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  1. It's been rampant as of late. I don't agree with coming for her because you lack the ignorance to see her contributions to music. Shit her own "fans" be doing the same thing. Also, Janet is silent and inactive. So that's that on that.
  2. The Chi. Good so far. On season 1, bout to hit up Season 2.
  3. Black and Blue Grade: A- Kept me entertained and Naomie Harris was great in it.
  4. oh ok. I talked to my co-worker and he said it is like that, but it's not surprising for the area they are in.
  5. Damn, my co-worker said it was GOOD. He didn't add any political or racist comments about the show.
  6. Would Danja lie? Well kind of since HER influence knows no gender.
  7. I should have known better that it wasn't HER posting all them videos and stuff. She ain't that bored.
  8. Right. Because people were wondering why she was touring with no album like previous tours. I'm not sure what's going on behind the scenes, but it would be nice to at least have a single by the end of the summer. We've waited this long for an album, so we can wait longer I suppose. LOL.
  9. I've caught up on Queen of the South and it's STELLAR. Bring on Season 5.
  10. The headline and the picture is killing me for some reason.
  11. Hmmmmm..true because we want LEGEND to make history.
  12. Exactly. The tour needs to be postponed and give us the album to tide us over.
  13. And it was organic as well. From an unintentional feminist, to a socially aware superstar, to a sex symbol icon, to a moody, instrospective ARTIST, to a carefree POP LEGEND.
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