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  1. DFGDGHGFH not radio disney, but congrats queen !
  2. LawdToday

    BREAKING: Beyoncé + Jay-Z Released Joint Album via TIDAL

    She did it again. QUEEN!
  3. Good job Janet! She looked great and sounded great! Performance was a little short, but still an awesome moment!
  4. Hey Beloveds! Anyone got tea on where I can obtain certain Janet Bsides? Specifically: And on and on 70s Love Groove Accept Me My PMs are open <3
  5. LawdToday

    Janet Jackson Bsides (REQUEST)

    drag me
  6. Night saved the gays from persecution are yall o fucking kay???
  7. OH the J cole version? No Sleeep can go
  8. Janet Jackson created the pillars of Modern female popstars, so yeah !
  9. You can end her now, but she shall rise on the third day LOL.
  10. Black Messiah is unbothered.
  11. SDFGHJKHGFHJKLHG @ The Black ICON surviving this long. Glad to know my obsession with that song is validated. Damn, Beloved is lowkey only hot for the I Get Lonely sample ! So she can go (Still love her)
  12. The Great Forever is a sham than man was abusing Janet throw it away!!!
  13. 2 B Loved & The Great Forever need to go
  14. Now that Shoulda Known Better is gone... Lessons Ignored.
  15. How yall don't like Love U 4 Life Also I'm honestly surprised no one came for the Black Eagle (Panther). Glad y'all know what's off limits LOL
  16. Dream maker > Y'all tacky. Shoulda Known Better pls
  17. Shoulda Known Better has to go. A redone Britney spears demo from 2011.
  18. Shoulda Known Better <3
  19. Shoulda Known Better is a MOCK of Janet's otherwise flawless socially concise songs
  20. Janet Jackson fans are not looking forward to the Super Bowl. In fact, they are furious because this year’s halftime show will be headlined by Justin Timberlakefor the third time. It’s not that they hate the former boy band front man, but rather, they feel that Ms. Jackson has been slighted once again after the infamous “nipplegate” incident at the 2004 Super Bowl. Timberlake accidentally ripped off part of her costume for a nanosecond, prudish Americans went wild, and rumors spread that Jackson was forever banned from performing at the event. Well, the ban isn’t actually real, but the singer did face some seriously unfair backlash for years after the “wardrobe malfunction.” Jackson is a pop culture icon, a national treasure. It would have been spectacular to see her return to the field and unite us all with “Rhythm Nation,” but alas, Timberlake got top billing. But Jackson doesn’t have time for that. She’s busy with a baby and, god willing, making more music too. So while many fans may be boycotting Timberlake this year with #TeamJanet, we’re celebrating her enduring stage style. Let us give thanks for her black pleather corsets, her police uniform jackets, her inspiring fierceness—malfunctions and all. https://www.vogue.com/article/super-bowl-2018-halftime-show-janet-jackson-justin-timberlake
  21. He kinda needs her LOL All this bad press is so refreshing woo