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  1. the Ama's shaded her and the rest of the family thou lol
  2. I don't know Janet always said she wanted to mentor people and write or produce for other people so it doesn't really surprise me that she showed interest , and you know damn well britney is probably begging but if Simon is samrt he's going with Janet and probaly either Pink or Katy Perry ( who he said he wanted for the show)
  3. last year it began in september but the auditons start March 1st so yeah being on the x factor would be a huge comeniment you have to do the auditions than you have to go to the boot camp and than there's a the live result shows and this why I don't see Janet signing up as judge maybe she'll be a mentor
  4. sorry I am just going to be honest I don't want to see her particpate in no Janet tribute and Mya already did a triubute
  5. I stopped after he said the new york times bestseller list id only for new york lol shouldn't even finished the first one
  6. ^ I know right and I hope some of them correct themselves, lol there was already this dumbass on the xone calling her shawllow for doing endursemets
  7. lol no I don't think you heard it wrong I think Jimmy just got confessed cause Dj deffintyl had a theme it just seems on 20 yo Janet didn't have nothing to say lol
  8. that's surprising I kinda of thought that about 20 yo not Damita jo maybe he got that mixed up. but anyway thank you so much for keeping us updating
  9. aww thats cool and wow at them getting Patirck lol to talk ( but for real thou I think the rolling stone is his most famous picture
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