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  1. I cant and wont with the catalog discussion, she has quality as opposed to someone putting out an album every year no one remembers. Janet's catalog spans genres these folks aint even hip to, miss me with dat :filenails:  I'm really tired of folks with next to zero credentials try to speak on an icon :sigh:

  2. :mellow:  I messaged Bu and Selz, they both met Paul. You just never know what's going on in a person's life. Paul was a very attractive man, and he was strong willed on here, I just wish he was still alive, to crack jokes, diss, laugh, cry, love do all the things and see all the things there is to see. Its just sad to hear, I know Ive had some not so great moments, but I think about how my actions will affect others, besides if things go south, I usually unplug anyway and keep to myself ....RIP Paul :( 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Lenzo88 said:

    Child, I do n am managing as best as I can but too much tragedy and unexpected loss out of nowhere month after month for all of us. I can wait for BD for sure now. Waaaaayyyy too much is going on! 

    you take care of yourself


  4. 20 hours ago, Mr. Wonder said:

    Her social media posts, namely Twitter and IG, are just embarrassing. I've had to mute her on Twitter because her posts are just annoying at this point, and whoever is running her account is not doing her any favors. It's been ten years and she still hasn't properly adapted to social media, and will continue to get left in the dust if she doesn't. With new music coming out, now would be the time to be promoting herself, but the team would rather give 15 mins of fame to random ppl. She's really useless on social media. Like why are you here if you're gonna be boring? 

    I'm old, and we dont give a fuck about social media, I back from it, like get me outta here....Gil told us, Janet didnt care about socials before she was on them, and maybe she still dont. She aint in that game, but she still a queen, she's our queen I will love her no matter -_- 

  5. this is not good, I read this thread, and a lot of posts I thought ...damn we don't fuck with each other like this but everyone on the same page, not a good look sis -_- , that ish is a good argument. I just think Janet's a mom and shit/priorities is different. As she grows, I would think she would want us to grow too. At my age as a fan, there are bigger things going on than worrying about Janet's stats and how the public sees her. I think she's over that shit, and to her credit she's given us 40 years of entertainment in some fashion, born into the shit :umm:  I believe entertainment shit aint cute, and she knows, and aint fucking wit us like dat. Mariah lives for it -_- bitch you know her fuck dat :filenails: 

  6. On 9/1/2020 at 6:18 PM, Lenzo88 said:

    This year has been beyond devastating!!!! Even if Janet were to announce something again I’m beyond depressed n emotionally drained. 😭😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️💀

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling drained. Do you have someone to talk to? How do you manage the stress in these times? :unsure: 

  7. 1 hour ago, vibeology said:

    What division do you think there is...or maybe I shouldnt ask 😆 

    I know it sounds morbid and I didn't want to say it, but I can imagine her thinking "when im gone, they will realise my legacy...that's enough"

    Her priorities now are completely different with Eissa being first, everything else is secondary.

    I agree her priorities are her son, and life events change things for people. What's in question is the lack of engagement, and I read this thread and saw a lot of valid points that I will not deny. There is Janet Jackson the entertainer, and Janet Jackson the person, those two are very different people it would seem :unsure: 

    Mariah fans stand united, they will defend that chick on New Year's Eve during an obvious "fuck up" moment with a straight face -_- , they ride or die. Our fanbase has spread out, divided into different groups that get along and diss the others, Xone being one I can think of :umm:

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  8. I have stood to the sideline on this, mostly just to hear what people are saying. 

    1. Janet's not engaged at the level of an Icon, I dont think she cares, it's like post-SB Janet wasn't in the game -_- 

    2. Mariah is a different "animal" because her fans are united, we have division on things :umm:

    3. The most factual statement made here, is true, her legacy is NOT being preserved. Which begs the question of what did Janet Jackson the entertainer want to leave behind?

