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  1. The only thing really I have failed Her, is not embracing her first two albums as a whole. I haven't listened to them in it's entirety. Just a few songs here or there.
  2. I've always said Janet sounded very convincing on "Tonight's The Night". Sis didn't change a word until she threw in the boy at the end. Her mind.
  3. She's trying to tell us something.
  4. Wait, weren't these pics from the tourbook?
  5. Someone answer him! She is near.
  6. Considering how great that song is, I don't mind.
  7. It's a solid album. She makes solid music and albums. Too bad she isn't big as she should be.. Stormy Weather>>>
  8. EXACTLY. That's why those titles don't matter. They throw around the QOP title so much that it doesn't even hold weight anymore. And well said about how Janet is more that a genre(although she is primarily R&B). She transcends musical genres.
  9. Legend Kim has always name checked Janet as an inspiration. And she's still rocking with her co-defendant. The definition of RYDE OR DIE!
  10. Someone post the article so I can receive the word of Her impending return.
  11. I doubt a collaboration will ever happen..but seeing them together has made my year.
  12. I really don't know how you missed it. You seem to be the common denominator then.
  13. Austin posted it after the article you quoted.
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