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  1. RogueSUS and Gambit got married?!!?!??!! Yassssssssssssss! Give him a baby SUGAH! You know Gambit packing so that seed can go deep! LEGENDARY COUPLE.
  2. Powerhouse vocalist confirmed(but we already knew).
  3. "Kiss it Better" by Rihanna is playing in the background @ 1:13. Collab confirmed.
  4. hotboy06

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    The time of deliverance is near. Song of the Summer incoming.
  5. Janet.. I'm not sure..it will only help her not hurt her.
  6. A few "fans" on twitter said they don't want it.. They still upset about him sweeping the grammys.
  7. Yeah, family can come through and stuff, but this isn't just some random ass family. It was blown out of proportion and that's my problem with it. Of course they are gonna look out for her because she's family..but don't put shit out in public when it's not true.
  8. See..I was thinking about this last night about how Randy acts like her publicist/PR person. It doesn't sit well with me, regardless if you're family or not. This was blown out of proportion and makes Janet look like she's out to get Wissam. I wish they would mind their business so Janet can get through this and move on with her life. She has a child to think about and Wissam is father..regardless of what him and Janet had going on..it ain't Eissus' fault and they need to love and support him.
  9. I hope everything works out for the sake of Eissus.
  10. hotboy06

    #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    My body and soul is ready.
  11. It's a no brainer at this point. She's skinny..she's getting the respect she deserves. The proof is in the pudding. I just don't know what they want her to do; especially since the president(of the RRHOF committee) said she should be in..but once again, I'm not getting my hopes up because the first time she was nominated she should have gotten in. So it's whatever..
  12. Promise of You. For one, it was short on the album, and the full song was on the deluxe. I love the song now. Juanita Jackson did THAT.
  13. RihNET is coming. Number 1 song for 52 weeks incoming.
  14. It's Rihanna. And H.E.R.(the music artist) will be a co-writer on the song. She said she's working on something with Rihanna and Janet went to her concert.
  15. hotboy06

    Janet for Billboard Magazine

    The Lady Gaga/Born This Way song is a reach as far as Janet influencing it..it's more Madonna than anything. But everything else is correct. This doesn't even included all the alternative artists/groups and her contemporaries that she has influenced.
  16. hotboy06

    Janet for Billboard Magazine

  17. Pythagoras is quivering.
  18. But wait, it's the 25th anniversary of Goddess. and she's 52(in human years). The inverse of 52 is 25. I just..
  19. Science right now: