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  1. Im not understanding this demand for perfection, yea we have opinions but sometimes its like a lil something off becomes huge and then its like none of it was worth it when it was
  2. I dont know I watched the clip and I wondered what Tina would say
  3. gurl I cant go on what anyone heard....you know better
  4. I love the commentary in the video above that lady hits on the major points, you dont have to answer shit, he's not an authority of anything nor anyone, you dont have to tell him a damn thing
  5. I read some more on the guy, apparently his father was killed by someone outside his home, and the guy in the video felt the police did not respond properly. Now that's just a story thats going around with him I dont know if that is entirely true. I do know that guy doesn't have the right to police a building, and he is on blast, this occurred a day ago yet over 1 million people have seen this That guy has a Linkedin profile which no longer has his picture nor does it have his last name. Him fucked up but let's see where this goes
  6. is that a no to a Metamorphosis tour, that maybe includes some European dates
  7. have ya'll seen this shit?
  8. Black Mirror is still dat shit even if I think Miley Cyrus sucks
  9. what's not the same thing? You want attention so here it is
  10. https://adam4adamblog.com/2019/07/news-will-smith-in-a-throuple-daughter-willow-is-bisexual/
  11. Handmaids Tale is still fresh, chile the politics that are happening are a bit much, no country should recognize Gilead anymore than we do North Korea, you gotta come to the table with clean hands sorta speak Nick's ole traitor ass, this mofo was like a general in overturning the us? seriously? So he aint shit So they did bring the crazy back out that Commander's wife that took June to see her daughter June and the black handmaid officially got beef
  12. between food and porn ......chile
  13. https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/06/janet-jackson-cardi-bs-biggest-stan-watches-star-sidelines-wireless-festival-10123616/ Janet Jackson is Cardi B’s biggest stan as she watches star from sidelines at Wireless festival Janet Jackson watches Cardi B perform Wireless Festival, Finsbury Park, London, UK - 05 Jul 2019 Janet Jackson is Cardi B’s biggest stan (Picture: Rex) Cardi B has won over the hearts of many with her sassy tunes and catchy lyrics, but it seems Janet Jackson might just be her biggest fan. The 53-year-old made sure not to miss the I Like It hitmaker’s set at London’s Wireless festival, on Friday. While the rapper spat out some of her biggest hits, the Come Back To Me songstress could be seen watching Cardi from the sidelines with a huge smile on her face. The duo have been buddies for more than two years, after Janet shared a clip of herself dancing to Bodak Yellow. After watching the video, the mother-of-one freaked out in the comments section, before thanking her fellow singer for her support. Cardi wrote: ‘I really can’t even believe this. It’s soo surreal .Like ommmmmmmgggg son this the type of s*** you dream about.
  14. Its not fake, nor should anyone be surprised by any of the revelations. I do wonder how does a throuple work if it involved two men and a woman that would have been more exciting
  15. Jamie Jones Samples Janet Jackson on Steamy Tech Beat 'Under My Control': Exclusive https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/dance/8518714/jamie-jones-samples-under-my-control Jamie Jones Samples Janet Jackson on Steamy Tech Beat 'Under My Control': Exclusive 7/4/2019 by Kat Bein FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME Koury Angelo Jamie Jones Gimme a beat! That was Janet Jackson's rally cry on her 1986 hit "Nasty," and today, Jamie Jones reworks that industrial rhythm into a steamy, tech house jam called "Under My Control." It's an even nastier groove than the original, the kind of hard-hitter you can bump to from dusk 'til dawn. Mechanical, cybernetic and funk-a-licious, the track is an asbolutely futuristic beam of gritty dance floor get-down. "Under My Control" is due for release on Jones' imprint Hottrax, marking his first original tune on the label since he launched it with "Change" in 2013. The single is one of four tracks on a compiltion EP called Paradise, named in celebration of Jones' popular event series and Ibiza residency. The EP rounds out with tracks from Finish techno lover Kiki, French noise maker Popof, and Spanish groove man Rafa Barrios. The Paradise EP is out on Hottrax Friday, July 5, but Billboard Dance has the exclusive sneak peek with Jamie Jones' "Under My Control" below.
  16. I stopped watching after season 1
  17. Bailey


    yep she was there, she did that too
  18. News: Will Smith In a Throuple; Daughter Willow Is Bisexual It seems like when it comes to relationships that don’t necessarily follow society’s heteronormative norms, the Smith family are all over it. In November of last year, Will Smith’s son Jaden declared that he was in a relationship with Tyler the creator, saying “I wanna tell you, Tyler doesn’t want to say, but Tyler’s my mother-fucking boyfriend and he’s been my mother-fucking boyfriend my whole fucking life!” Now, on the Facebook web series Red Table Talk, his sister Willow has come out as bisexual. On top of that, Jada Pinkett Smith also revealed that she and Will are in a throuple with another woman. The revelations came about because of the episode’s theme, which was “Unconventional Relationships: Can Multiple Partners Work?” During the course of the discussion, Willow came out to her mother Jade and her grandmother Adrienne, saying she definitely wants “one man, one woman.” “I love men and women equally, and so I would definitely want one man, one woman. I feel like I could be polyfidelitous with those two people. I’m not the kind of person that is constantly looking for new sexual experiences,” she explains. “I focus a lot on the emotional connection and I feel like if I were to find two people of different genders that I really connected with and we had a romantic and sexual connection, I don’t feel like I would feel the need to try to go find more.” Jada did admit that her stomach “jumped a bit” at the revelation, but did reaffirm her support for Willow, saying: “Listen, you know me Willow: whatever makes you happy.” Jada then revealed her own unconventional arrangement with her husband — that they were in a non-sexual throuple with Sheree Zampino, Will’s ex-wife.
  19. Bailey


    they old computers, at least they gave us the money instead them computers too old they crash, gifs do not work on them, its annoying trying to communicate until I get to my computer
  20. Bailey


    that doesn't work on the work computers they dont even show gifs
  21. Bailey


    that's not the issue, Im at work, these computers are really controlled as far as what you can do and see ...I know how I cannot correct it until Im not on these computers
  22. Bailey


    she killed the BET awards, she even had Rihanna giving her a standing clap
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