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  1. and what is with the constant texting, if you in the bar talk to someone, why is everyone so mean and jaded? "imm just lean against the wall and blackberry it all night" nigga get out boom ewww
  2. I love that track, but see im humble I dont even come off like that and they act like shit out here im thinking I need to build me a bubble to live in
  3. finally a real response, Paul you a good looking guy, do you see that? I mean in the club im like Johnie how could you be so blind to everything look at these fools they acting all crazy cause this bitch be on the news and I know him so I must be trying to get some, the part that kills me is gay dudes be all in the clubs and about that life, but then they dont know I have been over to dinner parties with the news guy, I have had him at my house for dinner, socializing is not the bar scene fools, maybe if we get these young gay dudes off of facebook and "reality" shows they would see the real world is not that jaded ewww
  4. im like Blatin we ole school Kim basically called her out as a Lil Kim wannabe, Ciara Britney they all jacked Janet and we called them out, Janet never did praise em
  5. I thought she said folks got killed, refering to Biggie and Tupac, folks get killed over beefs
  6. at least she got back at her tho, im sorry but these new girls in the game like someone else said they getting crowned way too quick and they have not been in the game that long at all. I think just outta respect lil kim should be given hers she been around since the 90's I mean you show your respect, Nicki I heard the interview it was real on her end sure, but dont go talking about interviews and all this where yo tracks at, bitch go get her albums she got more tracks thats been on billboard probably longer than she will
  7. no boy, what im saying is I had no clue that these niggas was doing this until last night I mean I never really noticed it, its like everyone assumes I think im something special or something, all im saying is im just Johnie thats it, I dont be in the club trying to get all up in someone's face. They just be acting like im cock blocking, so my point is these niggas be extra im like its not that serious im going to get another drank.
  8. Ok so its strange to me, now I go up in the club and I guess I be brand new, but these niggas be throwing me some shade, Im like I see it now, for all my handsome and goodlooking people out here, I never knew folks would be threaten by me, the first sign Im actually goodlooking is all these women be hitting on me, but the guys dont speak they sorta sit back and scope a nigga out, so im at the bar last night you know big bad night, and i see a guy i know he works for the news so he is on tv, anyway, we are JUST friends NOTHING else, he there with some other guy and im just talking to news guy as a friend catching up hadnt seen him in awhile, and this bitch with him barely looked at me when he barely shook my hand, then another brutha up in the club wanted to be in news guy's face too, so he come up as we're talking and i introduce myself, and he got shady, im like hold up, first off just because a bitch on TV dont make it hot, he is all of 6 feet 250 sure news guy got money , but I know his ex dumped him for the young hot boy. So dont cum at me like im the evil bitch in the club, I swear I would think I was truly ugly if people were just indifferent to me but no sir they be acting shady as hell.
  9. im kinda glad you cant Im thinking you would fuck sum shit up....like totally is all Henry in dis piece now look at all them bodies....its a massacre
  10. ouch and BGC forum....that place....ugh ohhh my ex on there, with pics of my dick in him
  11. Thank you Henry.....good to know, now I have to listen to those tracks, I like his track "Okay"
  12. I love his music so they need to stop throwing a nigga shade
  13. im trying to figure out who you is >?
  14. ok then thats a wrap on this topic ....next...henry spoke so its done, all we need now is the nail file siggy
  15. listen Precious, stupid, im just saying that after all these years and all that we have been thru as fans we here, its a celebration bitches, and I think the real fans the strongest of us are the ones that keep coming back hell we like roaches
  16. ....are they officially retired? Cause can any of us name a song or something they have done on a record for someone recently? I just hate to see my niggas not in the game anymore, I mean no more Jimmy and his piano arrangements, hell you hardly saw Terry do interviews much anymore you would see Jimmy alot, but on the real ima raise my cup to them they made some of the hottest tracks to come my ears way over the years ya'll do the damn thang, if anything they should be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame too, induct them with Janet fuck it
  17. ......are here, cause think about it? how many faces do we know up in this bitch? I mean being here does it seperate fake bitches from the real ones? Cause we here, "Dear GOd we might be ugly but wes here"
  18. God damn its moe talk in here about Beyonce than niggas wit Turkeys in da oven this the shit that makes me almost want to "like" Beyonce on my facebook page, but damn dat and all the lace fronts in Hollywood
  19. im scared den a muthafucka she gotta be able to see me first and with all that cake I dont see dat happening soon, but Pie Pie knows I luvs me sum her so smooches on both cheeks for her
  20. God Damn!!!! str8 up??? wetting dat tang? well it do what it do he is sexy tho
  21. waaaaaaayyyyyy too much make-up, "maybe its her , hell maybe it IS Maybeline tho? Hell if I know tho
  22. I gotta go take a shit first brb
  23. I just threw up in muh mouth a lil bit
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