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  1. Someone post the article so I can receive the word of Her impending return.
  2. I doubt a collaboration will ever happen..but seeing them together has made my year.
  3. I really don't know how you missed it. You seem to be the common denominator then.
  4. Austin posted it after the article you quoted.
  5. I'm sick of those joggers tbh. She acts like she's poor.
  6. Never forget that She watches over us.
  7. Trying something different with her sound on "Joanne"..even if it didn't quite work.. Acting and winning an Oscar for her music. So she's playing the game and she's doing fine. I hope she goes back to making fun pop music again tbh.
  8. I'm not a stan but I do admire her for reinventing herself after ARTFLOP.
  9. I will say this. This video really made all the other girls push themselves visually. My favorite shot(and it took my breath away) was when she was standing surrounded by diamonds and the camera doing a 360 degree view of that shot. Amazing. And the ending was totally unexpected. ONLY GAGA could have pulled this off. And as we can see, she influenced the girls, especially Nicki and Katy Perry.
  10. Damn @ that ass. Draggin that wagon!
  11. Happy birthday Italiano!
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