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  1. Have you heard any of the singles? If not try GTFO and The Distance. If you like those get into 8th Grade and Stay Long Love You. ❄️
  2. A 17 year old album selling 3K is still a 17yo album selling 3K. That's how much a lot of albums in the top 10 sell (pure sales) these days. Nothing to sneeze at. 😂 Put the haterade down. We don't care about hits anymore after nearly three decades in the industry; she hasn't had a legitimate pop hit since 2009. It's a really solid, concise album that moves her sound forward significantly.
  3. eli's_rhythm

    Janet to Headline Tom Joyner Cruise in 2019

    lmao WHY She better be getting at least $500K for this 😂
  4. I think she could actually do better this time. The goodwill and hype are much better for her rn. I mean, you saw the Gltiter revival. I'm not sure how much that will translate here, but the album is really good so word of mouth could carry it far. Stay Long Love You is that BOP.
  5. It leaked. I haven't listened yet, but it's out there.
  6. eli's_rhythm

    3 Deep Cuts Janet Needs to Perform Live!

    Night Enjoy Empty I would love for her to have a more fleshed out ballads section. Instead of all of it being on a stool or chair, I'd love to see her do some slower songs standing up, and in a classy outfit, with the backing band / singers visible with her.
  7. eli's_rhythm

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    Not counting Nightmare on Elm Street, I assume: The 1 Dream Maker / Euphoria Greatest X
  8. eli's_rhythm

    Janet recognized in NPR piece

  9. eli's_rhythm

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    Okay but at that point they shouldn't even call it SOTW anymore. In a perfect world, she'll put out the new album early next year and announce a 2019 tour starting in Europe/Asia along with it.
  10. eli's_rhythm

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I don't see why she wouldn't do theaters in Europe. It's not like SOTW has some huge production that would be too big or expensive for a smaller stage. Hell, even Kylie did some music halls and theaters in Europe this year. The longer Janet waits, the more her touring power wanes, but it's good to see her at least getting her name out there with some promo.
  11. eli's_rhythm

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I think she was singing live. I doubt she'd prerec new Spanish vocals and she was so out of breath at the end.
  12. I cannot wait for this album. It's gonna be short and sweet. All of the songs have been quality. I can't believe nothing has charted on the H100.
  13. eli's_rhythm

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    They are definitely her signature albums. But TVR is just as acclaimed and just as influential. We are talking about different things.
  14. eli's_rhythm

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    No, I didn't. Imagery and success don't always impart more influence. Janet is her most successful album, after all. Does that make it more influential than the other three?
  15. eli's_rhythm

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    Girl, TVR is put up there with them by critics and by the artists it influenced. Tons of people in R&B and pop have called it out for shaping their tastes and ambitions in music, and its influence is obvious on albums like Stripped, Britney, M!ssundaztood, Rated R, etc. It just wasn't as huge as RN or Control, and its imagery isn't as iconic, so it's harder to place in her cannon of essentials... but it is definitely next to the other two in terms of reverence.