not any different from a ton of projects both musical and motion picture that have been pushed back. 4. Janet's role, or principal in the business is to entertain, she can address the fans, or she could say stay safe and thank the healthcare workers as she has done. In this case it's best to not speak, let the situation handle the PR itself, Janet's been on the camera side saying "sorry u guys" enough Aint a good look sis 5. IMO, I am still very grateful that Black Diamond did not roll out beyond a title, she can save her album and tour ideas for a time when she can maximize her exposure and return on reception/development/production/distribution. .....in conclusion you're not selfish, but we ALL gone wait also Janet has a child to care for, which is her first priority!!
  14. started "Killing Eve" from the BBC, it's a cat and mouse game of a government agent chasing a female assassin.
  15. it's all about bragging numbers, its like the fan bases of these women are insecure you don't see fans of Tupac music trying to get him to number one while the Biggie fans steam about the shit Janet's legacy is cemented, she doesn't have to prove anything to anyone she hasn't already and a number 1 on iTunes, while cute, is so unimportant. I'd rather hear they cast at least one actress to portray Janet during her childhood for her as yet untitled biopic
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