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  1. I really liked Mindhunter but I dont think I'm paying for Netflix again....and I read the show producers said some really dumb stuff about Handmaids Tale, they want to bleed it into the ground okay lose viewers if you want to I'm not sticking around for June and her shennagens I'm with Aunt Lydia after the stunts June has pulled she should be on the wall, for finding a random bestie in every situation to help her out, she should be on the wall
  2. from the way Janet and team are speaking on the residency and the fact that venue is booked for quite awhile now.....it's over. I thought maybe she might extend the run but nope I'm pretty sure Metamorphosis is over. Great for those that saw it
  3. haven't finished Handmaid's Tale out I think its only 2 episodes left for me to see, I started Pose, very promising although considering what the producers left us with on American Horror Story I'm kinda wodnering
  4. The Boondocks are returning 2020 with Aaron McGruder on board. I wonder if they can get Regina King to voice Huey and Riley again or is she too big now :unsure:
  5. ughhhh I booked a flight this whole budget thing is working out real good
  6. actually quite a few people I know specifically have this situation, they come from tight knit families and their family is everything to them.
  7. I don't have an issue with that, my thing here is I didn't speak on that person for them to do all that's been done and said. I know very well how to speak with people, I don't care for disrespect though that's an issue
  8. oh and excuse me but how many bitches would u like to be called tonight? I'm not taking that bullshit from his ass he can take the L too
  9. I'm offended I didn't say a single thing to nor about him yet he foolishly came out of nowhere, I have no qualms about placing him back...I was fine until he came in here smelling like corn chips and salsa
  11. NO NO NO stop with name calling we said act your age not be your intelligent age. Whats fascinating is you much like Game, after all these years haven't shown growth and maturity. I don't speak on you nor to you. Yet here you are. Plenty of people know what I look like, there you go again do you not understand how grammar and syntax function? If you make a topic, like I don't know this member is a dick, everything that follows from that statement should support the previous statement. You don't get to go off on tangents As for late, calling you late is a compliment sometimes you're so far removed from the discussion at hand its like sit him at the kids' table and you so bad ass try it...don't go being the new Game writing checks yo ass cant cash.....if you have a life outside of here, go live it, get off this board and get ya face outta my ass crack son are you my dick? Cause I didn't know you were keeping count of who Im fucking......is this for the new 2020 census?
  12. well the board has gone largely unmonitored but we also don't have that much going on either so and if its big enough Angie will step in
  13. its too much shade being thrown from users that weren't even here as long as he was. This is all about respect, Game is Janet Fan royalty .....Then you got "messy" users starting shit by calling others "messy"
  14. we didn't see all the styling on her leg looks cute
  15. if you think about it, that sounds like what got Game gone what does Game being gone have to do with anything? you'll still be late and I'll still not give a fuck the only thing for you to worry about is Enrique and where his ass is, that's all the dragging you got block unblock fuck it keep it on block wit yo messy ass I wasn't speaking on you nor to you, learn from some shit
  16. That’s a huge understatement. Game was a huge presence here for a very long time ...it's unfortunate things ended as they did, I wish he had found less destructive ways of entertaining himself
  17. Bailey


    I mean for real how beautiful is this
  18. mmmmm Id have to read how she figures she's infecting people because vaginal fluids can be infectious but usually the receiving person is at greater risk. In any case that's fucked up
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