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  1. Eh, the album is better than the initial reaction, but there was nothing really memorable about it.
  2. Huh, none of what we are discussing (pertaining to the quality of the album) are facts.
  3. Nope. Most of the other songs seem like it would do OK on Urban A/C, but Sexhibition is the only song the seems to have a great tempo, strong(ish) vocals, and catchy chorus.
  4. Honestly the only song I really saw it for was Sexhibition, but the song is very short so I would have needed a rap feature or two.
  5. But you'd think it would have yielded a stronger chart position *shrugs* Though the singles performed a little better abroad, it just didn't do enough to warrant Janet perhaps investing more into those market. Despite the backlash, the US was still DJ's most successful market.
  6. No. She would have gone double platinum at best and that's a big maybe. Even though I think people exaggerated her age (J. Lo never gets crap about that), they were starting to see her as kind of over-the-hill.
  7. Perhaps I didn't have access to all of the music magazines back then but it had a slow start at the worst. It didn't stop her from nabbing a big contract with Arista.
  8. MLIYL could be considered a flop in the sense that it failed to reach the top 10, something surprising for someone of Whitney's stature. As one of her more soulful album, it did punch above the belt internationally.
  9. I think it was before that but agree to disagree
  10. I agree, but if her and the label's relationship didn't fall apart, I think it could have been revisited.
  11. "Before it's time" means that though it didn't seem like an ideal single (I don't think either the base or the label had a lot of faith in it), that sound wound up everywhere a year later.
  12. I try to stay out of here becaus I know how this base is addicted to cynicism, but it is like Blackgama where she naively put herself into very controversial issue where she could strongly alienate some fans. I won't defend it, but I'm not gonna consume my mental energy arguing about it. Plus, does the GP really care?
  13. That's ok. That question was generally directed at people mad about the set list.
  14. So the fans wanted a completely different custom made show?
  15. You stated some of us were in denial but but be great.
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