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  1. Stevie Nicks will be the only female artist to be inducted solo and with her group..if she's inducted..which is highly likely since..it's Stevie Nicks. Nothing is really working against Janet this time..it'll be Stevie if they just wanna induct one female.. Third time might be the charm..I just don't see her just getting nominated just because. An induction is inevitable.
  2. *sigh* Stevie Nicks is already in with her group Fleetwood Mac. Chaka was nominated solo and now she's included with Rufus. They can't make up their minds about her. Janet's comp is Stevie Nicks. There is at least one woman that gets inducted.
  3. hotboy06

    Was Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" a masterpiece?

    I tried to like the album. I listened to it multiple times. But it was a NO from me. Shit, Artpop is better than BTW.
  4. hotboy06


    I've came into some money today..and it's all because of Her. Since I couldn't be there for Global Citizens(and she knew I wanted to go), She has blessed me in my birthday month.
  5. hotboy06

    ‘Unbreakable’ Turns 3 Years Old Today

    Black Eagle remains SUPERIOR. Human rights be damned.
  6. Yall know they don't care about Storm..they made her weak on the movies and in the cartoons. SHE CONTROLS THE DAMN WEATHER! How come yall make her look weak.
  7. hotboy06

    InStyle Janet Jacksons Favourite Things

    Ok @ those things that I can't afford.
  8. hotboy06

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    It really is..I thought it would say "She did what she had to do".. Whew. Her best two albums making it. I keep forgetting about the mixtapes.
  9. hotboy06

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    I just..the proof is RIGHT THERE.
  10. He succeeded(up until 2013). But he forgot that her impact and influence is boundless. After all those years where she was pretty much blacklisted, her influence on the younger artist jumped out..starting in 2013 where you started seeing articles about her older albums influencing newer generations. And after that, it was a wrap (see 2018).
  11. I need a gif @ 1:06.