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  1. Rocknet

    Do you want kids or not?

    I dont think you have to worry too much about same sex couples raising kids, at least not with men, especially the younger ones, they seem to be very much about fucking and not much substance. Even when two guys do fall for one another, kids are not a part of the equation or even a consideration...when you're gay it takes a lot more to have a kid ...well obviously but you get the idea
  2. Rocknet

    janet. tour

    my thing is this, it's been a very frequent request, and if it were a huge request I could understand Janet not filling the request. Now my case is this, we're the fans that have stood by her through it all, and I mean lows and highs. I have gone to every Janet concert since Janet. and did so at least twice, including RWY which only had 11 shows ....gurl ... I digress If the shows come cool, if not oh well, but one thing is for damn sure, Im over requesting
  3. Rocknet

    Do you want kids or not?

    its something to be said about the ying and yang in real time of a family dynamic I don't see that many portrayals of families where there aren't two parents. I was raised in a home with two parents, does that mean its the only way? No but it sure did something ....I wouldn't want to be in a battle of no pics of my son, and no this and no that, and Im calling the police, and we going back to court....chile
  4. Rocknet

    Do you want kids or not?

    I have one brother two years younger than me at 41, who hasn't had a job in over 15 years, lives with mom, and barely finished high school, I would prefer he not breed.
  5. Rocknet

    Do you want kids or not?

    I could see if you're Janet Jackson, and even there it's a maybe because they divorced and can't stand each other, ...BUT being wealthy makes shit easier...it's like Oprah said about money it makes life easier not better....my point is if I had cooks, nannies, tutors, maid service, I could announce European dates and shit cause I actually got it like dat
  6. Rocknet

    Do you want kids or not?

    my pastor, was married to a guy and they adopted two black girls, they got divorced so now my pastor (who is white) is a single gay parent raising two black girls ....let that one cook ya noodle
  7. Rocknet

    Do you want kids or not?

    The world is going to absolute shit, its kinda cruel to bring a kid into this shit because let's all take a moment and reflect on that plus times are different now its a LOT harder to raise a kid today than say when I was coming up. Back then my parents at a very young age had decent to good paying jobs and entered the ranks of the lower-middle class easily. My dad at 24 worked for GM had a house and a car. Now that shit is harder to achieve and a kid to the mix? fuck it
  8. Rocknet

    Do you want kids or not?

    Im completely with you, I feel like Im not continuing the line AND I know my mom wants grandkids but that aint no reason to have em
  9. Rocknet

    Do you want kids or not?

    I feel like I want no more than two, boy and a girl but I don't know...at one point I thought I wanted a big family because my family isn't really close at all, not me and my brother, and my mother aren't close either, Im not close to my dad at all but we all grew up in the same home I was told that I'm too old to have a big family it would be too much. I haven't a clue about being a parent, and often times I wonder if I would be good. My therapist said all a kid needs is love, Ima call bullshit on dat though Plus I need to understand why I want to have a child, why am I thinking that? I think its because I want to leave a legacy or sum shit but I don't understand the draw, I don't get any "right" reason to have a child ...I mean
  10. Rocknet

    janet. tour

    yes I saw the fresh off the boat scene and for those 5 seconds sure
  11. Rocknet

    Surviving R. Kelly... *Update* RCA drops R Kelly

    it keeps getting worse, RCA dropped R Kelly and civil suits against the singer are possibly pending from the victims
  12. Rocknet

    janet. tour

    you cant keep Game away from him though 👀 no one escapes Norma
  13. Rocknet

    janet. tour

    now this is a very very very good question because that is exactly what it looked like. My only theory is if we were t get the tours she would have to find a distributor and a deal where she makes money even if only a small amount for something decades old. She would have done better if the tours had been on VHS and DVD back when she did them, those would have sold. Maybe as part of a package deal with Netflix for some behinds the scenes documentary .......we can only speculate
  14. Rocknet

    janet. tour

    they even have same title ... maybe he should just edit it to Janet. Remixed
  15. UPDATE: Paris authorities released Chris Brown without any charges filed https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46957860