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  1. ugh I'll be in the bay this weekend, I should get last min tix
  2. I saw some clips and was not impressed. She's done better and she's in worse shape than she was during SOTW. Sad to see my fav fumble like that on such a major stage, but if she likes it I guess I'll (pretend to) love it!
  3. SDFGHJKL;KJHGFHJKL;'LKJHGJKL;'LKJHVGJKL;'KJH Look who replied first. Let that be a hint!
  4. lmao what Feedback, no question
  5. OOF bitch i forgot about Runaway
  6. Sis you're like blatantly missing the point.
  7. Not being mobbed, but if Beyoncé walks into a room, she's gonna command attention. Like someone said, it would make sense that she not try to cause any distractions for Janet and her moment!
  8. Don't mean to burst your bubble, but Beyoncé is a bigger star than all of them 😟
  9. SDFGHJGFDGHJ Why the OG Janet fans in here acting like Beyoncé and Janet haven't had some shady activity happen since that Essence cover. Do I need to post the receipts?
  10. Interesting take, I could totally see Beyoncé ditching the meet & greet queue out of respect for her!
  11. Yeah I goof'ed someone move it to the right section. If and Call on Me are a stretch, but the both have pretty strong asian themes in their visuals. The rest SONICALLY all have strong east asian elements. It's a pretty strong trope throughout Janet's albums. Much like Thunderstorms.
  12. Our sis CLEARLY loves the culture, but who's use of it is best? I've picked my favorite (read: The best 🤪) track from every album (Couldn't really nab one for Damita Jo, srry) Anyway let's discuss girls!
  13. Anyway, can't wait till the JanFam hang it up and join hands w/ the hive like the lambs have! Time to give it up!
  14. Reread it and still don't get it but glad we're on the same page!
  15. SDFGHJFDFGHJ This makes no sense. If I'm Beyoncé and I don't like you/aren't a fan, there are literally a list of other things that need to be done than to sit up at your event. Ask kim and kanye LOL
  16. True, but! It woulda been an iconic instagram post! It still might happen!
  17. before I go, the real SHAME of this whole thing is Dionne's legacy being questioned/mocked. Especially from people who don't know their history. So much respect for Dionne!
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