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  1. its tough to see guys who are young that came after the AIDS crisis of the 80s still getting infected, with all we've learned and been through as for sex, top or bottom, one time or not, I want the other to have a good time, Im not a selfish lover
  2. I always tell the story I cried when I first heard the album driving to work and it was an hour commute so I heard quite a bit and I mean tears not of joy Thank God TAT saved that shit
  3. there's a lot of str8up hoe behavior out here, and Im not perfect but damn wasn't the end game getting someone to be around that actually matters it's a ton of BB and its kinda weird to me to see guys in their 20s HIV +
  4. I still can't stand that three track sequence on AFY
  5. that sounds like true love I wouldnt let that go
  6. I dont really care who you fuck as long as you're loving yourself ......doesnt matter to me too many labels to put on people
  7. she also does more in routines than the dancers because she knows the choreo but she does her stuff too, I dont think the AN(DS) comparison works here
  8. see this is why you're a top you dont have a fucking clue
  9. no sir, this is about serving the dick there isnt anything second class nor stupid about it, its about owning that ass, as a top its your job to fill the room with smacking noises tapping it out, a good bottom, aside from being squeaky clean should be making his top cum, he should get off on it
  10. you the top though you not in charge of yo stroke game? why you let the little bitch get theirs? that's not how its supposed to happen, he should be making you happy
  11. the vape cartridges only last me about a week. That's with smoking on it everyday
  12. I ate the gummy and it came as one big ass piece, so I ate half, then ate the other half later, I was fucking gooooonnnnnnneeeeeeee 🙄
  13. it looks like a behind the scenes dressing room kinda deal from "If" but that's hard to say since "If" is from 1993 and Janet transcends space and time so the fact its 2019 kinda doesn't matter.
  14. the Firestick had to go, it was a distraction and Im not about the boob tube. I cut the cord years ago, so channel surfing isnt my thing. I dont want to waste precious time sitting in front of a tv. I got the Firestick during Amazon Prime days, it was a deal, I had an additional 10 dollar Whole Food credit off bringing the total to 5 bucks. So normally a voice control enabled Alexa remote Firestick is 50 bucks. I unhooked the shit and gave it to James at work. Too much TV sorry not good
  15. you wont cash in all us old people are gonna suck all the pipes we fucking can dry as hell before we leave you bastards a damn thang
  16. it's like back in the day when Janet had b-sides, they were cute but not really worthy of commercial release nor promotion, if it came down to it, RWU is the b-side to MFN
  17. I agree with everything you said except I cannot judge direction, if I did I would imagine with as many participants in MFN that would require a pretty sizable time of organized people I dont like the comparison, Im at a point where I can appreciate both creative endeavors as they stand on their own merit. I love the dance queen that Janet serves us in RWU, the fierceness of the music and the thumping but MFN is other level stuff.
  18. RWU has some amazing choreographed numbers, but the video doesn't stack up to MFN in terms of cinematography, originality and overall creativity. MFN is arguably one of Janet's best videos, it features an amazing director, excellent costumes and set design Ya'll come in here with RWU like it wasn't 90% choreography to every single beat, (thanks Gil ) in a club with an 80's club kid throwback apparel (how original ) . Now dont get me wrong it was cute, love it, but Im not putting MFN out over RWU
  19. are you in a state where it's legal now? My state is now legal for medical and recreational is coming soon into effect, the issue here as I am told, is believe it or not we are short on supply. If I ever was willing to do business in an operation not seen as upstanding, like say make porn, I would definitely consider the manufacture, distribution, and sale of 420 because its so much money to be had and I got a green thumb
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