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  1. Janet Looking for Dancers

    I know some fans would like to get to the meat, but I think this is a very fun way to get fans engaged in the process while she is getting everything together.
  2. JD and Janet’s music

    Her moving to Island Def Jam and ultimately recording Discipline soon after the ink dried was a bad attempt at a quick rebound from Virgin. It's not directly due to SB, but that was a part of the domino effect.
  3. JD and Janet’s music

    I was trying to make the point Black Eagle made. Those two albums were clearly produced to be quick fixes, hence the lack of heart and direction then the failure.
  4. JD and Janet’s music

    Eh, the fact that she was recording more frequently after that legitimizes JJATL's point.
  5. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    I mean IL grew on me a little, but some fans say it should have been a single. Bish whet?
  6. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    You know what, I change my opinion w/ CTBL. Though still forgettable, it's a cute little bop. But it's not a ballad, more mid tempo.
  7. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    I think IWY is decent. I don't see fans calling it some masterpiece or underrated gem though. If there's one song the fans overhype of DJ, it's Island Life. CTBL is just simply forgettable.
  8. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    I kinda agree with you on IGL. But it seems like some music critics want to categorize it that way. Eh. I thought IWY was one of the highlights of DJ but I didn't really think it made for a strong single.
  9. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    It's more quiet storm than a pop ballad but it's still a ballad imo.
  10. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    Y'all will not pay Take Care dust at all. I can understand Discipline leaving a bad taste with the ballads, but otherwise it was pretty hit or miss.
  11. More new photos in London

    More off-black than anything
  12. More new photos in London

    If absolutely nothing else, Janet's shoe game >>>>>>>>>>
  13. New pictures 26/2

    They look cute regardless, but are those suppose to be snowboots of some sort?
  14. New Pictures - Janet in London

    Always a treat to see Janet's smile
  15. I gotta give it to promise of you
  16. Those ad hominems aren't cute on you. #thatisall#iamdone
  17. Why are still arguing then? And what holes? You just want to think you have more of a right to complain about Janet than for others to defend her. And weren't you trashing Lamont's efforts? But who cares now? Janet has spoken. Order restored.
  18. I'm glad she reached out. Hopefully this will give us the motivation to anticipate what is coming ahead.
  19. It's not even the decline but rather she also disappeared from oldies stations and stopped being labled as a major industry figure. She was relegated to being a celebrity with a music career. It became controversial to say she made an impact. She wasn't even seen as an 80s staple.
  20. Offended, disappointed, still, I find it disingenuous to need for her to say something to validate the campaign.
  21. C'mon. Let's be realistic here. What made the Appreciation day successful was the fact that JT performance reignited bad feelings over the fallout and how Janet was affected. But it didnt take away the fact that people sincerely actually liked her music and acknowledged her impact. All in all, there's no need to feel offended at her silence. She's already expressed appreciation for our support.
  22. You trying to feel entitled for Janet to say something when you really aren't. Why does Janet have to be rude for not saying anything? Some of you are the one's that want to make it controversial. Most fans weren't really expecting anything.