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  1. Once you can find the magic potion to get veterans (especially Janet) to stream better, I'll concede my opinion.
  2. Made for Now did more than fine all things considered. It's a bit dishonest to think it was gonna be this big worldwide smash. I think if trends begin to embrace more adult, middle of the road tastes (outside of Adele), perhaps Janet might have a chance. It was a step in the right direction and I do wish she did made a project out of it.
  3. While some of you are at it, has any asked to re-certify Janet's albums?
  4. Eh, people need to understand that though certain things are important, they are not everything. I don't think it's fair the come critics kill Janet for not having the overly ambitious productions Madonna and Kylie have. Sure they are perhaps great artistic marvels, but I personally don't care to see those shows. I care more for Janet's ability to pull of very artful and intricate choreography. Of course good wardrobe and production give the performance a good kick, but I don't need to to dominate the performance. At the same time, people don't want to see all that choreography, but rather strong stage presence that embeds itself to strong productions. Of course, if the performer isn't doing that much his/herself, people are gonna have something to say.
  5. I don't dislike Madonna at all, I just dislike that how she is often used to discredit Janet among the fan community. I think Janet definitely should have take more control of her career (especially in the last few years), but people want to pretend that there weren't powerful figures that weren't integral to the status quo. It's also dishonest to say Janet had the options Madonna had back then too. Let's just enjoy Janet being here.
  6. I didn't think the outfit was that bad, even for 2009 standards. She's done worse. It wasn't that Janet wasn't putting effort into the performance, it was lifeless where her head a clearly somewhere else.
  7. Janet's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. I'm just gonna go out my way and enjoy Janet being here as much as possible.
  8. Eh, the album is better than the initial reaction, but there was nothing really memorable about it.
  9. Huh, none of what we are discussing (pertaining to the quality of the album) are facts.
  10. Nope. Most of the other songs seem like it would do OK on Urban A/C, but Sexhibition is the only song the seems to have a great tempo, strong(ish) vocals, and catchy chorus.
  11. Honestly the only song I really saw it for was Sexhibition, but the song is very short so I would have needed a rap feature or two.
  12. But you'd think it would have yielded a stronger chart position *shrugs* Though the singles performed a little better abroad, it just didn't do enough to warrant Janet perhaps investing more into those market. Despite the backlash, the US was still DJ's most successful market.
  13. No. She would have gone double platinum at best and that's a big maybe. Even though I think people exaggerated her age (J. Lo never gets crap about that), they were starting to see her as kind of over-the-hill.
  14. Perhaps I didn't have access to all of the music magazines back then but it had a slow start at the worst. It didn't stop her from nabbing a big contract with Arista.
  15. MLIYL could be considered a flop in the sense that it failed to reach the top 10, something surprising for someone of Whitney's stature. As one of her more soulful album, it did punch above the belt internationally.
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