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  1. one of my faves! the only track I don't like too much is "Link up" and even then its not too bad
  2. Drag race is so fun! I went to DragCon in LA this year, was so fun! Got to meet Raja and see the other queens.
  3. The last I saw her was last years Outsidelands in SF. I wasnt able to go to her show at Chase center.
  4. Im great. Its been so long!
  5. This song is so bland. She's talented but not very distinctive. She kinda like the current Kelly Rowland lol
  6. alcohol, weed, molly i won't try anything else. not into any stimulants cause i like to chill.
  7. I'm not. But talk to me anyways I'm hella digging this song btw
  8. Went to her show last night in SF. This one is my fave from her album.
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