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  1. On 8/19/2019 at 7:59 AM, hotboy06 said:

    You'll get burnt out going to clubs..I don't go out at all now..only when I go out of town. And most of the times I try to hit a lounge or a bar.

    oh I couldnt tell you the last time I was in one, its just not my thing

  2. 22 hours ago, Selz said:

    Any of y’all watch Mindhunter?

    LOVE it.....it's been off the air for awhile since the first season, and I guess they intend to break from the way things were last season. My fascination lies in the science, they are showing us the beginnings of how the FBI learned to build profiles and predict who is nutty as squirrel shit based on what we know and those profiles are still pretty accurate. Most serial killers tend to kill within their own race, not always but most.


    Soooooo the Handmaid's tale just finsihed it all up....good season finale, now I can start the petition to end this show, they've done enough now wrap it up :filenails:

  3. 12 hours ago, hotboy06 said:

    I'm halfway thru "Dear White People" Season 3 and it's not good like the past two seasons.  There isn't an episode that is memorable.  I'm glad they are exploring Lionel's sexuality..and a new set of supporting characters are a kiiiii...

    I'm watching Pose thanks to you :P so sad that boy's parents did him like that....I've only gotten thru 2 episodes but for showcasing Black drag culture alone its a winner :good:

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  4. On 8/17/2019 at 4:15 PM, kidfresh832 said:

    Whew just finished Handmaids tale.  The last episode was pretty good.  But, they literally cannot have more than 1 more season.  To go any longer they have to dramatically broaden the scope of the show.  Invasion of Gilead by the rest of the world or something.  Its the only way they can possibly scrape more than 1 more season without being redundant.


    The acting is great, the direction, cinematography etc.  But they are pushing it with straining believability with lucky escapes and huge coincidences for storytelling.


    I'm ready for Mindhunter season 2 and Elite Season 2


    I really liked Mindhunter but I dont think I'm paying for Netflix again....and I read the show producers said some really dumb stuff about Handmaids Tale, they want to bleed it into the ground :sigh:  okay lose viewers if you want to :filenails:  I'm not sticking around for June and her shennagens  I'm with Aunt Lydia after the stunts June has pulled she should be on the wall, for finding a random bestie in every situation to help her out, she should be on the wall -_-

  5. On 8/5/2019 at 12:24 PM, BlackCat1989 said:

    I guess I'm apart of that 22% because outside of my immediate family. I basically have no friends. My family are my friends. And I'm cool with that. 

    actually quite a few people I know specifically have this situation, they come from tight knit families and their family is everything to them.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, JoeJoe said:

    Oh bitch you've given plenty of fucks. You've quoted me many times under each one of your different multiple bipolar personalities and screen names even while i've had you on block for almost a full year. You switch up so much I didn't even realize it was you. If you remember so much about how much Mexicans like me then i'm sure you can remember a few months ago in a thread where you were under one of your other screen names and I  quoted you and said something like "IDK why I have you blocked but i'll undo it." So I unblocked you and then I found out later from another member that it was indeed you and I put you right back on block. I don't know an Enrique but I plan on getting to know one soon enough. Worry about your own sex life or lack there of cause baby we've all seen your face before James Evans and there's a reason why you don't show it.:whistle: I'll get a Fernando, Guillermo, and Jose if desired.:) I said I won't keep it on block now cause I can drag that ass without your home girl jumping in to get me to drag him right along with you all so he can push that report button like the weak bitch he was and still is. 

    P.S. it ain't that I show up late it's just your post along with many other simply are either boring or idgaf about the subject so I pay it. Then if I feel like commenting later that's exactly what I do? This forum is YOUR life not mine so for me to be punctual to respond to a topic on a message board is irrelevant. Do you see Angie here all the time? Nope. You wonder why? It's cause she has a life outside of here and so do I. Those who have me on social media outside of here know it, especially Dayz and Selz. Anything else? :coffee:

    NO NO NO stop with name calling we said act your age not be your intelligent age. Whats fascinating is you much like Game, after all these years haven't shown growth and maturity. I don't speak on you nor to you. Yet here you are. Plenty of people know what I look like, there you go again do you not understand how grammar and syntax function?  If you make a topic, like I don't know this member is a dick, everything that follows from that statement should support the previous statement. You don't get to go off on tangents :blink: 

    As for late, calling you late is a compliment :blink: sometimes you're so far removed from the discussion at hand its like sit him at the kids' table

    and you so bad ass try it...don't go being the new Game writing checks yo ass cant cash.....if you have a life outside of here, go live it, get off this board and get ya face outta my ass crack son

    are you my dick? :unsure: Cause I didn't know you were keeping count of who Im fucking......is this for the new 2020 census? :unsure: 

  7. 1 hour ago, JoeJoe said:

    Have you seen how big her cleavage is? Janet has nothing on her :coffee: 

    You so dumb :lmao: 

    Well now i'll unblock you since you'll no longer be able to be a messy instigating bitch with him gone. This way I can just drag you without worrying about being annoyed by his antagonizing. :) 

    if you think about it, that sounds like what got Game gone :unsure:  what does Game being gone have to do with anything? :unsure: you'll still be late :lol:  and I'll still not give a fuck :) the only thing for you to worry about is Enrique and where his ass is, that's all the dragging you got :lol: block unblock fuck it keep it on block wit yo messy ass :lmao:  I wasn't speaking on you nor to you, learn from some shit :umm:

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