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  1. John....

    Janet’s MYM played in Charmed this week

    Okay game get yo ass a seat 😂
  2. John....

    Janet to Headline Tom Joyner Cruise in 2019

    Dayum we really feeling some kinda way about this shit we taking Vegas now? Fuuuccck this is thread of the year
  3. John....


    Actually I read awhile back that selling tickets to the ceremony was a priority and the acts inducted plays a part in that. So maybe it should be the other way around. The Hall inducts Janet they get more tickets sold over some guy named Todd Rundgen or whatever
  4. John....


    Just messy 😂
  5. Love slick Rick children’s story is still a bop
  6. Great write up Bu. I am still stuck on my fav tour I lean toward VR. As for staging Janet doesn’t control that the touring company does. Janet said in an interview during AFY she didn’t have as much space as she wanted on VR but on AFY she got a lot more. Two words ...Live Nation
  7. well I would think around the holidays her presence will boost due to her Christmas music being so ubiquitous during the season. So let me ask this, I'm assuming you have heard the entire album, you tell me what you loved hearing and I'll give it a listen
  8. John....


    I agree with all of that, its one of the most balanced statements made here. That last part in bold, you do have a British accent right? I'm asking for a friend
  9. John....


    allow me to remain positive, with all the diva greats that we discuss, Janet, Mariah, and Madonna, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Mariah's fan base, no matter what anyone says, the Lambs come through
  10. John....


    you're far too handsome for an anything goes session. Thankfully that's one thing I can say I've never been a part of nor seen
  11. John....


  12. John....

    Janet in 2019=What Are You Expecting Now???

    I'm leery that she's limiting her demographic, one part of Janet's brand is she appealed to all races and groups, but if it's about getting a guaranteed coin, do you good sista I'm trying to be positive so on the good side of things since Denny's is sponsoring it Janet should have no problem recreating WHYDFML
  13. John....

    Janet in 2019=What Are You Expecting Now???

    R&R Hall of Fame induction ceremony which is out of her control, but of what is, I can honestly say whatever she does do is only a bonus now. I cannot and will not try to follow her moves, they don't have predictability, what I will do is wish Janet the best as a mommy, entertainer, and human being Denny's does have made for now omelet's though