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  1. Congratulations to a Icon, a Strong and Beautiful Soul Mrs Janet Jackson . Well deserve and your in a league by yourself . This is the beginning of good things for 2019 . I hope u get recognition for ur video and you continue to show the youngins who is the boss.#Rock and Roll Queen joins her brother
  2. Thanks I loved watching it and I like daddy yankee he is cool with me .
  3. I hope she performs the song and I hope the momentum picks back up and it gets on billboard .
  4. It’s at 20 million views for the first freaking week and it’s catchy. No matter what happens I think it’s a good song and if people don’t wanna support it it’s their loss . The video should be recognized and this should be performed at the Super Bowl .Janet is on another level and we all know it .
  5. So she’s 2 on pop and 4 or main . I’m praying tht she can move to 1.
  6. Over 7 million is great .I feel like it’s just beginning.
  7. Oh ok is tht still good for the first day
  8. 1.2 million views on first day . I feel like after mtv and tonight show it could help move up on iTunes . But I’m impressed with her team .
  9. Amazing video and my fav parts are the guys kissing the ladies hands and the different dances . If the video or song don’t get recognition then something is wrong . Everyone don’t have to like every aspect and maybe it’s not as long as u wanted but I think it was very creative and sent a messsge. I’m praying for a success single video and album .
  10. I love the chorus and the beat.i can’t wait to see the video but I love the upbeat song and it’s catchy . Can someone find lyrics .
  11. I love the colors looking forward to seeing what she has created .
  12. Can someone please get me when we ooo and no sleep . Thanks
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