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  1. after a shot I can sleep soooo good
  2. never, not even in safe sex porn do they
  3. maybe its old fashion but that's how I feel, I know guys that sex is like a hand shake, and I am by no means perfect fucking Patty BUT I try to take care of it myself don't want too many dudes running thru and shit....I guess Im not sex positive
  4. that's where it falls for myself, if I were sex positive and active I would and have considered the medication, but my sex life is low activity
  5. who in here considers themselves to be sex positive?
  6. is there a stigma still attached to HIV infection even while being nondetectable on PrEp?
  7. you're just blazing a little hoe trail here I know a lot of guys say they're on it and are not or do not follow the regimen. I dont feel comfortable with regular multiple sex partners, its not who I am, and at some point the act itself will put me off, like okay no more guys. Ive done it too, like nope, no more sex, I just feel there's nothing wrong with sex, its natural and great for you, the problem is finding someone that its more than just body parts touching
  8. I am not a nurse, there is a current lawsuit against the company that provides Truvada, the most common PrEP drug on the market.....the lawsuit hinges on kidney damage besides its a lot of these dudes out here that think PrEP is a free invite to screw everyone without protecting and honoring your body. I'm not perfect but Im not out here being a complete cum dump either so
  9. I'm not active to the extent I feel comfortable taking prep. Prep has side effects like early kidney failure, they are in the process of producing a better anti-viral combo drug that works better than Prep.
  10. I've always respected the work of professional DJs they create, its not about a program running on an Apple product. Look what DJ Aktive does for Janet, look what so many countless other DJs have done. They get behind that player but they have to have life and give life, I can't get that from an iPad mini, if that's the case no need to hire a wedding DJ, yet among expenses for a wedding, hiring a professional DJ is up there along with the photographer. I'm saying there's an art to working a crowd
  11. nope, my theory is every artist no matter the field, film, writing, painting, singing, these individuals have moments of greatness and at some point the rate of return on "genius" goes down Janet Jackson at this stage in her career has worked with amazing producers with some mixed results, I dont think people noticed enough how much Janet infused European dance influences in her own music, much like Madonna sucked the life outta Timbaland On songs such as "Slolove' "ANDS" the production by Swiss duo Bag and Arnthor.
  12. it was a very Kafka like episode June is an isolated protagonist facing bizarre or surrealistic predicaments , being trapped in one's mind questioning the nature of reality. I think there's a ton of convenient writing all over the place, I think somehow June would have gone to Canada and became the mouth piece outside Gilead. Instead she's inside trying to deal around the shit but where's her plan? Where's her strategy ? I wish they wouldn't run this show into the ground, right now its still good, but anything passed a 5 or 6 year run is just over done. I was thinking the other day how I stopped watching The Walking Dead altogether and Supernatural while I'm at it. I aint got time I never saw Veronica Mars, but now with the new firestick and a Hulu subscription I could check it out
  13. June is consistently facing some crazy shit, but she's always finding new allies too
  14. I'ma have to check that out, Ive been wanting to
  15. a white dude's ass like me
  16. I disagree Janet Jackson wasn't a hip hop artist never was, never would be, and wasn't going to be whole sale embraced by the hip hop community. Janet has moments she can keep it cute "What's It Gonna Be" carried by someone else, but overall Janet's a pop R&B artist and JD had no clue how to manufacture those "magic" moments with Janet Jackson the brand. This is actually one of the biggest criticisms of Janet, not the post SB years, but the music
  17. I would have to say it's a lot more "stuff" out here and to deny it is ridiculous I mean look at the acronym LGBTQ it keeps getting more letters
  18. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you totally get it!!! this is why we are seeing more and more "fetishes" and extreme forms of sex, its like a drug after so long the same amount of the same stuff aint getting it right, so people try new shit. Although I will say my hormones are probably lower.
  19. you mean he took a premium brand and made it accessible for all thus cheap
  20. it could be or an equally valid assumption could be at some point the shit gets old
  21. I think I may spring for this and toss everything else. My fandom isn't like it was in 90's I'm grown with bills
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