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  1. Yeah, I'm seeing all these new dates overseas...she's re-establishing herself as a touring artist..I guess no album just yet.
  2. Legend is BOOKED. Seems like we won't get an album until next year.
  3. Continue watching it..the first season is really good...second season as well. Great characters and storylines. The acting for most have improved from season 1.
  4. hotboy06

    Night Clubs?

    You'll get burnt out going to clubs..I don't go out at all now..only when I go out of town. And most of the times I try to hit a lounge or a bar.
  5. I'm halfway thru "Dear White People" Season 3 and it's not good like the past two seasons. There isn't an episode that is memorable. I'm glad they are exploring Lionel's sexuality..and a new set of supporting characters are a kiiiii...
  6. We mere mortals aren't meant to know everything..only Janhova knows.. But seriously, I think she's speaking out about people who are oppressed and give them hope that we as people can just love and bring about acceptance for all.
  7. I'm on season two episode 5 of Handsmaid Tale..I haven't been watching it, so I'll get back to it. Animal Kingdom isn't a mafia type show but I get what you're saying.. I need to catch up on Queen of the South as well. The season started off slow, but picked up in the middle ..and I hate to say this but Deran hasn't had a hot sex scene this season AT ALL. Some viewers are livid because of it..the actors are straight, so they don't even give me any gay vibes at all in their scenes.
  8. Animal Kingdom just made things verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy interesting going forward.
  9. That father is going to live a long life from the blessing that was bestowed on him. His son's DID THAT! The power of Janhova.
  10. All I'ma say is in season two, the episode called "Never Knew Love Like This Before", is EPIC. What an episode and my favorite of the SERIES so far(and they have several great episodes).
  11. I wouldn't say it would have been the best selling album that year, but the incident that shall not be named put a halt to any kind of success she was seeing. I remember hearing JALW on the radio and then the dark cloud rained on anything DJ.. You have to give credit to Janet for still promoting the album, but it was too late. Rnb Junkie was the hit that got away. Slolove could have been big internationally. Oh well.
  12. This was about overall IMPACT. Janet wins this one, hands down. There are people out here still sampling her songs, still doing her iconic dance routines, still using her performance platform. Don't get me started on her visuals. Younger artists like Normani and Teyana Taylor still name checking her as an influence. Whitney is impactful, but not as impactful as Janet(the whole spectrum of entertainment).
  13. POSE is still really good. I'm almost caught up on season 2. Indya Moore is so fucking gorgeous.
  14. Thanks Normie. I'm surprised most insurance companies covers this..
  15. I feel bad that I don't know much about PrEP and the effects of using it.
  16. Which video had: Better Costumes/Wardrobe??? Made For Now Better Overall Visuals??? Made For Now Better Choreography??? RWU Better Direction??? RWU Was Better Overall??? Made For Now MFN is Janet's most visually appealing video in quite some time. The colors, the afrocentricity,and the VIBE was on point. That's why it edges out RWU. BUT... RWU is the better song and it was ahead of it's time. I love the video and choreography(which Janet snatched everybody in sight) Two different vibes, but I like the comparison.
  17. "When They See Us" need to snatch some awards. So happy for the recognition. I'ma have to watch "Schitt's Creek"..I have it saved on Netflix. "Succession" got into Best Drama Series but no acting nominations.. HBO dropped the ball but with GOT gone, they can concentrate on this show now. The voters are either gonna give GOT their flowers or cater to the stupid backlash. NO other show over the past year got as much coverage as GOT and the academy rewarded it with the most nominations. I have a feeling that it's gonna win Best Drama Series and all the technical awards. Emilia may win best actress..Maisie may win BSA..and Peter Dinklage is gonna win for BSA. They may cancel each other out and don't win shit. I'm definitely watching the Emmys this year..
  18. Mother Janresa prolly gonna give the money to some charities of Her choosing.
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