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  1. Hasn’t that forum been dead for 4 years doe?
  2. T.C

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    I agree
  3. The Best Things in Life are Free
  4. T.C

    Janet on Spotify

    All For You album beating Rhythm Nation and Control? What the hell lol
  5. T.C

    Janet for Billboard Magazine

    It’s funny how she’s a bigger celebrity now than she was during her last era
  6. That’s The Way Love Goes When I first started to get into her I liked the fluffy poppy stuff like Escapade and MYM Fast forward to 2018 and TTWLG is my most played track by her per my Last.fm
  7. T.C

    The Janet Jackson Sales Thread

    To be fair though the 20 million probably is inflated a bit. IFPI listed it at 16 million back in 2004 which probably is more align with the fact it had sold 10 million in 1995. I highly doubt it’s sold another 10 million since then.
  8. Why has she suddenly decided to do the hand movement in If again? Lol
  9. T.C

    Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    TVR Produced her biggest hit and her tour was massive.
  10. I wouldn’t say ‘huge’ Yes, while WHYDFL, and to a lesser extent Nasty and WITOY were hits WW, she basically flopped single wise outside the states during the RN era. Her promotion outside the states got much better by 1993.