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  1. If that’s the case, why perform songs like RNB Junkie off Damita Jo?
  2. Idk, based on her most recent set lists, she’s almost erased it outside of NS. When I saw her in Sydney the other day she didn’t perform any songs off it and it seems that’s been the case with other gigs. Does she associate it too closely with Wissam or something? It’s a great album (and still her last + most fresh) so it’s a shame she’s paying it dust.
  3. Just saw her tonight at Sydney (now my second time seeing her). A M A Z I N G My roomie who came with me (first time seeing her) literally said ‘that is the best thing I have ever seen on stage’.
  4. She’s performing in Aus and no LWYD(WY), Black Cat or TBTILAF on the lineup
  5. I don’t own all her albums
  6. TTWLG is defs enough to be considered a global hit. She also didn’t do that bad with a few ‘Control’ singles Otherwise you’re right
  7. I’m so fucking happy Been 8 years
  8. I’m going to answer this factually based on chart positions and certifications 1) Together Again 2) That’s The Way Love Goes 3) All For You 4) What Have You Done For Me Lately? 5 is a tossup. You have Runaway, The Best Things In Life Are Free, When I think of You, Let’s Wait Awhile, Scream, and Got Til It’s gone... Weirdly enough, even though the RN is her most iconic era singles wise in the States, it’s her most ‘local’ out of all her signature eras. It didn’t really produce a worldwide hit, even though Escapade and LWNDWY should have easily stayed the world.
  9. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
  10. And still no tour in Europe or Australia
  11. If she gives any interviews it’s bound to come up but.
  12. After the way his base have treated precious accusers? Don’t think so
  13. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/michael-jackson-indianapolis-childrens-museum-leaving-neverland-809212/ Indianapolis children’s museum has removed MJ’s items
  14. Stevie and Janet should induct each other. Stevie loves Janet
  15. 2018 really has been amazing for her. This is what the ‘Unbreakable’ era SHOULD have been.
  16. Made For Now iTunes: #1 Gambia #2 Fiji #4 United States #5 Netherlands #6 Chile #7 Philippines #9 Spain #14 Mexico #17 Oman #18 Canada #19 Greece #20 France #23 Sweden #24 Norway #28 New Zealand #29 South Africa #34 United Kingdom #38 Denmark #40 Australia #41 Dominican Republic #42 Belgium #47 Ireland #47 Taiwan #48 Hong Kong #52 Germany #53 Singapore #56 Italy #65 Brazil #66 Switzerland #73 Austria #84 Indonesia #122 Turkey #123 Thailand #129 India #142 Japan
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