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  1. and they contact you saying they've changed and you find out they have fallen on hard times. Do you trust this person? I mean they say their sorry and they can't believe how bad they were to you, I mean is this person worth your time?
  2. If someone hurt you in the past....

    He’s definitely making a mends the conversation we just had blew my mind he’s very different now
  3. If someone hurt you in the past....

    forgiveness in my mind is Im not holding onto any past transgressions Im not angry with him, Im fine hanging out ....I just never forget what he can be capable of doing
  4. If someone hurt you in the past....

    no that's my last name
  5. If someone hurt you in the past....

    exactly ......I'm still thinking no matter what he says about being bipolar or whatever else, a lot of it is just him not giving a fuck
  6. If someone hurt you in the past....

    I dont trust him, because Ive had too many guys around that proved untrustworthy.....I dont feel any magic with him, this is not a rekindling he's not showing that and I dont feel it it feels like it wont hurt me ....like Aaron the crack pipe sexy Italian smoking crystal meth, I wont care after its done.
  7. If someone hurt you in the past....

    I truly believe he has too much pride for money schemes, and he is way smarter about getting things in this world than me, he probably only wants me around to spend time with, I truly dont believe anything else, now as far as money goes I have too much pride to not spend and or give I will not sit and just take
  8. If someone hurt you in the past....

    yes forgiveness was for me, besides if I had more backbone maybe he would have acted better. I cannot forget there are a few moments that stand out in my mind, he really didn't respect me for who I was, you cant go around thinking everyone that isn't like yourself isn't worth a damn
  9. If someone hurt you in the past....

    Cheat, lie, manipulate, insult, ignore only concerned about himself didn’t try nearly as much as I did with the relationship he was an ass when he acted like he didn’t give a fuck it wasn’t an act
  10. If someone hurt you in the past....

    its more like he's alone and Im alone so we spend time hanging out drinking, eating and sleeping, we haven't approached sex though, Im not sure if he's afraid or doesn't want to but it doesn't happen, which is fine too because I'm rarely horny nowadays .....as long as he can be real and respectful I'll hang around its not terrible like before I just know when hes done with me he's done like eventually his family will be around
  11. If someone hurt you in the past....

    My first name is Johnie I’m a jr so I’m named after my dad she calls me John
  12. Who has piercings?

    why? for what reason?
  13. Who has piercings?

    #1 looks better to me too the second one is a little "flowery" for my tastes
  14. If someone hurt you in the past....

    I keep coming back to the time I talked to my mom about Charlie Sheen and Two and a Half Men, you see she loved that show and she would watch it over and over I think she had a thing for Charlie well as we all know Charlie went ape shit and said some terrible things about the crew of that show, then he later apologized. So I ran to my mom excited and told her hey Charlie apologized now he could come back maybe......to which my mother said "John, the kind of things Charlie said and did once done can't be taken back" I keep going around in circles, the things that happen between us were so bad you just can't
  15. If someone hurt you in the past....

    Thanks everyone
  16. What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    ...okay so for most of us its winter, which means cold days spent inside....I just got thru the first season of "Colony" its sci-fi which I love but it was only okay because it lacked the sci-fi element and went more for the procedural cop/investigative drama. Now I am cuing up Mr. Robot, which apparently scores high on critics and won the Golden Globe for Best TV Drama.....and he's cute what are u watching?
  17. If someone hurt you in the past....

    I think he’s doing it for himself he’s alone most of the time in some ways it does sound like making a mends but he doesn’t want to talk about the past let’s just start fresh he says which again is convenient for him
  18. If someone hurt you in the past....

    well it turns out hard times mean he's been diagnosed with HIV a few years ago, he is no longer employed he lives at his parents vacation home, he is on food assistance, Medicaid, and is currently on his second appeal for disability based on his HIV status, bi-polar disorder, depression and manic disorder as well. I do not feel love for him at all. He says he's sorry about what happen but this was almost 8 years ago. I wonder does he even remember all the things he did this is the only place I can talk freely about this
  19. Im bummed at this thread the whole album was solid and to take it apart feels bad to me....I enjoyed most of it
  20. vote for Janet

    Well that ended fast
  21. Janet with Eissa in London

    She’s hanging with the music director
  22. I'm hearing amazing things about "Black Panther"
  23. The Official Madonna Thread

    Bedtime Stories