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  1. eli's_rhythm

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    They are definitely her signature albums. But TVR is just as acclaimed and just as influential. We are talking about different things.
  2. eli's_rhythm

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    No, I didn't. Imagery and success don't always impart more influence. Janet is her most successful album, after all. Does that make it more influential than the other three?
  3. eli's_rhythm

    The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

    Girl, TVR is put up there with them by critics and by the artists it influenced. Tons of people in R&B and pop have called it out for shaping their tastes and ambitions in music, and its influence is obvious on albums like Stripped, Britney, M!ssundaztood, Rated R, etc. It just wasn't as huge as RN or Control, and its imagery isn't as iconic, so it's harder to place in her cannon of essentials... but it is definitely next to the other two in terms of reverence.
  4. eli's_rhythm

    VIDEO: Black Girls Rock - Rock Star Award

    She's so... amazing. Humble, elegant, wise, fabulous. We are lucky to have her
  5. eli's_rhythm

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    gvndljks another 10 million for every year of the past 5, catalog sales legend!
  6. eli's_rhythm

    Janet on TRL FRIDAY 8am EST

  7. eli's_rhythm


    It's pretty basic tbh. I'm underwhelmed. It's certainly no One Kiss.
  8. Yeah, my cousin follows someone who works for the Tonight Show and she posted it.
  9. Girls! Be nice. It's a cute song. She is not competition. I'm a little annoyed she beat Janet to the punch but Janet will surely come harder.
  10. eli's_rhythm

    Janet For Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show

    Nah, she doesn't need it. They would surely love the publicity.
  11. Wow, love the look.
  12. It's just points, it's not all that serious sis.
  13. eli's_rhythm

    The Fate of State of the World [Tour Continuation]

    Exactly, this is stage simple and elegant and effective, much like Rhythm Nation. It totally works for her, but I'm also down for a more vivid and eclectic staging for the next tour, and I think she will head in that direction if the video set is any indication.
  14. I agree! I'm on the same struggle bus sis, I can't even break a 10% like ratio.
  15. Feedback absolutely leaked sis! I remember all the "most downloaded leaked song ever" hysteria.