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  1. I was thinking a temperature rise would be helpful but we're still in the early stages here in the States. Problem here is Americans we go hard, and stores have been picked clean, shorten hours, or closed altogether.
  2. My thoughts exactly! After all this lock down stuff and we hit summer hopefully things are back to normal then ....Summer 2020 is gonna turn up
  3. It's most definitely some bad luck with touring, from accounts of AFY, that tour was drama from start to finish. To let Gil tell it. I still think Janet is in a better spot this time around, all those other tours were already undeway. Black Diamond hadn't gotten started, and even though some of her looks for this era were coming out a bit I dont think we got anywhere near the rollout she had planned
  4. The people want her to drop a new track so bad....I understand, but homegirl been sitting on a mountain of new music since before MFN, we can wait longer. Don't mess up that 5 decade #1 albums Actually the timing for Janet is better, because the album wasn't put out and the single wasn't either. Imagine if Janet was already on tour
  5. if she can't promote it and tour, I honestly think she should just wait, right now we don't know how this is going to turn out or how much further down the rabbit hole we will go
  6. this virus thing may impact any plans we all have including concerts, the news is reporting concerts, festivals, and now schools are being cancelled.
  7. that whole time makes me so uncomfortable i dont even like seeing the performance. I remember a lot of events around that time and how bad things got
  8. The Invisible Man, B+ pretty good worth paying for
  9. so you basically giving it a thumbs down? :unsure:
  10. MTV produced Janet's Hall-Time show so they threw in a bunch of other artists, now it's Pepsi sponsored and shit has changed but yeah it was separated
  11. well dayum kill it with a skillet why don't u yes trailers do make things seem better, BUT there was something about this one that really caught my eye, and if people are freaking out 5 minutes in, that's the kinda ride I'm talking about ...so bring it, I live across the street from a movie theater yet rarely go to it, and its nice. "The Invisible Man" is one of those movies I'd actually pay to see. Now how I feel after is another story
  12. actually the trailer looks good enough for me to want to see this
  13. when you're make up and hair are laid like World Peace
  14. super fun, he has had Mariah on a few times, lots of the women from the Real Wives franchise, Vanessa Williams, Patty Labelle, Pink!
  15. She met him at the BBMA performance took a pic with him, maybe thats as far as she would go, BUT It's a cute look to show up on Andy Cohen, most of the gurls have. Understanding brand management and which side of the bread your butter is on is business 101, we watch Andy Cohen even if its a YT clip, it's cute its fun. NOW how its conducted Janet's team would handle him the same way they handle everyone else, just a bit more to the point ...dont ask this, this is how we will go, this is what she will discuss or she walks..editing control.......management 101
  16. I've always thought she should do Andy Cohen's show that would be soooooo cool, but she so private
  17. Bailey

    Fan Failure

    Poetic Justice is a classic in Black cinema, right along with "Friday" "Boyz in the Hood" and so many more, it's a must have seen
  18. Bailey

    Fan Failure

    I dont think Ive ever heard them in their entirety
  19. A box set, like she did with her old photos for the Metamorphosis residency that tour book was nice
  20. The Janet. tour HD, I'm at the point I've given up on RN HD, but that doesnt mean I dont mess with it on YT in whatever quality ....I was hoping they would release the ENTIRE RN film short in HD since they did clean up MYM and RN ...because low key "The Knowledge" slaps
  21. I'm glad someone deciphered her latest Davinci Code
  22. @ exactly 2:39, at the end of her killing that damn "If" breakdown, that snap and her leg kick up, you can straight up tell she was genuinely, sincerely with full confidence.... Feeling her muthafuckin puss
  23. she DID that, I got a glismpe of her on the View
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