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  1. UPDATE: Paris authorities released Chris Brown without any charges filed https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46957860
  2. Rocknet

    Janet shopping in London - video

    I hadn't seen this....until now....cute
  3. Rocknet

    janet. tour

    my first thought(s) are always correct, which is why I shouldn't second guess myself 1. This could be in Dayz thread where it belongs, no tea no shade, but be prepared to hear it 2. It's not a priority to Janet, it's simply not, we (the fans) have basically begged her for years (literally) to put the tours out there, and Nope, zero, Da Nada
  4. let me jump on in here right quick.....the man is dead....let that ish go
  5. what I don't get is if you're Chris Brown and you a n-word in Paris (aka Jay-Z) you should have all the French pussy throwing da panties at you, I mean you getting it in you leave Paris with an accent......Come on now rape? Nah B What's wrong with him? he wanna bite lick hoes and hit em and now rape em? I know he got cable, didn't he see the R Kelly documentary? It's open season on freak bruthas and shit damn dude
  6. If it wasnt the pose the jeans and that "superwoman" hair sold it ....definitely the jeans though
  7. Rocknet

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I binged "You" its a guilty pleasure but it doesnt drag and that works for what is otherwise a lofty premise anyway
  8. Rocknet

    janet. tour ...

    TVR has the best whismical of them all it's just amazing
  9. Rocknet

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Ima need the guy from "You" to listen to Benji's advice and understand this chick aint worth all that
  10. Rocknet

    janet. tour ...

    you're right we dont know ...hell I had no clue Gil said the AFY tour was drama from start to finish like str8 up? We can only go on what's out here and we do speculate
  11. I dont think Wade is credible because he's not been consistent, he was one of the MTV MJ tribute dancers....chile
  12. their story didnt have to be this way. Had they been raised to respect others and themselves this wouldnt be going on. They have all the money and privilege in the world you could dream of, and not a lick of common decency, not in how they address the family, not in how they try to "own" Katherine, and not in listening to what they've been told. These kids werent raised well, PERIOD.
  13. Rocknet

    janet. tour ...

    600k copies of AFY sold in its first week alone. The single AFY, broke records for being the fastest added song to radio rotations straight out the gate. STCML would have been her 11th number one, but JLo had some song out that held Janet off long enough to keep STCML from becoming a number 1. As for money, I think you have to look at it as a budget, no matter how bankable an artist is, if the company had a planned budget to spend for the year, and out of nowhere they have to cough up a lot of money that changes the budget and any plans after it. I think a lot of companies run on the idea as long as they can recoup costs later they will spend. In the Mariah fiasco, Virgin couldnt break even, they had a huge unexpected expense, after that they cut back. COGU was a hit that we didnt get, it was straight up a hit and ready. I mean can you imagine the remixes? AFY marked the first era I can recall where Janet's remixes became EP's if you bought the single, the single for AFY had like 4 way different remixes, to the point they were like whole other songs. I wonder to this day what the maxi single for COGU would have been like NOT the best photo, but this was July 2001 Detroit front row
  14. Rocknet

    janet. tour ...

    I had NO CLUE, and for Jarrylf to say Gil called it drama from start to finish, I REALLY didnt know at all
  15. Rocknet

    janet. tour ...

    No cause Im mad, Janet said we would get to "Trust a Try" she wanted to .....but to think Mariah had a lock on coin that tough they had to pay her that much to not record, that's insulting too, like okay pay Mariah to go away and NOT record ....Janet you still under contract until the end