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  1. hotboy06

    Kevin Hart steps down as Oscar host....

    Unfunny little twat. He should have just apologized instead of letting his ego get in the way. He still would have had the hosting gig. Oh well.
  2. BlackkKlansman Grade: B+ Great movie. I loved the speech @ the Black Council they had @ the college. The images of all those shades of black people. Spike did that. I still can't believe this is based on a true story. G.B.F.(Gay Best Friend) Grade: B+ Had some LOL moments. Very Mean Girls and those typical teen comedies.
  3. Yes, we are. I need to check that one out as well. This movie I seen on Netflix. I think it came out in 2017.
  4. Well, were there aliens or whatever abducting them? I laughed at the ending when the boy got the pregnant girl and the little girl killed..and then he thought he was good until the child inside the pregnant girl and him were left.
  5. Love, Simon Grade: A Loved it..especially the ending. The Invitation Grade: C+ It was frustrating until the last 20 minutes..didn't expect that plot twist at all.. The Circle Grade: C- Um, confused as hell what the fuck was actually happening..
  6. I remember her doing an interview and she said that it was the first song the label wanted to release..but she fought for TTWLG to be the lead single..she said the fans wanted a dance video but she wanted to ease the audience into the record. When "If" was released(the video) it spawned a million dance routines at talent shows..
  7. I love the song structure..it's so much going on..but it's brilliant. Her "chanting"..the background vocals..the melody..the production(drum programming, guitars, THAT SAMPLE). Janet, Jimmy, and Terry had time that day.
  8. There were some points made..
  9. hotboy06

    Janet to perform at Korean Award Show

    When I was stationed in Korea(1998-1999), I asked the locals who were the big females there. They said Mariah, Janet, Whitney, Madonna, and Celine were all huge there. Of course, for the males it was Michael and a few others. So Janet made an impact as far as South Korea.
  10. Global ICON coming for those worldwide sales. I see you LEGEND.
  11. Damn. Remy and his 10+ inch peen giving Rogue the BUSINESS! I wonder if it's like how Leech can block people's power just being in the vicinity of them.
  12. So Deadpool was with them? And is it a mental thing on her absorbing powers without touching them?
  13. StormSUS doesn't need to evolve when you control the powers of nature itself!
  14. hotboy06

    The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    Mother Janresa.