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  2. Because Janet is chanting with the melody. It was an ok cover..more soulful than Janet's obviously, but Janet's delivery>>>> Another reason to leave Janet's songs alone tbh.
  3. Hasn't Kelly covered "If" on tour too? She sure loves that song. Janet's voice is so unique..it's very hard to cover her songs because it still doesn't sound right when artists do cover her songs.
  4. Denzel dances with every part of his body. I just know he's good in bed.
  5. This is even low for you Austin. The next time Halley's Comet will be near is in 2061. It's currently outside of Neptune. So basically Her impact is boundless.
  6. Have you found the limits to Janet's impact yet?
  7. Midsommar Grade: A Wow. Just wow. 21 Bridges Grade: A I loved the plot twist and Chadwick and Stephen were my eye candy. 1917 Grade: C It was alright.
  8. Co-worker said she screamed like in the first 5 minutes..and she said it was really good.
  9. I want the RN tour on DVD/Netflix so badly. I will accept all the tours tbh. But the RN tour is the one I really want because she really set a precedent as a performer(and perfected in on subsequent tours).
  10. don't let me find out you got an inside scoop..
  11. We're grasping at any hint we can find. A petty Goddess.
  12. She said she's heard our prayers wishes but some of them haven't been granted yet.
  13. I hope she's #GoingIN the studio so we can have the album before the tour starts.
  14. I was really talking about the seven dwarfs. So random.
  15. I love "Heard It All Before"..a single she released in 2019.
  16. I would never thought she would do something like this. VocalNET.
  17. I'm thinking they did since they are headlining together! I'm ready for at least a top ten single! LOL.
  18. I don't expect 4 videos before an album drops..might as well just drop the album because we ain't getting no four videos from Janet. I hope she goes all out for the tour..although I do want the visuals in music video form..we can't have everything.
  19. Well since she said on Seacrest that it will drop before the tour ENDS, then we want have the whole album before the tour. I...
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