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  1. She doing questions? 😂
  2. John....

    Janet Jackson Still in Studio

    MFN video crossed 45 million views
  3. well the campaign worked, best news Ive heard all week. I do believe she is in the best position for induction now more than ever before but let's look at the other nominees 15 artists, 9 of which have been nominated before The full list of nominees: Def Leppard Devo Janet Jackson John Prine Kraftwerk LL Cool J MC5 Radiohead Rage Against the Machine Roxy Music Stevie Nicks The Cure Todd Rundgren Rufus & Chaka Khan The Zombies
  4. I don’t care it’s her time we living in the moment so Janet go ☝️Cause there ain’t no ceiling 😍
  5. I agree but what I was getting at is there are simply more white folks out here than blacks I have not seen the current top five but let me guess they all white acts right? 🧐
  6. Which is why I wonder why they even bother with the shit it’s not based on actual merit it’s all about certain groups of people they may very well out number other groups and their opinion is if you’re not a white male rock band you don’t deserve to even be on the ballot
  7. The total number of votes towards induction is based on a select group of say 800 people( although I’ve heard the number was far less ) each nominated act can garner say 800 votes maximum now on the fan votes if an act is within the top 5 of votes received online that act gets only one vote because of the actions of thousands of online voters so let’s say Def Leppard gets in the top 5 they get one fan vote against say 800 officials that have a vote. You could get 5 million fans that vote you number one thus securing you a single vote and the official voting committee only votes 200 times for you out of 800 or you could be Janet where you don’t earn a vote from the fans because you didn’t make the top 5 but of the 800 on the voting committee you get 600 votes and you’re inducted ...online votes be damned
  8. John....

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    Janet spoke on Rene being insecure shortly after the divorce I remember two things one she specifically said Rene had a problem on the LWNDWY video shoot with Antonio feeling up Janet and the other thing she mentioned it was nice to date without having to pick up the check
  9. I didn’t see enough of him to determine anything yet 🧐
  10. John....

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    I think when she takes in the gravity of Wissam and all that happened there she’s not looking for anything but to take care of her child. To me the situation feels a lot like life for many of us you try this doesn’t work you do that and it doesn’t work she went for love hell after that she went for security and let’s not play it like having a billionaires baby is a loss that’s an upgrade albeit with a headache
  11. John....

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    Well she tried sometimes we tell ourselves love is all you need the rest will work itself out that’s why the age old question of why do fools fall in love exists. Janet clearly believes in the power of love and most women tend to gravitate toward men that represent their fathers if a woman was loved and taught respect from her dad she ain’t gonna put up with no mess
  12. I didn’t see enough for me to feel some kinda way
  13. John....

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    I don’t want to concede but I’m also the person that acknowledges reality as well so be that as it may you made a ton of valid points I believe Janet just wanted to be taken care of when it comes to men it’s the little girl in her you cannot take that ageless wonder dare I say romantic away although I think she married Wissam for security
  14. John....

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    I’m sorry where did you get the info Janet loves to think she can change a man? I think that sounds a lot like conjecture but we will bypass that for now. Problem with your argument is your suggesting these men were all problems that need “changing” when Janet met them. I don’t think that was the case Janet loved Rene and they spent about 11 years together that’s probably longer than most relationships anyone on this board has. Next your argument assumes the men were open about who they were from the start and thus Janet’s judgments were poor, I think that’s very short sighted if Janet is as reckless as you’re suggesting she should have three or four babies all by different men. Janet loved JD clearly and they were together 8 years the end of that relationship was on JD after that I think it only made sense for Janet to seek out a strong secure man and she married for money she married up as we say. And it went south too but that’s not new in entertainment ain’t JLo on her third or second divorce with kids plural? The only stage Janet has left she hasn’t done is the hot young fuck toy.
  15. John....

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    Well let’s address one error at a time. You asked what did any of what I said have to do with the current discussion of Rihanna and Beyoncé having more dance number 1’s than Janet, now because you didn’t point out a specific portion of my post I’m going to confine the discussion to numbers of dance hits, what I attempted to do was place the statement you made (twice now) within a context that doesn’t really allow either Rihanna and or Beyoncé to have achieved anything other than a hit or two more again having done so in a matter of a short span of years where they were just oversaturating the market because they could. I think it’s only fair on a Janet forum no less we make sure Janet is “ahead” in every way we can not to mention in reality the fact MFN being a club number 1 hit could have been left there no one else mentioned. Now let’s address that accusation of “insecurity” I’ve seen Janet live more than the board members combined online at any given moment first off second off as was stated Janet’s been in the game over 4 decades again we could table the discussion for another 2 decades and bring in them other girls but I am willing to meet you halfway let’s do ten let’s not go personal because you feel slighted I said what I said without coming specifically at you
  16. John....

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    While I find both Beyoncé and Rihanna entertaining I think it’s important to qualify their achievements so that artists such as Janet and Madonna are placed within an appropriate context. Madonna and Janet have been in this business over 4 decades accumulating dance hits meanwhile female acts not seen as veterans and rightfully so flooded the market with song after song ad nausem simply because their “hot” and popular the penultimate metric again and again of any artist is standing the test of time. We are so quick to qualify Beyoncé and Rihanna as having surpassed veteran icons when they haven’t been solo artists even half as long. In short let’s delay this conversation for two more decades and see where they are then.
  17. John....

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    I don’t honestly know where to begin deconstructing a post that paints Janet as “lazy” because you didn’t like the outcome. First let’s begin with the notion that Janet chose not to promote of her own volition or that you have evidence to support such a notion. Could it be dare I say that Janet was in the midst of managing a very volatile situation. Married to a Billionaire whom she would soon separate from entirely. Attempting to please fans and a husband that couldn’t resist putting his two cents in as to how she could look and who could perform on stage with her and who couldn’t. All of this culminating in what I believe was the last ditch effort to save a failing marriage....let’s start a family. My point here is I truly believe Janet wanted to get out there and do a lot more but her hands were tied and if anyone thinks she was being lazy look at how visible Janet’s been post divorce.
  18. I thought Iggy was over though "Bounce" is still my shit I have zero fucks to give over any other opinion...."Bounce" is life
  19. I don't know who Quavos is, but Im sure you're right
  20. Black girls rock 😈
  21. John....

    Concept: Time Travel but only...

    I don’t have instagram so I don’t have a future
  22. John....

    Was Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" a masterpiece?

    I don’t follow her I do believe she is Incredibly talented but her brand has faded her music isn’t killing us hell Adele gets more props coming with an album than lady Gaga but to each his own 🧐
  23. I believe this is Janet’s best shot yet it’s always a “token” inductee so as not to appear racist and again Janet is the highest profile black on this ballot I’m not strongly confident but I will say Janet’s true competition is whose black on the ballot and how does she stack up against them there’s no denying Janet stands above any black act currently nominated if this breaks down to one woman that’s gonna be Stevie Nicks who deserves it too but throw in some meToo movement Janet finally gets in
  24. John....

    Any Runners on the Forum

    You need the patch honey cold turkey with the chicken heads I work with wasn’t gonna cut it I got the patch gum to chew not the nicotine gum that’s gross but I find I just chew a small piece of gum forever oh and I do own a vape
  25. John....

    Mariah’s “GTFO” + “With You”

    I heard a snippet of it the other night and didn’t like it sounds like she’s got Michael Jackson illness she wants to recreate a success that’s long gone let TEOM go and create good new stuff