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  1. 420 Dank they got you, you can stock up on everything, edibles, vape if you want it, and the sticky icky.
  2. quick observation I saw an Ohio license plate driven car at the dispensary which leaves me wondering how many customers in neighboring states travel to buy large quantities of legal pot? also if there's a limit to the amount you may buy I assume you're not stocking up from outta state for a lengthy period
  3. you pay her dust consistently BUT I dont get the hype behind releasing music from dead artists like... dont like it
  4. oh and the market going rate within legal confines, that's after the medical doctor's $80 dollar fee and the state's $60.00 hard card fee. I need to read the fine print on all of it, like how long is this card valid without paying any fee's for renewal? The doctor's and the dispensaries are colluding, the doc asks how did you hear about us? They want to know who sent you here, the dispensary, they low key ask the same damn thing, so Dr. Michael got you all set right? so much game so much money, so much.....happy hungry sleepy the 1 ml actually retails out the store 30 bucks, they will email you offers with discounts but shit if it aint the vape I aint fucking wit it and most of these folks are all about the sticky icky green I can't be bothered pick apart, roll, that's a process
  5. I dont know sometimes dudes or relationships are like the seasons, they only here for so long and when they are done its time for a different scene. I've loved once in my life, also the longest relationship Ive ever had, but that didnt last either, for several reasons. I just dont want to go through life idealizing this romantic notion of "love" and existing within it, I want to love my friends, family, career, and myself, if there is someone to share that with that to me is a beautiful bonus on an already well lived life.
  6. I dont see it happening nope its more like we cool until we not
  7. there's too much tea, if people understood the concept of courtship and relationships in their entirety we wouldnt have a 50% divorce rate I heard Fergie and Josh seperated, I was hoping they was in it for the long haul, hell Angelina and Brad aint even together anymore, who saw that coming ? The tea is this, smile often, get every laugh in out of life you can ask yourself what are you grateful for often take care of your mind, body and soul, you are here for a reason, you dont outsource self love, thats done in house specifically seeking men out is a recipe for disaster, often for whatever the universe aligns in existenance, we meet people at the most unexpected times. Don't seek out love let it find you, in the meantime it bears repeatling, love yourself first. Besides are these dudes really all that to sweat the fuck over? Fuck no I know too much shit going on out here where folks aint shit, cheaters, liars, and what the hell do you think they going to do to you ? I say get a cat or a dog instead or perhaps get yo paper up and get you some shit you need and want
  8. that's really good shit to read, because at the end of all this crazy shit, whether you have guys around you or avoid them like the plague at times every last single person out here gotta love themselves first before they can love someone else. It's often said, even known but not applied nearly enough. I admit I'm still a work in progress in the self love department, the whole point is find your happiness in what you want out of life what you're true desires are that dont have shit to do with anyone else
  9. it's like Janet can't win if she tried, if you ask why did she open with TAT and If she loses because TAT is a fan fav, but say she had not and was received badly on open then the argument would be "well Glastonbury that's a rock crowd kinda festival" so Janet opened with two well received rock tracks of hers, nope not good enough huh? Janet does a 50 minute set that has great live musicians and the entire set is kept fast pace and hard hitting, yet not too many compliments for the effort from Janet, Janet's team of musicians and their great work, no mentions of how great DJ Aktive is, no mention of how hard Janet and her dancers worked to deliver a knockout keep you on your feet set. I didn't hear any slow tempo songs from Janet, TTWLG is med-tempo and that was as slow as it got. Had Janet done slow tracks there would be bitching over why she do those you gotta keep it moving to rock a festival crowd. Be thankful is all the hell I'm saying finding the good in shit
  10. ya'll cutting small ass potatoes and shit, to prove the "other" "wrong" fuck dat , she did Europe even after all she's damaged there, and whether the reception at a huge festival was loved by most or all that went is really unfair to Janet. Im of the school of thought, she can say she performed in Europe in front of the largest crowd ever in her career. It's about love and appreciating we still have Janet out there, looking good, being a boss, and doing her damn thang. We still got Janet, and along the way we have lost some greats sadly before their time, I wanna walk in the spirit of gratitude. So I'm listening to the show off YT right and writing this message, if you just play the music, the band is lit, loving DJ Aktive and his role.
  11. the reup is really real now. I said fuck dat shit, let me cut out the middle man, aint no more going to my buddy this or that, or let me holla at my boy over there and maybe he can get back to me this weekend. NOPE ....now I am officially a medical 420 card holder. My dispensary is set up like an Apple store, various strains and products are readily displayed along with the sales rep dressed appropriately carrying an Ipad with your customer information. Speaking of, I am a tad leery of the idea I have placed my name into a government database of individuals who may legally purchase 420. On the plus side, the store sells everything, edibles, vape oil, different strains of plant. As a new customer I was given two complimentary pre-rolled and packaged joints. Pretty fat too. Today's low price purchase of indica strain is called Do-SI-Dos. In the vape selection they have a total of 5 I wanna say, two indica, and three sativa. I must say these shops are lit as fuck, I mean it's a ton of people coming and going, I dont think the state really understands how much money 420 is going to bring to this state, it was so many cars coming and going I could barely park. Oh and if you live within 12 miles of the dispensary they deliver for a 3 dollar charge.
  12. first of all who is ya'll? you watch what you watch, I may not dig it but to each their own, I never liked the horror genre like that, it's one of my least favorites.
  13. it's a bit much now, because all that chatter stays in the fan community no one else is checking so you literally have fans pissing other fans off and that's about all they doing
  14. one thing I will say that I believe is kinda unique to us, is we have seen Janet Jackson at huge levels of success and people haven't adjusted their expectations in terms of what she does 40 years into the game........wait until Beyoncé 50 that's just one theory, I mean you have fans that were not around when Janet was "big" so how are they expecting her to do that now
  15. ruthless June is a beast she looked at OfMatthew and looked over to Lydia like yep shoot that bitch and before she could they got her, I don't think she's dead though but that shot scene was dramatic as fuck that bullet hit her hard enough to spin her around
  16. and she did almost the entire RN album her most Michael Jackson like project.......come on now!
  17. the setlist of Gladstonbury was fire! She kept it pumping the whole time come on now
  18. Handmaids Tale is still on point OfMatthew lost her shit, damn Aunt Lydia used to grab the dick, now everyone else is a slut June is a boss she works these bitches over with just her eyes how they gonna shoot a pregnant handmaid? well race reared its head, and just so casually, "no they dont want a Black handmaid"
  19. let's hear your thoughts on the other 40%
  20. that sounds a lot like trying to please everyone and that never happens. I think she's found a formula, if you will, that basically is all about the fans I mean she open the Essence festival with a B-side and you can't tell me most of the people there were checking for Janet like a die hard. Janet is doing whatever the hell she wants, she's earned it, if people enjoy great if they dont that's fine too she's been there done that and then some
  21. Im not understanding this demand for perfection, yea we have opinions but sometimes its like a lil something off becomes huge and then its like none of it was worth it when it was
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