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  1. eli's_rhythm

    Janet Hits #1 in Mexico

    Is it like the real chart or just radio or something?
  2. eli's_rhythm

    Janet in LA, 21 Dec

    Sis out here wearing scarves in 60 degree weather...
  3. eli's_rhythm

    What are Janet's Best Music Videos?

    You all are sleeping on Got til it's Gone, perhaps her most cinematic and most beautifully directed video.
  4. eli's_rhythm

    Rhythm Nation 2019: The 30th Anniversary!!!

    How about a little Rhythm Nation anniversary tour? I know it'll probably never happen but plenty of bands do anniversary concerts for their landmark albums and you know it would smash if she did it. Mariah did it already for Butterfly!
  5. eli's_rhythm

    The Untitled Album

    Y'all of little faith. She has been setting up the past year perfectly for a huge 2019. We have the HoF, the Netflix doc, and most likely a new album to look forward to next year. The past two years have shown that she knows what she's doing.
  6. eli's_rhythm

    ROCK HALL MLK Day: Album Spotlight: Control

    Ugh. If the netflix doc really happens, it would be perfect for it to coincide with the HoF and some remasters. I would LOVE to go to this, I assume it's in Cleveland and not NYC like the induction?
  7. eli's_rhythm

    Janet to perform at Korean Award Show

    It wasn't the wig that jacked up the look, it was the skirt. She should've worn pants with that jacket.
  8. eli's_rhythm

    Janet to perform at Korean Award Show

    I think we can agree that it was not made for now.
  9. eli's_rhythm

    Janet to perform at Korean Award Show

    And she looked so MAD. Probably mostly jet lag but like she knew she looked a fool.
  10. eli's_rhythm

    The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition

    omg, sounds like Pose! The stans run entertainment eh?
  11. I could see that, or the opposite, a totally stripped down/acoustic/live singing performance of one or two of her ballads.
  12. I can't believe we did it guys dlajklenjvdm
  13. eli's_rhythm

    The Untitled Album

    They're really not. Unbreakable has aged incredibly well imo and will remain fresher than her 2000s albums. Their sound may not be trendy or futuristic, but it's eclectic, thoughtful, detailed, and timeless. They have such a wide span of talents in the studio. Also, Damita Jo didn't have nothing to say because she worked with other producers. That was all her fault. As long as she is invested in a project, it will be great, guys.
  14. eli's_rhythm

    The Untitled Album

    I have a feeling she'll be working with some more interesting people because she seems to have made so many industry connections in the past few years.