    I have disagreed over social media because I see social media as a platform for brand management and ultimately earning money, most of Janet's earnings were created before social media, so thinking from Janet's point of view, what is the incentive? :unsure:  I've been a fan for so long its not easy seeing things as they are, remembering things as they were, but there's YT and all her old interviews and clips :unsure:  that's all I have carry on my brothers and sisters ...stay up -_- 

    I hear the frustrations here, and I acknowledge there is a problem with how Janet is managed, but in the end it comes down to her

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  9. Chadwick knew for 4 years what his diagnosis was, stage 3 colonealrectal cancer. I am now at the age that the CDC recommends for yearly routine checks. I admire, Chadwick for his potratals as many, but most as a superhero, because in his last time here on this Earth his was -_- 

  10. 48 minutes ago, vibeology said:

    The news is repeated several times a day...you think they should be showing that? I get the savagery of such issues needs to be exposed, but having that on a loop is damaging. Its trauma porn and I dont think our exposure to it this year is a coincidence.

    No I don’t want to see it, as with George Floyd one time watching him die on camera was more than I wanted to see however I do believe seeing that happen was what it took to wake up the masses

  11. Ive watched the news and it's interesting they cut the footage right before Jacob is shot....over and over :umm: right now shit is hella fucked up :sigh: and the forecast aint gonna get better considering we have the most historic election in US history coming as many have called it.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Selz said:

    I'm glad.  You need to take time out for yourself.

    It seems like Chadwick Boseman hit a lot of you guys hard.  I can't lie, I didn't know much about him - I DID see Get On Up, which was brilliant, but not Black Panther yet because it's a comic book movie and I was never a fan of those.  I'm gonna take time to check it out though, it seems like he touched a lot of people.  And he was my age, and he had colon cancer, and my eldest brother had his diseased colon removed a few years ago, and it all just made me stop short. 

    With Jacob Blake, something in me deflated.  It opened my eyes again to a snippet of what it's like to be a Black person in America, like we're doing all this fighting and then this happens and it feels like we're just not being taken seriously.  It's not okay.  It makes me want to scream at the world.  A lot makes me want to do that lately.  We have to keep going.

    Chadwick Boseman became the black super hero our young black kids didnt have :(  broke my heart hearing this 

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  13. 11 hours ago, Selz said:

    I saw Parasite at the cinema - what did you think of it? (obviously a lot because you gave it an A :lol: )

    class warfare. The ever increasing gap between the poor and the wealthy. The idea some have so much and live oblivious to the plight of the poor. The poor family were good people, the rich people weren't shit. Parasite had some funny moments :lol:  the take away is if the poor have to go to the extremes they did just to work for a living, shit is fucked up yo -_- 

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  14. On 8/6/2020 at 9:52 AM, kcho said:

    if she was really private, she wouldn't have instagram. 

    I have Instagram and I'm particular to what I post, if anything at all. I guess for myself that being a celeb doesn't mean you "owe" your inner life to fans. 

  15. which part was not clear? Janet is not an artist that came of success during the age of social media. It took a long time to get her on socials even after some had questioned why she wasn't there at all. What I am talking about are facts, Janet's success came well before social media, Janet's place in entertainment history is solid, social media be damned. Therefore no incentive really exists for Janet to engage in social media, because she doesn't have to in order to be the Icon she is. Many social media "acts" are using the platform to market themselves, Janet's never been a talkative person in the context of "here's all my business" My question is what is it that some fans are seeking on social media platforms that they expect Janet "private as hell" Jackson to share? :unsure:  

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  16. I wonder what it is people expect Janet to do on her socials when we really need to think about some facts. Fact, Janet is a private person, this fact doesnt translate to "social" platforms

    Fact, Janet's success in the game proceeded all this social media ish :filenails:  Janet is at a stage in her career she doesn't need socials to be sitting on a fat earned purse, I'm calling the 90's for dem receipts :rolleyes: As a long time fan of Janet's, aka ole school G -_-  I only find these complaints about Janet's socials from the group of younger fans that gravitate towards social media. There are a lot of people I can think or right now, that don't have any socials, and hell if we think about it, Janet inadvertently lead to the creation of Youtube, bitch should be getting checks oh well :umm:

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