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  1. Bailey

    Night Clubs?

    this thread really is about discussing why the decline, if you say this was 8 years ago a lot has changed
  2. Bailey

    Night Clubs?

    so you're saying the clubs are still popping?
  3. Bailey

    Night Clubs?

    you get a like for that because this topic is one I have looked into and I found some article that said the millennials aint about them its definitely a generation thing https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/dec/31/uk-nightclubs-suffer-young-people-seek-less-hedonistic-pursuits
  4. Bailey

    Night Clubs?

    okay this I can work with, but that doesnt explain the disappearance of dance clubs
  5. Bailey

    Night Clubs?

    used to be fun ...used to be the one place gays could be gay
  6. Bailey

    Night Clubs?

    Are night clubs dying? if so why? In the UK over the course of a decade they have lost over half their night clubs. I talk to younger workers and they dont seem interested in clubs
  7. let's not discount Janet's relationship with Virgin records, by that point Virgin had paid Mariah millions not to record, and kept Janet on contract .....Janet probably said here go the album I am required to give you here
  8. this is where it kinda falls off the mark though because for awhile Janet didnt seem interested in music
  9. it happen, Im glad its been so long that so many other events have distanced Janet from that one event that seemed to define her career for years after
  10. this is exactly what needs to be seen and spoken on.....the fact we have negroes out here throwing R Kelly to the wolves real quick.....you didnt see white folks doing their people like that...anybody seen Matt Laurer? anywhere? Naw?
  11. whoever wrote that to you claiming you dont see color, doesn't know you at all should we bump up the reintro thread ?
  12. is this a thing wearing paper bags? Cause I can get you a puppy mask if thats the purpose
  13. but then we gotta get back to hoe side of things, I do things for Ethan I wouldnt bother even considering for other guys, but Ethan is hot....so the question is am I fucking a bubble butt 29 YO hottie
  14. okay so free thought free questioning.....did you have fun on the pre-sex activities? Was the other maybe interested in more and decided naw just sex? I mean its a lot that could have gone wrong
  15. besides Im not gonna feed you and try fucking you after I need all GI tracts clean
  16. he's a dirty dog ...I understand that part though
  17. so you feeding these hoes too huh?
  18. have you checked out PigBoyRuben? he be fucking black dudes too and its a lot of pig play in his shit he had some video just last night with a Black dude I was like we really coming in, more and more porn features Black men, the problem is we are still objectified and fetishized.
  19. ooooooookay usually if a I see a good video I mean something hot hot, I will download it and keep a copy in a folder. I don't keep too much porn, because if you look at whats happening most porn is the same shit over and over especially if its produced studio porn, there isn't much they can do with porn that's going to catch my attention now. There are two things that have recently caught my eye, one is a top on Xtube, yes a top, he is verbal and dominant and he tears those boys asses up he's really got the gurls gagging for the peen. Second I have been noticing guys that like to film themselves in exhibitionist situations. I have samples if anyone needs
  20. Its a tough one, because not everyone is relationship material or ready or compatible. I tend to believe most everyone doesn't want to be alone, but a lot of these guys aint trying to be booed up either.
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