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  1. The fact that Taylor Swift is top 100 is laughable.
  2. It's easy to pull the 'pressed Janet fan' card with this, but those were too high imo. But she the pop icon of her generation so the rankings have to reflect that.
  3. That said, Janet does well on the list despite the attacks her legacy has endured. But I can tell this list was formulated to appease the Millenial and Gen-z crowd. I don't want to get into detail but there are too many albums that are more popular than good. Many of those album will be an afterthought within the next five years. They also have a habit of over-ranking any critically acclaimed album over the past 20 years.
  4. We don't even do a tenth of what the hive or barbs do and some fans find a reason to get upset.
  5. We don't do enough a lot of the time which is why people feel free to come at Janet any old way.
  6. Nah, I place the certification problem mostly on her label(s). That seems to be a major issue with other albums on those labels, especially Virgin.
  7. Michael's legacy is just inherently more resilient and now that he isn't here, it benefits from an estate that sees monetary gain in maintaining it. Mariah was always more extroverted and social media the age of easier access to celebrities supplement that. It would be nice that Janet wasn't so detached but that's something the she needs to work on for herself. It makes you wonder if she actually liked being a public figure.
  8. Janet was always someone who more or less doesn't want to be bothered when she's isn't doing project. Problem is that it doesn't translate in this day and age. I just don't think it's fair that it means she has little regard to her fans, she might value her privacy more. There's also some obtuseness over what's exactly is going on.
  9. 🤗 I wish for a fast and wonderful recovery.
  10. I thought was the only person who thought it wasn't good at all.
  11. Once you can find the magic potion to get veterans (especially Janet) to stream better, I'll concede my opinion.
  12. Made for Now did more than fine all things considered. It's a bit dishonest to think it was gonna be this big worldwide smash. I think if trends begin to embrace more adult, middle of the road tastes (outside of Adele), perhaps Janet might have a chance. It was a step in the right direction and I do wish she did made a project out of it.
  13. While some of you are at it, has any asked to re-certify Janet's albums?
  14. Eh, people need to understand that though certain things are important, they are not everything. I don't think it's fair the come critics kill Janet for not having the overly ambitious productions Madonna and Kylie have. Sure they are perhaps great artistic marvels, but I personally don't care to see those shows. I care more for Janet's ability to pull of very artful and intricate choreography. Of course good wardrobe and production give the performance a good kick, but I don't need to to dominate the performance. At the same time, people don't want to see all that choreography, but rather strong stage presence that embeds itself to strong productions. Of course, if the performer isn't doing that much his/herself, people are gonna have something to say.
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